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  1. It's completely understandable that those who weren't successful will be angry (and in some cases, irrationally so) at the process. They're asking "why me?" when there are many qualified, bright students who are used to a certain level of success and have had their hopes dashed. There isn't necessarily a "why", only the fact that there are limited spots and it may come down to even arbitrary differences between candidates. The biggest problem with the OCI process isn't anything really about the process itself - it's the expectation of a neat timeline where you can finally end your job search. Since the successful students will have their articles lined up well before graduating, other students want that security/finality too. Yes, it's hard, and there's no getting around that with these formal recruitment cycles. There's always going to be the mentality of "OK, 1L recruit... now 2L recruit... ugh articling week is my last chance... and then what?". Just know that those cycles are absolutely not the end. Keep your head up. Other posters have mentioned it before, but there are many opportunities to get into BigLaw later on in your career if that's what you want. There are plenty of other firms doing interesting work that will be hiring for articling outside the formal processes. Just keep making connections, applying, and keeping an open mind - you may end up far happier than if you got that 2L BigLaw job in the first place.
  2. Am I understanding correctly that the Bay St firm participated in the 2L recruit, didn't participate in articling week, and hired somebody for articling outside both processes? I don't doubt this is possible, but it seems quite unlikely unless you have a strong personal connection with somebody at the firm.
  3. I believe they are done calling.
  4. I mean, if they're the same brand and material, you can definitely buy them on separate occasions!
  5. Here's my take on it. Suit: matching set consisting of a blazer with pants/skirt/dress. Pant suit: the above, with pants. The pants tend to be a straight fit, not skinny. In my opinion, a dress that matches with a blazer is a suit, with the key here being matching (exact same material and you buy the two together in the same way that you would buy the blazer with pants or a skirt). If it's not matching, it's not a suit.
  6. Are the people who are in this room only the people on the hiring committee? Or are the other lawyers that the students met with involved in this process?
  7. Just wanted to say a huge thanks to everybody who was on the other side who gave us their insight here (Uriel, maximumbob, and others).
  8. If you missed a call from the firm, would the 24 hour window still apply or would they just move on if you don't pick up (waitlist or offer)? Asking because I will be travelling later on.
  9. Would firms definitely try to meet with the students they're still interested in on Wednesday?
  10. Is it typical to get a second interview invite when your first interview is still going on? I thought the invites would happen at the end of the day. Are some people on a list to get automatic second interviews from the beginning basically, and candidates on the fringe might get asked later?
  11. I checked the emails from my CDO and they are supposedly doing OCIs.
  12. I go to a non-Ontario school and applied to Toronto 2L OCI firms. I got an email from one firm saying that, if I was selected, they would be in contact on call day to set up a November interview. OCIs are in September so I'm confused by this email - any insight?
  13. Any confirmation on whether Parlee has called?
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