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  1. Many people transfer to UVIC . You just have to have a good reason why. I know someone who transferred from Windsor to UVIC with a B average.
  2. I don't think that is reasonable. Reasonable for a second year associate in the Okanagan is around 65k-80k.
  3. I was out of province and I lived at the Woodsworth Residence. It was great, very cheap and really easy to get around since the st. george station was very close to the residence.
  4. I wore a vest on some days. Regular Half Windsor. Full Windsor seemed a little too much. But I noticed a lot of partner tied a four in a hand knot as well.
  5. Most firms have a coat room where you can leave your stuff. I remember leaving my coat and bag in there and it was fine.
  6. I transferred to UBC. My stats were not good enough to be admitted in first year and I was not the only one.
  7. Hi everyone, Out of curiosity, is it normal for a 2nd or a 3rd associate to transition into Private Equity? I am sure it is common for BigLaw associates to transition into Legal Advisor roles but is it possible to transition into an associate or analyst role at a Private Equity firm? Thanks!
  8. Most firms in Vancouver do not send out emails to notify if you got an OCI with them. Instead, you learn on a certain date which firms you will be interviewing.
  9. UBC can get you to Toronto and New York. 7-8 students from UBC are working in Toronto this summer. There are also a few u of a students as well.
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