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  1. Indeed. I'd say I'm more permafrost than a snowflake though!
  2. McGill is quite left leaning. Most professors are left wing, a few are Rawlsian liberals, and a few are moderates. However, the student body is overwhelmingly left wing, with a very aggressive and vocal minority that shames and attacks anyone to the right of Stalin. I'd say most students aren't radicals and focus on school but are afraid of contradicting the far-left gestapo.
  3. The CDO emails us regularly asking us to tell them if we found articling and if we can answer their placement survey. The problem is that many students don't bother replying. Hence, it's hard for them to provide accurate statistics.
  4. I looked at last year's thread, most ITCs were sent on the Wednesday and Thursday. A few might be sent later on today though.
  5. Which school grades like that (using % instead of letters)?
  6. If you look at last year's thread, most ITCs will be sent next week. Furthermore, some firms don't even send them out. Don't worry.
  7. There are many clubs at the faculty that you can join. Some of them can add a nice touch to your CV and manifest your interest for certain areas of law, like the McGill arbitration Society. I invite you to take a look at the list of LSA clubs: https://www.lsa-aed.ca/clubs
  8. I just received my admission letter. GPA: 3.78 (Honours history from McGill), 4.0 (Master's in History at the University of Toronto) No LSAT LORs: Two McGill profs, so I guess they're good. ECs: average, got some volunteering and a student exec position I got 3 scholarships worth a lot of money for my MA, which I think helped a lot.
  9. Well we have to accept and pay the 200$ before the 4th(1st fo April for the 200$ I think), so if we get accepted by McGill after that and accept we lose that 200$. Easy way for them to make money lol
  10. I'm officially in as well. I'm still waiting for a response from McGill, it's a shame that they only give me until April 4th to accept or decline but oh well. Glad to be in!
  11. If you did your Cegep in French (therefore passed L'épreuve uniforme de Français), then no.
  12. I have a 200.00$ deposit here, hopefully that means I'm in. 3.78/4.0 (90 credits), History, McGill. I did my Cegep in French so I don't need to do a French test.
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