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  1. any idea about billable hour targets at firms specialized in ID?
  2. Any advice on how to approach the offer process? If your top firm doesn't call right away - how long should you wait? Is it rude to tell a firm that you will call them back later? Is it better to not answer, see who called, then call back the top choice of those first and turn down the rest right after? Or will they give your spot away if you don't answer? How long is too long to keep them hanging? Since offers can be held open for 24 hours - has anyone ever had a firm call them hours later with an offer? Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm currently taking secured transactions (at a different school) and I am completely lost at how to approach a practice problem with a list of various transactions (including all-paaps, leases, accessions, etc). Does anyone have advice on how to create a chart or some kind of system in order to keep the priorities straight in my head? Any advice would be HUGELY appreciated!
  4. Articling at boutique firms. Good idea? Bad idea? Any personal examples or stories about the process? For example... a firm that specializes only in securities, insurance defence, real estate, etc. As a student who is still excited to have a taste of everything, it's difficult to imagine confining myself to only one specialization so early in my career. While some students think that they are more of a litigator/solicitor, I feel like most won't REALLY know until after they've had some real-life exposure to what practice is actually like. What if a student articles at a boutique that only does litigation and later realizes that litigation isn't for them? Is it common practice to article at a boutique and apply for 1st year associate jobs at firms that practice in completely different areas? What is the transferability like from boutiques to more "full-service" firms? I guess I'm curious as to what the expectations are in the profession with regards to students who have completed their articles in specific areas of practice and whether one should be cautious before agreeing to article at a boutique that only engages in litigation or solicitors work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Has anyone heard back about second interviews with the CSB at the MOJ? Written interviews occurred a couple of weeks ago and I'm just wondering if we'll hear back soon!
  6. Has anyone successfully appealed a grade in law school? Has anyone had their grades drop? Did anyone actually receive the grade they thought they deserved? I'm just curious if going through the appeal process is worth the negative effect it may have on my relationship with the faculty and the stress/time involved. Thanks!
  7. thank you so much everyone! I'm feeling a lot better now
  8. 77 82 62 72 77 75 76 78 overall average 74.5% do I still have a shot at OCIs despite my awful grade in crim? I'm freaking out pretty hard right now
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