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  1. Hello! Can anyone tell me what to expect for the Public Prosecution Service of Canada's written take home exam? I got invitation to write their exam for a counsel position.
  2. "No one can take care of your self-interest as much as you can." - this was the advice I was given by a mentor when I was in a similar situation. Trust me, it was one of the most practical advice I was given in my life. Having said that make sure that you leave your current firm gracefully and explain them why you are leaving. I am sure they will understand. If they do not understand why someone wants to leave when they are getting paid less than minimum wage and driving so much, the firm is probably not worth your consideration. However, before you have the conversation make sure you get the green light from the law society(s). Good luck!
  3. My experience has been mostly in family law, civil litigation and criminal law. I am a barrister at heart. I am willing to relocate anywhere How hard is it move to the government after articling in private practice? From job application to start date, how much time do different levels of government take?
  4. Unfortunately, I am in the same boat too. Currently a 3L in Ontario and looking for an articling position in Calgary.
  5. Yeah, I have been cold calling and emailing without much success. I guess I will stay persistent and keep an open mind.
  6. Hello folks, What advice would you give to a 3L looking for an articling position in Calgary? I am currently in law school in Ontario and my law school's career services office has not been super helpful with the articling positions posted by small and mid sized firm in Calgary. I have tried networking in Calgary this summer. I am grateful that I was able to secure a 2L summer position from networking but unfortunately I was not able to secure an articling position. Any suggestions or comments are welcome.
  7. University of Manitoba has mature category. Also, schools like Windsor and Calgary are more holistic. So, your military experience would give you a competitive edge for schools which are more holistic. Going to a different province for law school is still a way better option than going to the UK if you want to practice in Ontario.
  8. Did anyone hear back from Dimock Stratton?
  9. Does anyone have outline/summary for real estate law with Micahel Bird?
  10. Anyone heard back from Bereskin & Parr for 2L OCIs?
  11. I am going to be joining the class of 2018 as a transfer student. I was wondering if the class of 2018 has a Facebook group.
  12. I am passionate about corporate law and businesses in general. I am interested in being a solicitor. But my 1l grades are very mediocre and it is highly unlikely that I will get an articling position with a big law firm. Is it possible to practice corporate law in a small and/or medium firm? My program does not have room for too many electives. My dilemma right now is whether to focus the limited number of electives I have on corporate law or areas of law that are dominated by mid and small sized firms. There is part of me that is telling me to follow my passion, but the other part of me wants to be more practical. Any advice would be really appreciated.
  13. I am currently a 1L. I was accepted from the regular category in a different law school. Hope you have an amazing law school experience.
  14. Does anyone know what is the grading curve for the dual JD program? Is the grading curve different in the two schools?
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