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  1. Hello all! Does OLSAS need referees to send in the reference letter BEFORE or ON November 1st? I have tried to find information regarding this. Maybe I am not looking thoroughly but please if anyone has an answer for me, I will truly appreciate your help. I found out if transcripts are received after Nov 1 (since we've already paid), that is sufficient. I have sent my referee a friendly reminder about 2 weeks ago and she said she will send it on time but I am a little worried... Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. OLSAS says the following: Transcripts from an Ontario University or College Online Transcript Request If you attended or are currently enrolled at an Ontario university, you must use request your transcript through your online application. If you attended or are currently enrolled at an Ontario college, you may request your transcript. Just need to clarify... I don't need to request my college to send OLSAS my transcript right? I finished Paralegal Diploma after my degree.
  3. I did, I am not so good at it. I am also doing the 7SAGE online sessions. It's going okay.
  4. Not ready for December. I agree, I didn't have time to prep for December & thank you
  5. Applying now, writing in February. Need an LSAT Tutor asap. Any suggestions?
  6. Do I need to have the academic reference from my undergrad degree or can it be from my paralegal diploma which I finished just this year? thank you
  7. Hello, I am eligible to do a 2 year LLB program at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. I have SO many inquiries, I am hoping someone can help me out by forwarding links, past forums, or their personal experience. 1) Does OSAP cover 100% of the tuition? 2) NCA Exams - how long does it take and how much does it cost? 3) do I write the bar exam?
  8. Thank you - you give me so much hope.
  9. Most likely - but once my first semester of foruth year was done I was at a 3.6, & my last sems of undergraduate got me to 3.8 overall. I calculated my own GPA for that thread through this link I found on someone else's thread.
  10. I appreciate all your responses. You guys are a great bunch Thank you very much. I am so motivated to begin my studies!
  11. I graduated with a 3.8 (which I believe is great)! and that's true, I have one last shot at LSAT since you can give it three times every 2 years. I'll see during paralegal how it goes thank you
  12. not ashamed to say it: I feel pretty down! I just finished four years of undergrad. Also took my best (but not the best clearly) shot at law school. Received last rejection letter from law school yesterday. My backup is to do accelerated paralegal program and than try law school again. Now my motivation for law school is very very low and have no desire to pursue law school and study five more years. My backup which is paralegal is going to happen. But now I am just thinking... people can pursue and become paralegal right after post-secondary (high school). I feel like I could have done masters or something better than paralegal.. I am getting a lot of questions as to why I went with paralegal AFTER doing four years of undergraduate. Everyone assumed I would do law school (they weren't wrong, my GPA is great, LSAT not so much) I have no idea what to say. It was just my backup but I could have done something else... right? I guess I am just looking for someone to tell me my choice of path is perfectly okay but I don't know if it is. Do many people pursue paralegal after undergraduate?
  13. Hello, I am going to receive my bachelors degree this year. After that, I would like to apply to paralegal licensing, do I HAVE to go college for this or can I apply to the licence right after I graduate university? I couldn't find this info online so I am guessing I can't but thought I would try this forum. I'll be applying to a three semester program. Any feedback will be much appreciated!
  14. This whole time I kept thinking I am able to add all the awards I have received under sketch for OLSAS. Is there any way to add them?
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