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  1. Schools really should be bending over all the way backward to accommodate recruitment, because jobs are the only possible justification for the unbelievable fees. If that means administrators have to leave at 5:15 instead of 4:45 because they were fretting over a calendar then so be it. Missed classes: mandatory recording for all lectures and extended office hours (evenings, weekends, or skype) during all recruitment windows. If that means every week of the school year that's ok. Professors who don't like it are summarily liquidated and replaced by one of the hundreds of thousands of lawyers who would be willing to teach on those conditions.
  2. Well, the only thing that matters in most law firms is money. Rainmaking partners are entitled to run them like little fiefs. They are allowed to be petty, selfish, nepotistic, and superficial. If you don't want to be in an environment where wealth = prerogative, then you shouldn't be participating in the Bay recruit.
  3. Well a lot of med students have a very difficult time during CARMS as well, even if they get something objectively amazing.
  4. OCI isn't a just a job interview. It's more akin to CARMS, where you're matching into an apprenticeship that will largely determine your early-mid career professional opportunities. I think it's normal to feel very high anxiety about something that important, even if you're more or less guaranteed to walk away with something good at the end of it, and even if your opportunity to participate in the process means that you're more privileged than 95% of other people in society.
  5. Many summer positions are funded through "fellowships" and some articling positions are funded through jobs grants, neither of which come from LAO. I imagine that it is a very grim time to be a student in a clinic.
  6. Completely unnecessary. Also it really does not require "cramming". If you can look stuff up in the phone book, you have the necessary skills to pass the bar exam.
  7. Setting 1990 as the Toronto benchmark is ridiculous. That was the peak of a historic housing bubble that led to a massive crash (as demonstrated clearly by the graph)
  8. LSAT scores used to be reported with an asterisk if the taker received time accommodations. LSAC stopped that relatively recently due to Title IX litigation in the States. I don't know what "protected disability information" is, but arguably Osgoode asking you to report your time accommodations is a Code breach if they're using it to weight your application.
  9. Well I think everyone is right in a sense. It's true that lawyers are the least intelligent/creative group in the "professional-managerial" strata, and it's also true also that lawyers - like every other member of that strata - live in a completely different society from 80% of the population.
  10. At the recruitment dinner I ordered the scallops and sparkling water. The MANAGING PARTNER ordered steak and fancy wine, and asked me why I wasn't drinking and if something was wrong with me, was I an alcoholic or a religious fanatic, etc. He then cut little pieces off his steak and put them on my plate and ordered me to eat them. I did and received an offer.
  11. Being the person who needs time accommodations and stimulants to compete is not a great recipe for professional satisfaction. Just my opinion/observation.
  12. I think it is the LPP faculty
  13. What you're describing is legal practice in a nutshell.
  14. https://abovethelaw.com/2019/10/major-changes-coming-to-the-lsat-with-removal-of-logic-games-section/ Surprised no one has posted this. Title III continues to strip top-end sensitivity from standardized tests.
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