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  1. Strosberg and Koskie are not like the firms Deadpool mentioned. They are plaintiffs' firms. They want people who want to litigate and who also do not want to rep corporations.
  2. it's not drunk driving stupid but it's pretty stupid.
  3. Biglaw juniors are also doing commoditized, deprofessionalized work compared to 'shitlawyers' serving less sophisticated clients. A first year transactional associate whose contribution is to cut+paste two paragraphs from a precedent that will be reviewed by 2+ levels of seniors on both sides of the deal, as well as the client's inhouse lawyer, has really nothing in common with the person running a case from start to finish on their own.
  4. Stop tying debt anxiety to job anxiety. You borrowed at prime and it's dischargeable in bankruptcy. It's not like you're in a death camp or something. Don't be anxious about not getting a 1L job. They're few and far between.
  5. You may also have adult ADHD (as a diagnostic matter, every adult likely has adult ADHD). As someone with adult ADHD, it's your human right to have double time on the LSAT.
  6. I assure you it's real. This is where your tax dollars go, to help public servants who max out at a 3.0 GPA rack up letters behind their name.
  7. Well if you have that sweet (unbelievable, unconscionable) five year federal leave, then frame this in terms of opportunity cost: is 3 YEARS of law school the most time-efficient credential to move you forward in your career?
  8. It goes beyond admissions. At your very best, your grades are probably going to be worse than every other person in your cohort. This is not like med school, where the person at the bottom of the class is still called Dr. and still gets to bill the government $300k for prescribing antibiotics to kids with the cold.
  9. Your "renaissance" grades are still extremely low.
  10. But she has a job now, right? 1 in the hand, 2 in the brush, etc.
  11. I thought your wife had a great job that was going to lead to the federal public service. How could you ever "exhaust" your options in Ottawa?
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