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  1. Hi, all! Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to this thread -- catching up on this thread was very interesting. 😁 I thought that I'd post an update: since my last post, I have secured an articling position! While I'm not sure if this is the career for me, I am going to at least give it a shot. Thanks again for all the advice! ☺️
  2. Wow, this got way more responses than I expected I don't have anything concrete lined up, but more of a plan for things that take 6 mo + to go through the recruitment processes (along the lines of RCMP, CBSA, 911 dispatch etc. -- I have a preference for shift work ). I'd like to go for my Masters eventually (probably not in law) because I enjoy academia/learning, but I've been in school so long that I would like to work for a while first. I think this is probably my best bet at the moment. Do you prefer the practice aspect? I'm thinking, to a much lesser extent of course, that my 2L position had some of those features... which adds to my dilemma. I enjoyed it, but I'm not sure I'd enjoy it for very long. Thank you for sharing! Did you plan on leaving the legal profession, or was your current position something that came up along the way? I have thought about this, yes! I try to be actively engaged and enthusiastic whenever I interview, so I hope I don't come off that way... but I don't know for sure if I do or not. (I've received interview feedback before and no one's mentioned it as of yet.) Thank you for sharing! The government positions, like the links you've shared, are actually the ones I've been eyeing as an option and I have started my applications for a few. Well, I have been trying to secure one. But whether that will actually happen remains to be seen I'm not opposed to trying it out for the year~ if I do get one, but at the moment it does seem like a fruitless endeavour. (Though I've stopped the cold calling approach, and have only been applying to postings that come up for the last couple of months.) No specialized background here. I have a degree in poli sci & philosophy. Another thought that I've considered was trying something non-law, then coming back to article later if I really feel the urge to. However, I'm assuming that going back to article later would make it more difficult for me to get a position -- since why not hire a fresh grad? edit: another question - I've tried to do some research on this, but I seem to find disagreeing arguments. Is having a JD, without being called, more of a liability than a benefit?
  3. Hi all, I am a recent graduate who has not yet secured an articling position. However, I’m also someone who doesn’t know if they want to article in the first place. I have been actively seeking articles since the recruitment process last summer, and though I’ve gotten interviews, I haven’t progressed beyond that. (My grades are about a B average, with 2 C+s and 2 As.) The reason I have been applying, despite my uncertainty, is because it seems like a waste to have gone to law school without articling afterwards. I nearly left law school after first year, coming to the realization that perhaps this wasn’t the field for me. Someone persuaded me to stick it out, so I did. I got a 2L law-related position, which I enjoyed well enough. But during 2L and 3L, I came to the conclusion that I could not see myself being a lawyer for the long term, and that my career would probably go elsewhere eventually. Hindsight has shown me that I went to law school for the wrong reason. It’s (obviously) too late to fix that now, but I’m still struggling with the decision to step out of law altogether. It feels wasteful to spend the money and time in law school without articling, regardless of my feelings about law in general. But I’m not especially interested in doing so at the same time. And perhaps it would be disingenuous to take a position when I know I don’t plan to stick around. So, like I said, I feel stuck -- sunk costs and all that. Do I keep applying to positions as they come up? Do I let it go? I know this is largely a personal decision, but any advice or anecdotes would still be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Invited to interview (in Van) today as well -- given till tomorrow to reply. Have declined, though, as I've accepted elsewhere already. My stats: GPA: ~3.7 L2: ~3.9 LSAT: 157, 162
  5. Received it as well... is it just me, or do none of the links work? Every one I click just says "Sorry, we couldn't find that page."
  6. Got the wait list email a couple of days ago (but have since withdrawn my application for another school). For reference -- my app status has said 'awaiting review' since Jan 8, and my stats are: LSAT: 157, 162 GPA w/ drops: ~83%
  7. I find that so odd? My letter is dated Feb 2, deadline is March 31.
  8. Thank you! Thanks! I'm not sure if I am accepting yet -- I am currently leaning toward U of C, but I'm not 100% sure what my decision will be.
  9. Accepted today CGPA: ~3.7 L2: ~3.9 LSAT: 157, 162
  10. Accepted this morning! GPA w drops: ~3.9 LSAT: 157, 162 Not an Atlantic resident, if that matters.
  11. Accepted today, also! LSAT: 157, 162 CGPA: ~3.7
  12. I'm so mad -- I missed the phone call! I don't know what it means, either, because my status hasn't been updated nor have I gotten any mail. Killing me slowly, I swear.
  13. Before the June write (score: 157), I prep-tested from 154-160 (avg. was 157, though). Didn't write another PT before the September write and I bumped my score to 162.
  14. Hey all Just a quick question about transcripts -- I'm currently in my 4th year, and I'm not entirely sure if I should be waiting until this term's marks are in (in this case, transcripts would go out in early January), or if I should request for them to be sent now? I know both U of S and U of A say they want first term marks included, so I'm not sure if I should wait entirely (I'm applying to UVic, UBC, U of C, Dal, UNB as well) or send transcripts now and then again after my marks are in? Or should I just (pretend to) be patient and wait till Jan? Thanks!
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