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  1. Sorry to hear. My understanding is that the change to the articling period would not affect you since you enrolled prior to Jan 1, 2019? Either way, it doesn't necessarily seem like a bad thing in your case - that means the firm only has to take you on for a few months of articling before you get called. My experience is that the casual coffee meeting type networking really won't get you an article. I wouldn't be shy about just sending off applications wherever you can and candidly explain your situation. At the very least, you will probably get a straight answer more quickly.
  2. You said you graduated in 2018 and were laid off in 2019 - that puts you at probably over a year since you've been laid off? Not trying to be negative, but I'm not sure I understand the gap. Have you been looking for articles this whole time? My advice would be to focus on simply sending out your resume and cover letter to as many places as possible. It's a better use of your time to simply send out an application, tell them you need X more months of articles due to the circumstances, and that you'd be happy to meet to discuss further.
  3. Does anyone have advice regarding a firm not taking the pandemic seriously? At my firm, some lawyers and staff are "allowed" to work from home, but there is pressure for us to keep going into the office. This puts me in a particularly difficult place as an articling student.
  4. This was a few years ago, but I got a significant entrance award and I'm quite sure I wasn't notified until after school started in September. It definitely did not come with my offer.
  5. Pretty unlikely that they will transfer you to Edmonton/Calgary anytime soon with the political climate. They increased the number of articling students specifically to get people into the rural areas. Similar issues in healthcare.
  6. People here are getting all up in arms about $1000 shoes, but there are probably plenty of people at your offices every day who are easily wearing $2000 on them and you would have no idea - take a Hugo Boss/Theory suit and a shirt, quality shoes, watch/jewellery, and a tote. None of that is necessarily flashy or tacky.
  7. Oh yeah, I don't recommend Aldo in any way. I only meant that the horsebit is not unique to Gucci.
  8. There are loafers with a horsebit for like $30 at Aldo. Some people might recognize a Gucci loafer even if it doesn't have anything super branded on it (like the GG/red and green stripe) but I doubt most people would.
  9. It really depends on the style, but I can't imagine that these would stick out in any way (first result on Google): https://www.gucci.com/ca/en/pr/women/shoes-for-women/moccasins-and-loafers-for-women/gucci-jordaan-leather-loafer-p-404069BLM001000?gclid=Cj0KCQiApaXxBRDNARIsAGFdaB8fKU3Ch7PqriTkFD_PHTrKUj2dHUWyasEXblabrmat9KvOhRY4i9AaAvtfEALw_wcB
  10. That usually happens when you open the PDF in your browser rather than Adobe Reader/Acrobat.
  11. This whole thread is strange... Calm down, you haven't started law school yet. You don't need to decide anything about your career now. Working 30 hours a week while in law school is definitely not going to work. Also, how do you have offers at other firms when you haven't started law school yet?
  12. Yes, exactly. I can see how my original question about commas might seem pedantic at first, but the proper use of punctuation makes reading much easier and avoids ambiguity. As lawyers, we need to communicate as clearly and effectively as possible, and most grammar rules help with that.
  13. I think an em-dash would also work there.
  14. I've noticed that the legal profession seems to use fewer commas than you generally see everywhere else. I often see sentences like these in pleadings and textbooks: In 2019 the Plaintiffs filed an application. In the alternative the Defendants claim... The car which he acquired in 2012... Is there any reason that commas are missing in these kind of sentences? I can see how a comma might introduce ambiguity in some circumstances, but I can't see it in these examples. Are there some conventions in the legal profession about commas that I'm missing?
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