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  1. ...Does that mean we're up for rejection 🤔
  2. Just got referred to admissions committee today.. before today my status was "still to be considered" OP.
  3. Yup, once the deposit is paid for a provisional acceptance, I believe you've saved a seat but you're not "locked in" so to speak. July 3rd is when your provisional acceptance becomes firm. This would mean Ottawa has more time to respond to you.
  4. Don't all provisional acceptances for Ontario schools become firm on July 3, 2020?
  5. Per year. Also, your display picture brought back memories that were buried so far back in my head. Now the intro song is stuck in my head.
  6. I think that's a good approach and I do think you have a good chance. There's still plenty of time for acceptances to roll out as well for this year. Good luck!
  7. Hi @stressball, after looking at the accepted thread, 2 people got accepted with CGPA's under 3.3 (which is a B+ for OLSAS), and 4 with an L2 less than 3.7. We know Ryerson claims not to have a cutoff, but the applicants that have got in usually have an L2 higher than 3.7. Your LSAT seems to be fine, with majority of applicants scoring well over 155-ish and your score is above this. Do you have a strong background in technology that you spoke about in your application? And how did you feel about Part B (Hypothetical Scenario) of your personal statement?
  8. But it isn't fair and doesn't make sense for a holistic school like Ryerson, which tries to go beyond numbers when admitting students. Someone from an underprivileged background with a CGPA of 3.0, for instance, may have had to work hard as hell for it (such as having to balance work and school during undergrad to pay their tuition, having a learning disability, or maybe they're from a historically disadvantaged group). Not always my friend, they also have discretionary and indigenous categories and for these applicants, and they try to go beyond merely looking at stats alone.
  9. In terms of what stats are good for Ryerson, it’s very unpredictable at the moment, just like @Vv96 said. We have no way of understanding how the school evaluates the interview responses by the applicants, for instance. We also have no idea how they look at the second part of the personal statement either, which included the hypothetical component. I doubt we'll know that for a while. At THIS (early) point, this all that we can see: From the “Accepted 2020” thread, about 19 people claimed to have received offers, and only 13 of them explicitly indicated their L2/B2 stats on here. Out of these 13 people, one individual had an L2/B2 lower than 3.7 (they had a 3.5). The rest had L2/B2’s of 3.7 or higher. Most people have LSAT scores around/above the mid 150's. Out of 19 people who got offers, 14 of them had an LSAT equal to/higher than 155. And I know CGPA isn’t considered, but if you’re wondering, 18 people have provided their CGPA’s, and 14 of them had CGPA’s higher than 3.5. All this almost reinforces what @Vv96 said: Remember, this is information from the forums only. There is a very strong likelihood that there are more offers out there from individuals who have no idea that these forums even exist, and haven’t provided their stats.
  10. Offers have begun for dual from a few weeks ago
  11. @CrimNation Straight on the supplemental form.
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