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  1. If the economy into which graduates will compete just shrank 25%, maybe it is incumbent on faculty and administrators to feel some of that pain.
  2. I don't think you should apologize, I would just note that I was talking about the clientele and the "why" of early career big firm practice, which is a smallish part of the profession, and like others said upthread it is also a "deprofessionalized" part of the profession.
  3. You know I haven't been doing this work for long, just a couple of years. But I honestly don't think the typical client would care if we all got locked in a shipping container and starved to death. I don't want to give my life to people like that.
  4. You will look back on 5 years as a biglaw associate and realize that you traded the best years of your life to make some very rich people a bit richer. If you are a "temporarily embarrassed millionaire" who is ok with that tradeoff and values money more than friends, family, or anything else, it also turns out the money isn't that great. You will be the "poorest" mom or dad in your kid's private school class and you have to work frantically to tread water at that level.
  5. The OP's firm sounds pretty crummy if they set bonuses at 1800 hours realized while knowing that they were going to massively write off his billable time.
  6. I used three ring binders, one binder for each area, and bought a pack of tabs from Staples.
  7. These all sound like bullshit reasons to choose a firm.
  8. As someone just pointed out above, American firms voluntarily report all this information and it's part of the way they compete for students/lawyers.
  9. Why is a university without a law school operating a legal clinic?
  10. Two things to bear in mind: you will not get much oversight or training in practice and you should be cautious about criticizing other lawyers' professionalism, especially as a student. If a student told me that a partner didn't give them enough "oversight and training" on an assignment, I would peg them as a terminal whiner.
  11. If a student wrote that they were "excited about pursuing oppertunities" with your firm in their cover letter or initial email, would they get an interview?
  12. Are you just assuming you can get a volunteer position? Those are selective too! Unless you're "volunteering" at a private firm.
  13. People get jobs through moots. The right moot reference could be far more meaningful than a grade!
  14. I gotta say this is an incredibly stupid take. You would be shocked at the unbelievably tedious and petty bullshit that big firm associates spend their time with. Years spent doing not much more than checking commas.
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