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  1. Haha yea you’re right. Not sure why I used “barred” but admitted is much more common. Not sure I’ve even used “barred” before.
  2. Hi All, I'm currently a T14 grad at at op tier NYC big law firm. Honestly, I miss home want to practice in Toronto. We often engage bay street firms as Canadian counsel (Stikeman/McCarthy) and given resume and those relationships I am not too worried about finding employment in Toronto assuming I can get barred in Ontario. I am barred in NY and want to start the process to get admitted in Ontario. I have enough saved to take the time to study for the exams but I am really lost regarding the process and estimation from beginning to end. I've been barred less than 5 years. Not os sound too cocky, I'm generally a quick learner. I had a 95% percentile NY bar exam score (closed book) while completing half the study course). Also, not doing readings and just cramming the week before finals worked very well for me in law school. Thanks in advance.
  3. H1Bs are generally applied for in the spring, approved in the late summer. Biglaw SA offers dont go out until August run from late May til the end of July the following year.
  4. i overlooked that issue. Since OP isnt a F-1 student using CPT, how do all those UofT and Osgoode students work as NYC biglaw summers?
  5. I went to law school in the US and wrote the July 2018 bar. Here's the thing. The bar exam is a test of minimal competency. The multiple choice is worth 50%, the essays are worth 30% and the Performance test is worth 20%. If your score in the multiple choice is the 50% percentile, you only need to be roughly at the 20% percentile on the essays. Furthermore, half of the essays are based on the topics that are covered on the multiple choice. Therefore, your main focus should be on the multiple choice. The best way to study for the multiple is pretty simple. Read the outlines that are provided and do as many questions as you can. Here's the thing, if you can answer about 75% of the multiple choice questions correctly, your in autopass territory. This DOESN'T mean that you can not write anything on the essays, it just means that your MC score is in the 80+ percentile range and as long as your essays are better than 2-3% of all test takers, you will pass. But realistically, if you can answer 75% of the multiple choice correctly you'll crush at least half of the essays (the essay topics that are chosen from the MBE topics). When it comes to studying for the MEE (essays) its a waste of your time to master all of them. Use this site https://www.jdadvising.com/july-2018-mee-predictions/ if you study these topics only, as well as the MBE topics, there will only be at most one topic that you will have not covered. It's gonna be stressful. There's no question about it, but if you put in the time, you'll feel good about it.
  6. Being a US citizen doesn’t matter for Canadians. Under NAFTA, Canadian lawyers do not require sponsorship. The tough part will be that outside of the few firms that do OCI at Canadian schools, the other NY firms don’t really have the system set in place for it. US biglaw is truly very factory like in that if there isn’t a system in place already, a firm will not waste their time doing something new for the first time. Thus, if they haven’t hired a Canadian grad before, they’re not gonna even bother to look to see if they can.
  7. You might be a little limited in scholarships. Apply throughout the T14 and negotiate your scholarship offers. I took my offer from School A to School B then from School B back to School A. that saved my tens of thousands of dollars in loans. However, if you had applied in September with those scores, you'd likely have gotten a higher scholarship. So you might be wise to consider applying next cycle as well if you arent happy with your results.
  8. Def not true. https://www.bcgsearch.com/article/900042747/What-Law-Firm-Titles-Mean-Of-Counsel-Non-Equity-Partner-Equity-Partner-Explained/ Big names on that list are Skadden, Simpson, Kirkland, Latham. Tbh, a two-tiered partner structure is the norm in NY.
  9. What's partnership look like for those guys? Assume 5th year NYC M&A guy at a V10 firm. Do Canadian firms look at that experience being very valuable?
  10. ^ not saying it isnt. you already did what you did and you made the decision that it was the right move for you. I just put that post out there so others can look at it from a different perspective, and not everyone would value the psychological benefit the same way you did. Theres no question your in a great financial position right now. Congrats. And BlockedQuebecois -- yea it is a valid opinion and decision, heck, ill say its smart opinion and decision. nonetheless, its not objectively the smartest, dick.
  11. Im at a T14. Law school itself in the US is great. Its only year of hard work, then if your at a T14 you get a firm job before 2L starts that doesnt care about grades (like really, they dont care. those firms give 100% offers and your grades will never be considered again). Then all of 2L and 3L you dick off. T14 schools usually give you about a 70% chance to get a big firm gig (excluding Georgetown). And even given this, that bottom 30 is a mix or poor grades / horrible personality. I have a friend in the bottom 10% of the class and he got a firm gig that pays 180K. Like bottom 20 but being a good interview will get you a job out here. Also, the US market is nuts right now, hence the pay raise. A handful of the top firms have seen 15-20% increases in profits per partner. Theres alot of work to go around. Also NYC summer 'jobs' are a joke. U get to the office at 10, stay til 5, then go to happy with lawyers. All while getting paid 3500USD. The downside of course is that you have to pay a fuckton in tuition and isnt worth it without a large scholarship. I personally have no intention in going back to Canada. I love toronto but its only an hour flight from NYC. With bonus, ill make about 270CAD (with bonus) in my first year after graduating as opposed to 75k articling in toronto.
  12. No offense, but given how low interests rates are right now, that isn't the smartest move. Best move wouldve been to max out on any tax-free retirement plans (especially if there any matching done by your employer), and investing rather than paying off loans agressively.
  13. Didn't they raise when NYC raised in the 2000s? Feb 2006 SullCrom went from 125 to 145 and the market followed right away. Then 2007 Simpson Thacher moved up to 160 and everyone followed. Cravath raised to 180 summer 2016 after almost a decade. It seems like Toronto is due. Aren't alot of UofT students turning down bay street for NYC?
  14. I think if you work in the U.S. you will have some advantage at the more prestigious firms in Toronto. I'm a T14 student and I'll be a 2L SA at a V10 firm in NY. I dont think the T14 school name will help much, but having experience at a V10 firm doing the biggest transactions in the world, does. I think after a few years of experience I would be very attractive to any of the U.S. firms paying 180k in Toronto, and any of the Canadian firms on Bay St. I think the real benefit of U.S. schools is that big law is much easier to attain. I was median as a 1L. I doubt I would've done as well at a Canadian law school where I would have a chance at Skadden/Shearman/Paul Weiss/Blakes/Davies.
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