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  1. Cain Lamarre just called (McGill)
  2. I had a french interview in May/June and my status changed from RFR to Waitlisted a couple hours later. I'm not a mature student, I am in the university stream.
  3. I applied last year with a 3.2-3.3 GPA from undergrad (depending on who calculates it), a 152 LSAT, and a 3.85 from an MSc from McGill and I was on the waitlist until mid-August! So I think with a better LSAT, it is definitely possible. I'm actually rewriting it in December and trying my luck at the cycle again. Don't let the undergrads discourage you! With a master's degree in science you probably have great reference letters from your supervisors/colleagues and are able to write a unique personal statement, given that your interests are likely different than the majority of candidates.
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