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  1. On to the point - I think it’d be interesting to know if American students who move to Canada deal with any skepticism from employers on whether the student intends to stay in Canada. Kids I knew from other countries were subject to that skepticism during OCIs, or reported being asked skeptically.
  2. Yes, if you ignore the 170 years that one existed and the other didn’t, that’s a plausible argument. But it’s a bit like saying GoT is more influential than LotR because it currently has a tv show. Which is to say, obviously wrong to anyone who thinks about it.
  3. But anyway. You have four options. 1. Spend time before law school trying to learn what lawyers in different practice areas really do. Research heavily and decide what life looks best to you - example, try to get in touch with a junior labor side employment lawyer and talk to them for a few hours about what they like and don’t like in their practice; get a sense of their average day. Go into law school with goals, knowing they may well change in the process. 2. Go to law school and luck into finding areas of law that fascinate you for which practice is equally cool. 3. Go to a large full service firm after the recruit and hope one of their many practice areas clicks for you. 4. Spin the roulette wheel of life and just get the first cool sounding (or, any) job offered.
  4. This is the single saddest sentence I’ve ever read.
  5. I’m working about 14 hours this weekend, which obviously sucks. But I’m very well compensated, I learn a lot, I have partners who support me and a couple juniors I trust. My internal relationships are strong enough that I can tell someone no when I need to. I have lots of pro bono opportunity when I see something I want. I’m satisfied, but also fairly confident I won’t want to work these hours forever. It’s a trade I’m happy with for the time being.
  6. I don’t know much about this, but my inclination would be you should find out which US/NY firms work company-side for satellite companies and the like - lot more satellites go up than anything else. I can confirm PE firms that invest in space stuff will require relatively less specialized knowledge from their deal counsel. Space is cool. Space regulation is a bit more like shipping regulation.
  7. Work. It’s not even close. They pay me. If you ignore money, then yeah I obviously I prefer doing whatever I want at any given moment.
  8. Also what kind of culture does this guy think the Jewish people came from? Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David...herders one and all.
  9. What’s wrong with goat herding? People need goats. Goats need herding.
  10. Reach out to the recruitment person at the firm and ask if there might be an opportunity to meet or speak with the person.
  11. Nope. My wedding is gonna be in Europe, so we did all of this from a distance and presumably our resources wouldn’t help you much. Also, she’s not a great project manager or budgeter, so most of this fell to my shoulders. Still I would say it’s not an exceptionally tough task - just a very slow motion small-ticket transaction.
  12. Honestly I am very happy I’m not paying for a planner. Planning a wedding is like doing a very simple deal in a very long time frame - not pleasant, but certainly doable.
  13. Is your question whether you can get an OCI job without attending? Or whether attending could theoretically have benefits you’ll miss? Yes, to both.
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