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  1. Let me propose a scenario. Say you're interviewing for an associate position and you meet with several partners. After the interview you send thank-you emails. What does it mean if only some of the partners reply and others don't? Also, if the partner replies with an email that invites a further email from you, but then doesn't reply to that? Have you done something wrong? Is it a bad sign? Now consider if this happens, but then you're invited for a further interview. I guess the question can be boiled down to, what does it mean if a lawyer doesn't reply to your email following an interview? I'm sure many people wonder this.
  2. Sorry for making another thread....... I'm a 1L at Osgoode and these are my final marks: A, B+, B+, B+, B, A+, A+, A+ Do I have a good shot at getting OCIs or does the B hurt my chances of being taken seriously?
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