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  1. If you haven’t worked at a Seven Sister you haven’t lived.
  2. The issue with 30% cuts in revenue is most law firms have a lot of control over their revenue by deciding when to issue accounts against funds held in trust. I’m not sure how the government is going to determine whether the 30% reduction was real or artificial.
  3. Nepotism may lead to great hires with appropriate connections who will bring in great clients. There’s nothing necessarily second class about being hired for your name. If a judge's child is applying to big firms, even without a direct family connection, that's got to be a huge plus on the resume. That candidate probably grew up with the law and knows it inside out, and it doesn't hurt that they're the judge's child.
  4. It doesn't stop at smaller firms. Front page of Faskens website today is about how Raymond Chretien has been promoted to the Companion of the Order of Canada.
  5. Just turn down the offer. It's not what you really want to do, your boss can be emotionally abusive, and you might end up quitting half way through anyway. Articling students who waste an employer's time can make it harder for future students because that employer will be less likely to take on another student, and will tell all of their lawyer friends (potential principals) what a waste of time and money it was.
  6. Offering to volunteer comes off as desperate, and while that may be true, it makes you appear less desirable. Instead of volunteering to work for free, try volunteering to relocate to remote communities where there is greater need.
  7. Try to get some experience that shows your interest in family law. As has been mentioned, almost no one wants to do it, so for an employer to come across someone with a genuine and confident desire to focus on family law it can be one of the most important factors in a hiring decision.
  8. Was thinking of giving the articled students some $50 Amazon gift cards. Perhaps they would be happier with nothing.
  9. Keep in mind if you touching a file becomes more expensive to the boss than the associate down the hall, you may find less work flowing your way.
  10. A few might include: 1. have conducted a trial 2. are skilled with quicklaw, westlaw, or canlii 3. display confidence such that clients will feel comfortable with you, but not to the point of arrogance 4. have a clear 5 year goal and know how to articulate it 5. be and remain thankful for the opportunity 6. look to improve the office as much as you would like the office to improve your experience
  11. Not saying this will happen, but I saw a lot of people in law school cheating on their long distance others. Just be aware it’s a very real possibility and hopefully you can find a way to make it work for you.
  12. You’re not going to be judged by what you produce but rather by your ability to learn quickly, comprehensively, and retain that information.
  13. In family I love the photos of opposing parties that our clients choose for affidavits of personal service, always the worst picture they could find, often of the opposing party blasted drunk
  14. In my first year a client came in wanting to go to court that day for a without notice injunction to seize an airplane. PLTC, not law school, taught me to know my client and verify his ID. Looking at the documents I saw the plane Was registered to someone else, and when I asked about this he said no problem that’s his friend in the states, we can call him right now to confirm this is ok. I realized then I was being scammed, possibly for drug running purposes, and said I can’t help.
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