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  1. Sarahh, I am sorry to hear that you weren't accepted ... I was really rooting for you this whole process. I am currently and newly put in the waitlist position, and I am nervous- because I have been told there are so few positions still open. I've also heard that there are different priority piles though; so I suppose there is some type of ranking system... not so much a "pull out of a hat" system (maybe I'm saying this to convince myself? -- I don't know). I never identified myself as a minority --- mainly because my name essentially says that. I do have a lot of community involvement: mainly with implementing peer mediation programs in schools --- apparently Windsor is good for that... but alas, it wasn't good enough to want someone who has been involved with it for 8+ years. I haven't done much travelling at all -- most of my EC's involve community and political work -- Children's Aid work with youth-offenders and at-risk youth, exec member of CIIA, University Legal Resource Member... I can't even remember what else I put... over the past year I've probably doubled my volunteer and extra curricular activity. I did however E-mail ADCOMM when I was published in the newspaper with 500 students who were invovled with peer mediation discussing its importance... apparently the program has reached Gaza Strip, Jamaica, and other parts of the world. Pretty exciting: I thought it warranted attention by adcomm.. I guess it never got there before they read the file. Does anyone think calling and confirming whether it was included, and possibly sending it through mail personally, would at all increase my chances of atleast being seen as a positive attribute to the school Maybe its overly-keen, but I don't see why something good and beneficial should go without notice. Definitley a proud feat for me. Many thanks everyone.... =)
  2. So... my status says "Wait List"... I'll take that as a rejection
  3. I hope I hear something by 5:00pm!!!! Or else this will be yet another LONG (yet short) weekend!
  4. I need someone to explain this process to me ... How are some still referred, yet others who have been waitlisted have been either rejected/accepted?
  5. CONGRATS, KELLANG!!!! That is SO exciting ... you've really wanted this! What were your EC's / WE again? I'll be checking my profile every 5 minutes now.... eek! Congratulations, again!
  6. SARAHH! I just read your post about how you will be going to Ivey for you MBA. I'm a little disappointed I won't get the *chance* to meet you, but I am very happy to see you are confident with your choice. It is hard to walk away from something you've wanted for the ten years you mentioned; but in the end, it is what fits you right now - and an MBA will definitley help you out! Heck, if you really wanted - you could apply to law school after the program, anyhow! Best of luck with your endeavours! I am sure you will be a great success! ~M.
  7. Good morning all! I have not posted in some time, but have definitley been keeping up with stats. Sarahh: I really hope you hear something soon (and that it is an acceptance)! I too am "referred to ad comm", so I wait. As nervous and anxious as I have been since I was put in that category since March-ish, I've got to say, I kind of feel relieved when I see that status everyday. However, as time has passed, I've realized I want to go to law more than ever - so that kind of hurts me; considering so many spots are already filling up. I am very mediation/conflict resolution centred; and Windsor has a wonderful program for that -- I really hope to capitalize on their services. Anyone here going to Windsor who knows more about the Mediation service there? I was told by a friend who went there to contact Gemma Smyth and Julie Macfarlane, but I think it would be best for me to wait - lol - considering I am not even a student (yet - hopefully). Back to work I go... I hope everyone has been happy with atleast one decision throughout this process... you're all great =) ~M.
  8. smeggle- would you mind posting your stats and such? sorry to hear about the waitlist-- but really, it isn't such a bad thing!!
  9. Stats/ECs/WE/etc etc etc..... and... do you LOVE it? =)
  10. Shoegal, did you ask them what your SIS gpa was? Perhaps it wasn't accurately reflecting the 3.8 you have. Maybe you can call them and ask them to tell you this, and incase they made a mistake, can look over your file in light of this. Best of luck, dear
  11. Sorry to hear, goldi!! Have you gotten in anywhere else yet? Also, as per usual, do you mind sharing your stats? Best of luck to you!
  12. refresh my memory --- Queens averages LSAT scores, right?
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