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  1. Could it be that a bunch of employers have decided to hire back their summer students (especially MAG) and dropped out of the articling recruit? Does this explain their lack of mention here? Anyone hear from OSC, FSRA, IESO?
  2. did interview offers go out for the above employers and also for pc financial, the beer store and cdic?
  3. Anyone hear back from employers in Toronto, Ottawa, London, Waterloo and Guelph?
  4. Are all OSC branches done with interview offers?
  5. Just though I'd get a thread going for 2L summer 2019 recruitment this semester for Toronto/Ottawa/rest of Ontario. Please share knowledge of interview offers that have gone out for firms and other organizations. Feel free to share law job postings that are hidden or not readily searchable through public online job boards. Thank you.
  6. any chance that some MAG offices haven't called to schedule in-firm interviews yet?
  7. Hi, Does anyone know what the OSC pay their summer and articling students? Also, if anyone had worked there before and wouldn't mind sharing their experiences, that would be great as well. Thanks!
  8. Hi, sorry to inform you that any waitlisted positions you had at an Ontario school were cancelled after July 2nd once your provisional acceptance at Windsor became firm... Hope this helps!
  9. HI, I'm sorry to inform you that all provisional acceptances on OLSAS became firm on July 2nd. After that date, any waitlisted positions would have been cancelled. Hopefully, you had provisionally accepted a school that you wanted to attend
  10. Oh wow, that's really pricey haha!! Thank anyways.
  11. Thanks! would you happen to know what their prices are for one bedroom suites? It doesn't say on their website lol
  12. Hi, does anyone know any apartments in downtown London that offer 8 month leases? Or are they all mostly year long leases?
  13. Hello, Can any current Western students provide some insights on the international summer internship program? Are applicants able to apply for as many positions that interests them or are there restrictions on the number of applications that one can submit? Any idea on how competitive they are? How many applications are typically received for each position? Particularly the business-related ones? For the ones offered exclusively to 1Ls, would you say more emphasis is placed on the applicant's prior work experiences since only the fall law grades are available by the time applications are due? Finally, for self-proposed internships, does Western offer the same amount of funding as the internships? Thanks in advance for any inputs.
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