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  1. Summed up as "the professoriate and its administrative enablers are extractive"
  2. Really, what a worthless profession. We'll fuck your face for 10 months, but don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
  3. Why hasn't articling been shortened to 4 months?
  4. What if Ryerson grads all undertook to declare bankruptcy and take vocational vows of service immediately after being licensed?
  5. This is small, status-quo thinking. Think bigger.
  6. It’s time to set a new precedent The law is worthy of its name only when constant effort is made to redefine it. Our democracy is built on this possibility, on the idea that we can always think bigger about representation and inclusion. Ryerson Law challenges the status quo to ensure that the lawyers of the future are equipped with the diversity of skills required to represent the needs of all Canadians. Graduates take diverse paths to legal practice, and we've built our law school to meet the needs of a new generation of lawyers who will provide access to legal services in innovative and affordable ways. Our program will train lawyers who are tech savvy, entrepreneurially minded and passionate about social justice principles. Find out more about Ryerson Law
  7. These threads collectively show the psychological impact of merciless 1st gen parents.
  8. Would you want your lawyer to be the kind of person who laundered their college credits to get into law school?
  9. They are passionate about capital allocation, efficient markets, and price discovery. They love these things more than a meaningful connection to friends, family and community.
  10. I really don't think people in the big firm environment are driven by a love of Scholarship and the Law. I do think they are driven by greed and a desire to be in the same social class as their clients.
  11. Ryerson joins the LSO, the courts, MAG etc in paying lip service to "access to justice". Hard to blame them when the big institutions don't take it seriously.
  12. The price seems very low to me given that their market is desperate people over a barrel. I would have thought they would benchmark to the all-in costs of going abroad.
  13. I am familiar with foreign-trained lawyers starting off as assistants, administrators, etc. or being hired in a support capacity because of a language or skillset.
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