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  1. Hey, after all the search I did I'm unable to find a proper answer to my question. Im interested in doing my 3 year bacc (license) in law at Ottawa university but I am wondering if I can do the barreau in another place such as in Montreal? Or am I bound to do the barreau in the same city/university (ottawa) after my bacc? Thanks for your help!
  2. It may change whether or not I keep pushing for law or move on to other things.
  3. I got a refusal letter from McGill last day In that letter, they're mentionning that my records were pretty good and that they woould like that I reapply next year. I was wondering if that last message is only sent to few people who got refused or is it simply a generic message with every refusal? Thanks Edit: Here's the message "Le Comité a relevé plusieurs points forts dans votre demande et aimerait recevoir une nouvelle demande de votre part pour le prochain cycle d'admission. Bien sûr, toute nouvelle demande serait jugée en comparaison avec les autres que nous recevrions pour l'année en question."
  4. 33e sur la liste dattente. Quelque sait exactement combien de personne ils ont pris l'an dernier sur la liste? Merci!
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