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  1. This is a great example of why our bar exams should be difficult like they are in the US. If the bar to entry is really high, then it doesn’t really matter how someone came to acquire the necessary knowledge.
  2. TrialPrep

    Burnout in the profession

    Burnout is very real and it’s great that you’re thinking about it before it happens. For me, a week away somewhere hot does the trick every time. Even if I bring a laptop and stay connected, just being away does wonders. Perspective is important. I once thought I was burning out and went to a burn out conference. For a short period of time I was procrastinating with work, using alcohol or substances almost daily after work, and wanting to quit law. After hearing stories of what a real burnout is I realized I was a 5/10 on the burnout scale. Burnout can be very serious if ignored. People can cry in their offices at the start and end of each day, get suicidal, hate their clients, lose their friends, drink during work hours etc. Just try to stay ahead of it.
  3. TrialPrep

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Shame! Shaaaame!
  4. TrialPrep

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    The paradox of choice is that choices seem to make us less happy.
  5. TrialPrep

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    I honestly don’t know if it’s truly easier for most people to live within one’s means with a simply a higher income. I have been poor before, over $150k in student loans living in a shithole apartment with roommates and bugs. That experience taught me how to live within my means, so now I don’t buy the Porsche. But I have friends with higher incomes who have bought the Porsche and a second place in whistler, and their stress levels seem higher than mine ever were when I was poor. The issue is with new money comes new temptations. But if we run out of desires then we get bored, so it’s a double edged sword to be balanced. I believe there are studies that show income correlates with happiness to an extent and then it tapers out after a certain point.
  6. TrialPrep

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    I am happy with my income. I think the secret is being happy with one’s fixed expenses. So long as you keep those under control and have more to play around with, it’s hard not to be happy. I have a friend who makes 50x what I do, talking 8 figures, and he’s not happy with his income.
  7. TrialPrep

    Finding the right career path for me?

    Good point, tax litigation is basically crim for rich people (or alledgedly rich people).
  8. TrialPrep

    Finding the right career path for me?

    Your name is CrimGuy. Follow your passion. If you have the grades and can afford it, reach out to the top criminal practitioners and offer to work for cheap. That way you’ll get on complex cases and have a name on your resume that can take you anywhere if you change your field.
  9. TrialPrep

    How to Become a Partner on Bay Street

    I don’t see what the big deal is with working the least amount necessary to make the most money. That could still mean working 12 hour days. Said differently, how does OP maximize efficiency? Answer I believe is to focus on practice areas that are scalable with assistants, paralegals, and juniors. If you can add more assistants and paralegals to complete your work, in an area such as but not limited to collections, you can potentially increase your dollars per hour beyond what one person billing alone could accomplish.
  10. TrialPrep

    Gender Stereotypes on Bay Street in 2018

    I know a mom who returned to work after two weeks from giving birth to run a trial. I did not agree with that decision but it was not my place to express an opinion.
  11. If your client is being strong armed into an agreement you know they will regret and blame you for, just ask to take 5 and step outside and remind your client it’s their choice to agree. This will help avoid complaints later on.
  12. TrialPrep

    unusual (?) articling experience

    Ask if you can take a pro bono client and help some poor old lady suing the vet for killing her cat prematurely?
  13. TrialPrep

    How much do law firms monitor your outside behaviour?

    People who have gone through things are often an inspiration to others who may have felt alone in a particular issue, which can bring healing for both. As mentioned, lawyers have a substance abuse issue generally and perhaps talking about it could be a good thing. This all has to be balanced with career of course, but a strict rule one way or the other may not be the answer.
  14. TrialPrep

    How much do law firms monitor your outside behaviour?

    The safe bet is to keep your head down. But if you’re passionate about something, there’s a price to pay for not doing it too. Maybe consider a balance where you keep your YouTube persona separate from law. Still a risk if you get popular, but if you get popular it may be worth it. Totally up to you, but yes the risk is real.
  15. TrialPrep

    Going solo three years out

    In contrast to the OP, this is one of the more typical going solo posts. You will need more than just a bit of legal experience, you will need a business plan.