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  1. Can't give advice on what you should do re:OSAP but U of T will assess your file on the assumption that you are getting full OSAP. If you don't, they will cover the slack.
  2. No need to take the point to absurdity. Think of RMC. You get your fees paid on the assumption that you will serve in the Canadian Forces for x number of years. If you renege on your promise, you pay back the tuition.
  3. Actually, to get QC residency, all you need to do is live in QC for 12 months without being a full-time student. You can just go and be a part-time student (about two classes per semester generally) while working for a year and then get the very sweet QC tuition rates for the next 3-4 years...
  4. Would be rather sad if they were bilking their non-admitted applicants an extra $200
  5. http://www.ivwgonline.org/ Harper didn't write the report...veterinarians did. I'm still not getting this seal hunt issue...
  6. $4000? Certainly not. $1300 sounds more appropriate. Then how come so few people are buying macs at such prices? Compatibility with software was a big deal in the 90s, but now you can get most programs for mac around the same time as the ones that come out for PC... Having used PCs all my life, I would probably pay a premium for a PC, rather than the one charged for Macs.
  7. Oh don't get me involved in this little squabble. I am quite happy with the current gov.
  8. Computers are so freaking cheap now.. I remember when everytime I bought a new PC it cost around 5K. As for mac laptops, I thought they were like 4000 dollars... 1300ish? They badly need to shed their expensive reputation then if these prices are representatitve.
  9. You can always just ask Rowlands to double check. Friends don't let friends do Q years.
  10. I was thankful Kaplan didn't have more classroom hours... They took 3 hours after a long day at work and prevented me from practicing those nights.
  11. Registered mail is kind of lame. For almost the same price, do xpresspost and it will get there faster. LAME???? Well all I need it to do is trace it...if it gets there on time why pay a penny more? Seems a little over the top Lame because Xpresspost also has the exact same tracking feature, is faster, and is often almost identical in price.
  12. Send letter to school, forget OLSAS. The only change OLSAS will make to your file is your contact info.
  13. Are you positive that you have to take a Q year? They are quite rare at NPSIA, as long as you have the2 required economics half-year courses. I think I only met one person ever who had done one.
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