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  1. Can anyone confirm that BC clerkship offers are going to be made this Friday?
  2. Still waiting. Please let me know if you hear something! I think we're meant to find out this week.
  3. Anyone hear back from BCCA or BCSC regarding 2nd round offers?
  4. Fair enough. Do you know how many candidates they consider at the interview stage or which justices will be conducting the interview?
  5. I heard second hand that it may be alphabetical. Which day are you?
  6. Any one know who judges will be for ONCA?
  7. As far as I know there is no further information other than that it will be legal counsel.
  8. I saw I had a missed call at 12:30 but they haven't called back or emailed! It was a judicial law clerk. I left a message but am not sure what else to do!
  9. I got an email 10 minutes ago to schedule first round interview for BCCA.
  10. Does ONCA or BCCA send out a confirmation notice that they received your materials?
  11. I completely agree. My resume looked awful when transferred to plain text. No concerns about the questionnaire though?
  12. I thought a thread was in order. Also, for those applying to clerk at BCCA, does it seem odd that the "detailed questionnaire" on which they apparently decide their short-list doesn't allow you to include much info and doesn't match up with the sample questionnaire in the job posting?
  13. I don't understand the 5-6 max everyone here seems to suggest. If stamina/fatigue isn't an issue, is there any other reason not to take more? I have 8 scheduled (5M 3T) and I'll have two two hour slots for call backs on Tuesday. Am I missing something?
  14. Still nothing from Koskie Minsky ???
  15. Did everyone with an ITC from Norton Rose (Toronto) also get a dinner invite on the monday or tuesday?
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