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  1. Although I didn't have this choice, (I didn't apply to U of A, nor do I know if I would have been accepted), other than tuition (which is unreasonably high), I have no regrets coming to TRU. I've enjoyed the education I have received and was able to obtain a summer articling position this summer in BC. However, I also have a number of friends that have attended U of A from BC and they have nothing but good things to say about their time there. If you are looking to work in BC, I'm sure you will be fine with either choice. Although you note you want to work in the lower mainland, if you do change your mind and plan to work outside of BC, I would argue that U of A would be the better choice.
  2. Highly unlikely. I was accepted with a 154. However, my CPGA was 3.8; L3 was 3.93; L2 4.0. I would assume a 160+ would give you a better chance.
  3. Re-write. Your GPA is competitive but the LSAT needs to be brought up. Although it is still considered one of the "easier" school to get into, I honestly believe these stats are highly unlikely to get one accepted into any Canadian law school under the regular category (this may be different if you are applying under one of the other categories). I was accepted two years ago with a 3.8 GPA/3.93 last three and a 154. However, my ECs were on the stronger side. E.g., legal internships, long list of volunteer experience, ect. Furthermore, the school has become more competitive in recent years.
  4. All parking info can be accessed on the link below: https://www.tru.ca/facilities/parking/student-parking.html
  5. From what I understand, and please correct me if I am wrong, there were two transfers into TRU this year (one from Western and one from U of M). I know previously there were more transfers from schools outside of Canada but I believe TRU is moving away from that going forward and focusing on accepting transfers from other Canadian schools. Just wanted to provide some clarity on this and on what the current situation is.
  6. Accepted a while back. Will be declining.
  7. Accepted via email. Overall GPA: 3.8 Last 90: 3.93 LSAT: 154
  8. Don't rush the LSAT. In the end, it is not worth it. Take the February if you feel you are not ready for the December one. You have a better chance at being accepted with a 160+ written at a later date than writing in December and scoring in the 150s.
  9. Just borrowed friends PC. Seems to work fine using that!
  10. Anyone else having troubles copy/pasting their personal statement into the application box using a Mac?
  11. Thanks for the response. I find the lsat actually quite straight forward. I am able to usually able to get under 5 wrong in every section when I do the exam without timed conditions, and I still seem to finish in the time that is allotted (35 minutes or under). However, I seem to freeze under the ticking of the clock. I'm rewriting this Saturday. Hopefully I improve!
  12. Hello all, I have a question in regards to a possible acceptance at Windsor for the 2015 cycle. My current statistics are an overall cGPA of 3.7 on the 4.0 Scale; 154 LSAT. My softs are relatively strong (women's domestic shelter voulnteer; involvement in the BC Special Olympics; two law internships; volunteer co-ordinator for BC Law Day; along with a longer list of experiences). Thanks
  13. Thank you for the responses. I have registered for the September LSAT and enrolled in the PowerScore Full-Length course starting in August. I hope it helps!
  14. Hello all, I'm new to law students.ca and I had a question on whether or not I should rewrite the LSAT in October. My current statistics are Overall GPA: 3.8 (4.03 Recalculated) on the 4.5 SCALE; 154 LSAT. Index: 73.33. I am a BC resident and have no Manitoba connection. My softs are decently strong (women's domestic shelter voulnteer; involvement in the BC Special Olympics; two law internships; volunteer co-ordinator for BC Law Day; along with a longer list of experiences).
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