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  1. As a general piece of advice to lurkers and 1Ls: never start a job application process by making excuses. It’s a bad look. It is not how you sell something. Doesn’t matter how relevant the excuse is.
  2. I’ve read this a bunch of times but does anyone have any evidence that it’s true? If I remember right, it’s not the case that 80% of people who want an OCI job at U of T get one. So if 80% of Dal grads who want a Toronto OCI job get one, then Dal is objectively better and we should all start advising people to go to Dal and not go to U of T if they want to work in Toronto. Which obviously sounds pretty stupid. As a related point, I couldn’t begin to imagine what would make anyone think that going to Dal makes a person less ‘cookie cutter’ than going to U of T. I have helped my firm recruit, review and interview and I have never heard anyone involved in the process who thinks that way. Honestly, I can’t think of anything less informative about how unique or intriguing a person is than “what standard school in Canada did you go to”. Also, almost all students who get an OCI offer get one OCI offer. So I’m not quite sure where you’re getting this “you won’t have a problem with any firm” position from.
  3. @Rashabon gave most of my response to @providence. I’m assuming OP isn’t interested in a specific practice area because, if so, OPs usually mention that. But I should have stated the assumption.
  4. Do not write about your family and mental health issues in a cover letter to a job application. Ever. This is not like applying to a school with an access admissions officer. This is a job. Anyway, to answer your actual questions... 1. ECs do not matter much at all unless they’re exceptional, which by definition most people’s aren’t. 2. Lots of successful law students had parental money and no meaningful jobs, so you’ll probably be fine. 3. Remember not to write a resume cover letter about your family’s health issues.
  5. I too am extraordinarily humble.
  6. Yeah but equal reason to believe you’ll leave after a year.
  7. No one has ever cared other than family members and prospective law students. If you do crim work, people will ask for your cool stories, but I’m a corporate lawyer and everyone correctly assumes I have almost no cool stories. Bubbe is very proud her grandson is a big successful lawyer, but she’s also very proud my cousin got a B+ in chemistry, so, you know. My partner tells me I’m handsome, but she says it with that smile that lets you know she omitted the “...in my eyes, on good days”.
  8. I actually don’t know anyone doing funds formation or M&A/finance for PE clients, nor any PE GCs that have a CPA/CFA. OP feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.
  9. UO grads should weigh in on what grades are needed to get OCI interviews from that school. But firms will not overemphasize one C if your average is within their range.
  10. Its just easiest to say “it was impossible for me to get this” than “it was possible and I wanted it but I didn’t succeed”. Nothing more complicated than that.
  11. But then you know which junior not to trust with a client. It works perfectly - with most people we get to just act like humans, and with the rest I get information on how well I can trust them near a client. All goals are accomplished.
  12. Degree. Europeans care much more, in my experience, about being addressed with their degree letters in written communication. “Doctor Professor” and all that. I do a fair amount of work involving Dutch, German, French counsel and they all seem to care.
  13. Sarcasm aside, I think the cut-off line I observe for this is about 45 years old. Below that, I’m taking the odds that they prefer thinking of themselves as a social equal. But yes, some boomers, doctors and academics are very uncomfortable with the suggestion they aren’t above you and if you want the least amount of trouble, you should just indulge them that fantasy. Also, Europeans are very offended when you don’t recognize how superior they are by way of which school thingy they got.
  14. Are anxiety and worry helping you do a better job? If not, the answer to any question is stop worrying. If you determine how worried to be by how bad a situation is, instead of by how much worrying helps, I very much look forward to never having to work with you in a bad situation. Stress induced worry makes you a worse person to be around, a less effective colleague, and a sadder human. Break the mold. Focus on what matters.
  15. There are, but step 1 is just figure out your city’s PE lawyering market and understand your goal as working for those lawyers.
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