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  1. It's not weird because the headhunting process is entirely different from the 2L recruit. The firms come to you not the other way around. Also the people you meet at in-firms may lateral themselves.
  2. Think of it like this: you don't know what individuals within the firm think of you. Just the firm as a whole. I knew there were lawyers in a firm which rejected me lobbying for me to be hired or liked me and just didn't think I was a fit in the specific firm in the specific group I was looking for (they were right). In addition, some people may deny it, but we are entering a recession and the firms are likely going to take fewer people. Many firms took too many applicants because they're used to extending invitations in a good economy and so they desperately needed to reduce their numbers. It seems personal now but it's not.
  3. You guys have it a little wrong. In this profession, the more lawyers you know and get along with the better. When the smoke clears absolutely follow up.
  4. I get why you're nervous, you ran out of time and couldn't answer 30 questions. However, there are 240 questions, maybe only 200 get graded. You missed 30 out of 200, that leaves 85%. The LSO does not disclose the cut-off but the cut-off is probably way lower than 85%. If the cut-off is 85% I probably failed too, as would half the test takers. I don't think the pass rate is actually 90%, but I guarantee it is not 50% either.
  5. There was one really really bizarre question in public law. The other difficult ones I think were in the materials, but you had to get the answer from multiple places in the materials and I don't think I always had the time to do that. They can't fail all of us though.
  6. A little nitpicky, but curious. Would a very lightly-patterned dark suit be okay for summer student profile pictures? Starting sometime in the next three weeks. I'm not too much of a fashion person, but after the recruit, I don't want to wear all solid colors ever again. I two solid coloured suits and plenty of options with the shirt or tie (and will obviously be rotating throughout the summer), but just floating as a possibility.
  7. I'd take Illinois based on the info you've given, but you also need a backup plan in case biglaw doesn't work out. The Chicago market is extremely competitive and between two equally qualified Illinois Law grads, they're going to choose the one who is actually from the area.
  8. I went to Michigan and my GPA went from 3.71 to 3.67 in the OLSAS conversion. Not a big deal. My big fear was that Michigan sets up its undergrad classes so that four classes is a full courseload instead of five and I was worried that the Canadian schools wouldn't know that. It wasn't a problem at the end of the day. I think the lesson is that these Canadian universities know what they're doing, they understand the nuanced differences between American and Canadian universities. If I flunk out of U of T, maybe I will amend this conclusion a little.
  9. They'll send an invite later in the day. It might be in your spam or promotions folder.
  10. I just hope I don't get a constitutional law exam question from 1981.
  11. This could actually be a bad idea. Studying the majors I did gave me anywhere from 100-200 pages of reading a day. You end up skimming and acquire a very inefficient reading style if you do that over the long term. It could make you worse on LSAT RC, not better.
  12. Darrow is a great deal, the one qualm about Michigan is that its employment numbers are below the rest of the T14, but the Darrow Scholarship means that you can put it on your CV which means that you will get hired if you get the grades. Just posting this so that you know that any anxiety about Michigan that you might see on TLS doesn't really apply to you. I've lived in Michigan for almost 20 years and Ann Arbor is a great city to spend three years in. The University of Michigan football and basketball teams are on the up and up too (in the US, such things do matter).
  13. IDK, I'm pretty sure Australians don't think highly of Bond domestically either. It's not Monash or Melbourne. It's a private university, which is a bad sign in the Australian higher education system.
  14. Don't let yourself get insulted by someone with blatantly terrible decision-making abilities.
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