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  1. Hi there, I am going into 2L this year and have received my allocations for 1L and 2L from Scotiabank. I may have to drop down to part-time and I'm not sure what that would do for my loan. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks.
  2. Hey! OHIP should be fine. The medical coverage should be the same. Hospitals accept your Ontario Health Card, as does Dal Student Health, which is where you'll likely be seeing your GP. One thing you should do is fill out the form to say you're going out-of-province to study, so that Ontario can classify you appropriately. Besides that, you should be good. If you have any ongoing medical prescriptions, make sure you have enough to last you a couple of months while you get settled in and find a doctor at Dal Health.
  3. I don't have a straight answer for you, but as far as I've been told from current law students it should be at a similar time this year, we don't start until around September 9 I believe.
  4. Agreed! U of T created theirs in November. I guess we could try and contact the organizers of Weldon Welcome?
  5. If so, I propose a meet-up. I moved here early to work, and though I have a house and am settled in somewhat, I don't know too many people out here in Halifax. I was just wondering if any future classmates were around to hang out!
  6. See you in the fall, Miss K! Your name doesn't happen to be after a Deer Tick song, does it?
  7. Pitching in here: Just moved to Halifax at the beginning of March, and I have to say I don't love the transit system here. A lot of the buses that I have taken have been late fairly often, and I definitely agree that some bus routes are better than others. I moved to the South End, about a 22 minute walk from the school. I also have the option of taking a few buses to campus. I love living here so far. However, I did briefly live in the North End and have quite a few friends who love it. They can usually catch a bus that lands them steps away from the school and only have any real problems when there's horrible weather. Do your research on bus routes, it's usually best to have a couple of options to get you to school.
  8. Hey all, I had a really great and easy experience applying for financial aid through a PSLOC at Scotiabank. I went to meetings with RBC, as well as BMO, and spoke to TD customer service on the phone before deciding ultimately that Scotiabank was the best bet. Alex is REALLY accommodating, he's at the Spring Garden branch, and is really lenient about a lot of things. If you want more information about my specific arrangement, feel free to message me! Basically, I got the usual: prime + 0.5% before and after graduating, don't pay back until a year after articling. Hope to see you all at Dal in the Fall! x
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