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  1. As far as I understand you have access to the limit already granted to you and can apply for an additional 10k.
  2. My Scotia line continues into articling, need to reapply if you want an additional 10,000. I also asked about keeping it open past articling, and was told that I could apply for 25,000 line of credit, for some kind of fee if I wanted. Can't remember the specifics. I don't know if I would be accepted for the additional loc post articling, cause I never followed up on it
  3. Coolname

    The Sartorial Canon

    It is an old faux pas to wear brown shoes with a navy suit. I'm glad that faux is mostly gone now.
  4. Coolname

    The Sartorial Canon

    Do this, always keep your bottom blazer button undone.
  5. Coolname

    Windsor Law - Mandatory Indigenous Law 1L

    You dont think the course is a good idea or you dont think making it mandatory is a good idea? I agree, "a step too far" is a bit silly and reactionist
  6. Coolname

    Windsor Law - Mandatory Indigenous Law 1L

    Why should they have to learn about Indigenous legal traditions? TBH the course seems irrelevant to the practice area most students will end up in. Which isnt to say there is no value in taking the course, just that there isnt enough value to justify making it mandatory. By what metrics have they decided that this course should be mandatory, but a different course like evidence* shouldn't be? *I don't know what courses are mandatory at Windsor
  7. Coolname

    Privilege is...

    No, but it is where the logic of toads post leads
  8. Coolname

    Privilege is...

    If you are going to take this view that far, you may as well go straight to the logical nihilistic end that you cannot take any personal responsibility for what they have achieved as it was all predestined. Attending law school for example, how does a person earn that? A person does not earn being born with enough intelligence to allow them to succeed on the lsat and university. Sure, the person made sacrifices, but they only made those sacrifices due to the people they met in their upbringing who enstilled the value of hard work in them and meeting those people was luck. So even their hard work ethic, they did not really earn that or the consequences flowing from their hard work. My point isn't that your logic is wrong (granted I don't think you took it far enough), rather my point is to ask what is the benefit of this kind of thinking? Who benefits from degrading all personal achievements to nothing but luck of circumstances? I agree it is important to be thankful for what you have and show gratitude, but one doesn't need to claim everything is due to luck and suggest that one hasn't earned anything to do that. On fact suggesting it is all up to luck seems to me to be missing a key part of being grateful. I'm thankful for my good fortune in life, but I am even more thankful for that something more than luck, something special which has helped me through life. By suggesting it is all luck, one loses the opportunity to be thankful for that something more, something special, which is a true shame.
  9. Coolname

    Privilege is...

    Being concerned about lifestyle inflation
  10. I really don't see how having contempt for law firms will help you get a job
  11. Coolname

    Vancouver Articling Recruit 2019-2020

    Oh that is much less dramatic than several red eye flights haha
  12. Coolname

    Vancouver Articling Recruit 2019-2020

    I don't think so More curious about how you managed to do both recruits
  13. Coolname

    Vancouver Articling Recruit 2019-2020

    Really wishing that firms could call at 5 tonight like in Toronto, rather than having to wait till tomorrow morning
  14. Coolname

    Interests Section

    I have three interests on my resume. Bullet point for each and a quick description/ interesting fact about each of them, something which gives interviewer something to ask you about (ie visited 25 countries). The section is called interests, but you should really think about them as conversation starters instead. I also wouldnt presume big firms dont care about interests.
  15. Coolname

    Trinity Western drops mandatory covenant

    So you are against uvic's JID?