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  1. This silence has been killing me on waitlist! Not feeling good but I do wish that U of T would announce if class was full or something, at least give us an idea...
  2. I am also very interested in this comparison, but more specifically in the possible career differences than in public transportation.
  3. Hey, yeah I haven't checked this thread recently. I got accepted first cycle to Western, so any nervous splitters out there have faith!
  4. Accepted this morning. Pretty surprised..my OLSAS cgpa is 3.09, but with a very strong upward trend. 169 LSAT.
  5. I was actually signing on to ask if anyone had gotten their package yet, thanks for looking out !
  6. Interesting, thanks for your responses. Guess we will wait and see, but I'd assume if nothing has been announced by now it is unlikely to change by September. If anyone hears anything though please let me know.
  7. Hey guys, was wondering if anyone could answer my question here about changes to the courses taken in 1L. I have heard that corporate law will be replacing ethics as a mandatory 1L enrollment. This would make sense based on Westerns corporate focus, and the on the fact that I have heard the current bidding system results in some students missing out on taking Corporate law, or on spending a disproportionate amount of bid points just to get in. I know it's not a huge deal, but I think it would be pretty awesome if that change happened for Sept. 2015. I can't find anything specific about it on Western Laws website. Does anyone know?
  8. This is what I was expecting would happen once i got in..you mean to tell me its not?!?!??!
  9. Western changed my status to offered admission on student center
  10. Just checked my western student center, no email yet!
  11. Also in, WOW can't believe I am in this early!!! LSAT- 169, L2-3.7sh, cGPA 3.2 Any splitters like me there is hope!
  12. I was in exact same boat, except going into 5th year and would love to have gotten these grades in with my L3. I emailed them and this was response...basically your last year grades are unlikely to help much, definitely not in your L3 calculation which sucks. The Admissions committee will not necessarily wait for your 5th year grades. Most offers will be made by mid-March and be based on the best 3 full time years of the years the committee can see when you apply. Few offers are made seeing all years (between April-August)
  13. I don't think so, I am also still full time undergrad students and I received an email on the 26th informing me that they had received all my information and were ready to proceed with the evaluation, this came after my initial email from them giving me my info web information. Of course, I haven't gotten the only email that really matters yet...
  14. thanks for giving some advice. I hope your right.
  15. I feel like there is a fair amount of us, but its still difficult to figure it out. 171 is beast though.
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