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  1. The 'standard' is Laskin/Stratas point-first writing, e.g. http://www.ontariocourts.ca/coa/en/ps/speeches/forget.htm Whether that is 'good writing' or not is a matter of personal taste I guess.
  2. Lerners isn't a "top firm"? What about McCarthy Tetrault, where the juniors almost exclusively get into court defending med mal for CMPA. Is that not a "top firm"?
  3. I didn't know that U of T took letters of recommendation.
  4. I think BC is worse for jobs, but obviously your quality of life will be infinitely higher anywhere in BC vs. commuting from Newmarket and waiting for death.
  5. The starting point of your analysis ought to be that all obligations are owed to your clients, not the partner. Right now it seems like you have that completely reversed.
  6. I agree with providence that a 1L job can be (should be?) more about your own growth than about signaling for a 2L job or whatever.
  7. It's not "pondered." From the discovery in the HUG lawsuit (or simply looking at the class composition of schools that don't practice AA like Caltech) it is grossly weighted against Asians.
  8. Doctors who do things that are extremely important (as opposed to checking commas on Annex 17 to the Master Purchase Agreement) use the term "baby doctor". Grab the smelling salts.
  9. Article in a growing practice that is critically short on lawyers.
  10. Any kind of social sciences or humanities program is intellectually decrepit for like 98% of the people who go through it. Your engineering education will serve you for the rest of your life, by modeling a rigorous, logical way to think through problems of any kind.
  11. It is like a bad version of BEDMAS that is idiosyncratic to your professor. The only way forward is reviewing old exams with your instructor. I don't know how much time you have or how fast you read, but something like the Irwin Trusts text will help clarify the conceptual difference between equitable and legal ownership, which may help you think about these problems in a more principled way.
  12. Well, see where people choose to work when they're out of school and have skin in the game. The vast majority will be eager to be in-house at the organizations implementing that vision of the world/be in private practice serving them and would not make any kind of sacrifice to avoid it.
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