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  1. theSquibandtheEye

    Securing an Associate Position: Post-Clerkship

    If it's the Ontario or B.C. Courts of Appeal, then I wouldn't worry. From my experience, firms come to actively recruit from those courts. And an application from a clerk at those courts appears to always be welcome and seriously considered by litigation boutiques and full service firms. No clerk I know at the Court of Appeal for Ontario had difficulty in securing an associate position at a litigation boutique in Toronto. Now you may not get your first choice of firm, but you will end up at a good place. Moreover, the judges are very helpful in making first introductions and providing references which will weigh heavily in your favour in the local market you're in.
  2. theSquibandtheEye

    When is clerking most common?

    It's becoming more common to article and then clerk. Half of the clerks in my clerkship year had articled before clerking at the Court of Appeal for Ontario.
  3. theSquibandtheEye

    What are in-firm interviews like?

    Most of my interviews on Monday were scheduled in 2 hour slots comprised by multiple 20-30 minutes long interviews with 2 lawyers. You'd rotate to a new partner's office after each 20-30 minute conversation. When you returned on Tuesday or Wednesday, the interviews changed. Some firms would put you into more 20-30 minute interviews and rotate you from office to office. Others would let you sit with an articling student and just chat for 15 minutes or with a lawyer of your choice. I get the sense that you know the interview is going well when the lawyers are the ones talking a lot. I thought it showed that they were highly interested in you as a candidate and it kind of felt like they were selling you on the firm. The one unique type of interview in my experience was at Lenczner Slaght. They put me in a boardroom and lawyers would filter in and out. They joined the conversation/interview midway through and would leave midway through. At minimum I was conversing with 2 lawyers at all times. But at some points, there were as many as 5 other lawyers in the room with me. It was a strange feeling having to sort of pause in your story or answer and welcome in a new lawyer and recap what you've been talking about to incorporate them into the conversation. With respect to content of the interview, I didn't really feel that I was speaking about different things than I was at the OCI. Most of the lawyers I interviewed with were not at my OCI and so asked the same fundamental questions to get the interview off the ground.
  4. theSquibandtheEye

    Bay Street Full Service firms - what are they known for?

    McCarthy's has a comparatively large litigation practice for a Bay Street full service firm. They handle CMPA cases and also practice white collar criminal defence. It's my impression that their litigation practice, in that respect, is more varied and lends itself to more junior involvement than perhaps or Bay Street full service firms.
  5. theSquibandtheEye

    Commercial Litigation Boutique Associate - Ask Me Anything!

    Thank you very much barelylegal. Your answer was very helpful. And yes, by in-court time I was referencing time on your feet generally.
  6. theSquibandtheEye

    Commercial Litigation Boutique Associate - Ask Me Anything!

    Is there an appreciable difference in the amount of in-court time you get as a junior associate in a large boutique litigation firm versus the litigation group of a full service firm? If so, do you mind elaborating on what things you've been able to do that you (at least through the grapevine) have heard your colleagues elsewhere, at the same level of seniority, have not been able to do?
  7. theSquibandtheEye

    Clerkships 2017

  8. theSquibandtheEye

    Clerkships 2017

    What's CMAC?
  9. theSquibandtheEye

    Re-hire as Associate

    My firm asked for updated transcripts both immediately prior to the 2L summer work term (as I was hired during the Toronto OCI process in November the year prior) and again during the summer before articles. I have also heard anecdotally that large corporate law firms ask for transcripts if you move laterally in the first few years of practice.
  10. theSquibandtheEye

    How many in-firms should you accept?

    I did 6 first interviews. 5 on Monday and 1 on Tuesday morning. All were with large firms. It was incredibly busy, but looking back, I wouldn't have done it differently. I enjoyed getting to know the different firms and meeting the lawyers. All this to say that 6 in firm interviews is definitely doable.
  11. theSquibandtheEye

    OCA Clerkship Grades

    Work hard on your writing sample. In my experience, that was a larger factor in the hiring process given people who apply to clerkships generally have good grades.
  12. theSquibandtheEye

    What even ARE the SCC citation conventions...?

    See either McGill Guide 5th or 6th edition.
  13. theSquibandtheEye

    Clerkship 2016

    I received a call yesterday evening around 7PM.
  14. theSquibandtheEye

    Clerkship 2016

    I've no idea but I received a call at 9:30AM.
  15. theSquibandtheEye

    Clerkship 2016

    ONCA calls went out this morning.