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  1. Or... pretend to intend to move their aging mother in, and evict you. "It's always been our dream to stuff Nonna into a crumbling bug infested walkup hours away from her friends, family, and the home where she's lived the last 50 years."
  2. Eeee

    Online Courses in Tax Law

    What happened to being a criminal lawyer?
  3. Eeee

    Summer Student to Articling Student

    It can be a much lower bar than flagrant behavioural issues. At my place a student was not hired back for articles because she was vocally dissatisfied with the kind of work she was given, which was going to be identical to the work she'd have as an articling student and early associate.
  4. Eeee

    Salary Negotiation Tips

    Take clients/associates and leave to start your own firm.
  5. 2017/2018 TREB home price index for single family detached homes sat at about ~1.5% y/y for 2017-2018, so just under inflation. I guess it's nitpicking but I'm comfortable calling that a plateau, especially after a runup of almost 200% over 9 years.
  6. Eeee

    McGill/ u of t

    To build on whereverjustice's caution upthread, I don't know that anyone has ever accessed the debt relief program at U of T. As I roughly remember, the debt to be forgiven must be a Faculty of Law interest free loan, you must be below the income/asset cutoff, and then the Faculty retains a discretion to reject or reduce your forgiveness from the public 'guidelines.'
  7. OK, I should have been more precise and said "ought to be." I agree it is obviously true that purchase (not rental) prices in those cities are less affordable relative to avg incomes than the GTA. Yes price growth for detached homes has plateaued because volumes went down. And yes I agree that part of the volume decrease may be financing rules. Part of the volume decrease is also likely a new round of Chinese capital controls that haven't been bypassed yet. But there is no 'rebalance' towards affordability. Prices aren't going down. And condo volumes/prices continue to rise.
  8. This is boiling frog talk. GTA rental housing is already less affordable in terms of real income than London or Brooklyn. Those rents buoy condo prices and make it attractive to speculate. The factors driving rent extreme population growth inability to build new stock because of political inability to fund transit, density locking, and 'rent control' lite permissive approach to asset sheltering draws 'flight capital' invested in real estate speculation are not going to stop.
  9. No way. The price point for Toronto real estate is more like Manhattan or pre-Brexit London.
  10. Eeee

    Discussions on Reddit?

    www.autoadmit.com is an uncensored, unmoderated law school discussion forum.
  11. Eeee

    Careers in Criminal Law

    I've never heard a Canadian post secondary grad mix up college and university. Anyway it's not uncommon for people to use the forum as an exercise in roleplaying/ wish fulfillment, which seems more and more likely given the weirdness and inconsistencies in OP's story.
  12. Eeee

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Your numbers are off by 1-2 orders of magnitude.
  13. Eeee

    Autism + Suits

    At my firm you can be in a suit-mandatory situation 1-2 times per week for a mediation, case conference, motion, set date, pretrial, admin hearing, etc. Re: the clinic point. I question whether clinic clients are happy to be served by lawyers dressed informally, or whether the lawyers can 'get away' without suits because their clients have no power in the relationship.
  14. Eeee

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Most countries' residential real estate markets aren't a cum dump for Chinese kleptocrats.
  15. You can take a bunch of CS courses online, get hired as an engineer, and retire in a decade. And then spend the rest of your life chuckling at lawyers.