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  1. I have a student LOC with them and have never paid for my cheques.
  2. at Western I recall our CPDO officer saying 75% participate, only like 25% of the total class size got a job through OCI's though
  3. I'd say you have a good shot at a later acceptance (april possibly) I was accepted with a similar situation, low cGPA, much much higher L2, and a 162 LSAT (currently a 2L at western)
  4. Definitely worth applying, I was in a similar situation as you and got accepted with 3.07/3.68/162 in april currently in 2L at western
  5. I wasn't accepted until mid April with lower stats than you, I wouldn't panic yet
  6. His wife was diagnosed with brain cancer so he is choosing not to return to my knowledge
  7. good news for you then, Western is interviewing 2 new deans of law, neither of whom have a business background (current dean was all business background) so you can expect some sort of shift to a less of a focus on business law also there are several people not interested in business law currently here, it isn't something to worry about
  8. Could you lose your summer job? depends was your offer conditional on any grades requirements for 2L? (if no, then no you cannot lose your job - its governed by contract law) (if yes, then it is possible you could lose you job say your contract said you must maintain at least X average) it could possibly affect rehires for articling, but honestly I don't think grades matter once you obtained your 2L summer position, but that varies from firm to firm (depends on your firm though I suppose) They will likely ask for your transcripts for all of 2L, not just for first semester, so you may be asked to submit it while you are working over the summer
  9. I would say you have a strong chance of acceptance. I would almost guarantee your acceptance if you had a 162+ LSAT I was accepted on 3.07/3.68/162 or something like that i forget exactly, so your gpa/cga are better, just a bit lower lsat
  10. for summer and articling jobs absolutely, firms love to see engagement in moots I wouldn't include them unless your desperate to fill space for applying for associate jobs
  11. relatively similar stats to what I was accepted with, I would say you have a good shot. I was roughly 3.07/3.68L2/162 if i remember correctly
  12. nothing less than a B+ average for Western, I'd say an A- average to be competitive I only know of three people who got 1L summer law firm jobs, but firms seem to be leaning towards greater 1L hiring.
  13. To my knowledge, it is your last 2 academic years for Western some schools have a requirement that those last 2 academic years must have a certain number of credits associated with them though
  14. I'd say you certainly have a good shot of acceptance @prelawunb14 - not sure where you heard that, but that's inaccurate lol. I know a few students who had sub 160 LSAT's but really high GPA's and are currently at Western
  15. I don't remember the exact date, but it was sometime early-mid April. 3.3cGPA is quite a bit better than my 3.07cGPA, and your L2 is better as well, so I can see you getting in earlier.
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