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  1. Eeee

    Improving Your Application for Articling

    To get work life balance you must have a baby or a disease or be otherwise unfireable. Announce that you're now living as a gay man and then demand time off.
  2. Eeee

    The TRUTH about law school

    40 hours at $14 is ~25k. with a time consuming side gig+commute that conceivably goes up to 70 hours at 40k. But that is not most people.
  3. Eeee

    The TRUTH about law school

    Most working people in Canada don't work 70 hours a week.
  4. Eeee

    So Um...What Now?

    There are still securities firms hiring post-summer. Groia was hiring very late last year. The plaintiffs firms will pick up people at all times.
  5. Eeee

    So Um...What Now?

    An A in crimpro and heavy clinical experience probably would have been more helpful for the OSC
  6. Eeee

    Is TRU a reputable Law School

    The LSAT is a plausible-deniability IQ test. GPA is an indicator of conscientiousness. It isn't strange that firms want students from the school with the higher mean IQ and conscientiousness.
  7. Just forget completely about applying to law school this year. If you are still keen on this by next May then you can look into whether your GPA will get you in anywhere, writing the LSAT in the fall, etc.
  8. Eeee

    Improving Your Application for Articling

    If there's actual work-life balance at a firm, people will boast about it. If it is a sweatshop they won't volunteer anything or use weird euphemisms ("fast paced!" "good experience!") and will react like BQ when you ask about it.
  9. Eeee


    Like that scene in Midnight Express.... "Prison, monastery, cloister, cave."
  10. Eeee


    You will really only get an LP if you hand term work in very late or do absolutely no readings, never attend class, and don't look at an outline.
  11. Absolutely psychotic!
  12. Get a load of little Eichmann
  13. Eeee

    PSLOC declined

  14. Eeee

    Grades and being a Lawyer

    I think for some people the validation of grades becomes an end in itself. Once school is over they seek to simulate that external locus of control through hypergraphia on the forum. Query why these same people are apparently underutilized at home/work.
  15. Eeee

    Why is osgoode & UofT so expensive?

    This thread is a good illustration of how 'prestige' makes people mentally ill even at a second degree remove. You have people deep into their professional lives, with families at home, who are spending their precious free time woulda coulda shoulda'ing