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  1. Coolname

    Dollar value of an articling student?

    Providence with no student: has to spend the morning going to court to get an adjournment; money earned zero Providence with student: student goes to court to get the adjournment in lieu of Providence, Providence can therefore spend her morning doing paid work; money earned $$$ $$$> zero
  2. Coolname

    Compensation in and around Vancouver: 2018 Edition

    Salaries at most big firms seem to have increased to 55,000
  3. Coolname

    Why you shouldn't go to U of T Law

    Regardless of what you want to do uvic is a good choice given their tuition is around 10,000
  4. Coolname

    Why you shouldn't go to U of T Law

    I qualified for my loan without a co-signor, with no assets, and virtually no credit history other than having a credit card for two years or so that I rarely used, so I'm not finding the possibility that some people may not be able to get those loans very high. That said, I would be willing to accept that for the very small majority unable to get approved for a line of credit, bursaries may be justified for them. Though making them interest free loans instead would probably allow you to assist far more students in the long run.
  5. Coolname

    Why you shouldn't go to U of T Law

    You racked up 150k in debt despite having food and rent covered? Anyways, you failed to rebut the entire premise of my critique, that there is ample funding for law students out there. Not wanting to take on the debt load is not a convincing argument for charity to law students. Virtually every law student will also be able to pay off their debt in the long run, with many doing so through high paying biglaw jobs. If people are concerned that those who take public interest positions will struggle to pay off their debt, we should be funding those public interest organizations directly instead.
  6. Coolname

    Why you shouldn't go to U of T Law

    Need based bursaries for law students are a joke period. I struggle to think of a single less worthy cause than a law student. Unless the student is a single parent or taking care of their impoverished parents, government student loans and lines of credit easily cover tuition and living costs.
  7. Coolname

    Why you shouldn't go to U of T Law

    You have to wonder how this affects access to justice as well. Every person who accepts a seat at a law school waffling on whether or not they want to be a lawyer takes away a seat from someone who may be 100% committed to being a lawyer. If you are accepted into law school you deserve that seat regardless of your intentions and I dont think intention should be required for admission, but with that said I'm not sure law schools targeting students who otherwise are not sure they want to be a lawyer is helping.
  8. Coolname

    Best time to take vacation during articling

    Is getting paid out for vacation you dont take common practice? If so what sort of rate would you get for it?
  9. As far as I understand you have access to the limit already granted to you and can apply for an additional 10k.
  10. My Scotia line continues into articling, need to reapply if you want an additional 10,000. I also asked about keeping it open past articling, and was told that I could apply for 25,000 line of credit, for some kind of fee if I wanted. Can't remember the specifics. I don't know if I would be accepted for the additional loc post articling, cause I never followed up on it
  11. Coolname

    The Sartorial Canon

    It is an old faux pas to wear brown shoes with a navy suit. I'm glad that faux is mostly gone now.
  12. Coolname

    The Sartorial Canon

    Do this, always keep your bottom blazer button undone.
  13. Coolname

    Windsor Law - Mandatory Indigenous Law 1L

    You dont think the course is a good idea or you dont think making it mandatory is a good idea? I agree, "a step too far" is a bit silly and reactionist
  14. Coolname

    Windsor Law - Mandatory Indigenous Law 1L

    Why should they have to learn about Indigenous legal traditions? TBH the course seems irrelevant to the practice area most students will end up in. Which isnt to say there is no value in taking the course, just that there isnt enough value to justify making it mandatory. By what metrics have they decided that this course should be mandatory, but a different course like evidence* shouldn't be? *I don't know what courses are mandatory at Windsor
  15. Coolname

    Privilege is...

    No, but it is where the logic of toads post leads