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  1. Wow. Accepted. 8.2/9 Strong LORs + ECs No LSAT No French Interview (I'm not bilingual but I have taken French courses throughout my undergrad) Good luck to all those waiting to hear back!!!
  2. Hi everyone, My application went into RFR once I submitted my PS yesterday. But when I logged onto Minerva today, it still gave me the option to upload a new version of my CV and transcript. I thought yesterday was the deadline...? Until when is this option available? Will it affect the processing time of my application if I do decide to upload a new version of my CV? Thanks!
  3. Thank you so much, Nayaab02! I really appreciate it!
  4. My university uses a 9 point GPA scale. Within this system, my GPA is a 8.25/9. My home school considers 80-89% an A (GPA wise this would be an 8/9 or 3.8) while McGill considers an A- to be 80-84% (3.7/4) and an A to be a 85%+ (4.0). So my question is that will they consider my As as 3.7s or 4.0s? Or maybe even 3.85s? Can anyone who has applied to McGill with a 9.0 scale GPA shed some light on the conversion process? I hope I’m not confusing anyone here, I’m just really curious Thank you! *** I recently called McGill admissions about this— although the lady was super kind, she wasn’t the most helpful in answering my question.
  5. Can someone do an updated list for McGill? Please & thank you!
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