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  1. How will this help me in my situation? GPA wise? just curious
  2. I am not a law student myself yet (applying soon) but I think that if you improve your LSATs, use your personal narrative wisely and explain clearly what happened to you, you could have a chance with law schools. Also, your extracurriculars/cv is amazing and congrats on making it through your undergrad. Hope everything is stabilized now and you are ok.
  3. it really helps knowing that others overcame their initial not so great year in uni! Now my situation doesn't seem as pessimistic as it used to! SERIOUSLY THANK YOU!
  4. Thanks! I just have three years though this is why I was panicking But I am definitively going to work on myself this summer in order to improve anything I can/everything that should be improved.
  5. Thank you this advice actually makes so much sense lol
  6. Thank you for your answer. I am currently working with a therapist to resolve the issues that I am having. Everything was going all well throughout my academic career but this year, the pressure got to me and triggered many anxiety issues. Do you think I could retake the courses I received Bs on? Is there really no solution on getting in there anymore?
  7. I would like to specify that i was admitted to university of Montreal's faculty of law but would like to pursue studies in either McGill or Toronto.
  8. Hello, I am currently a U1 student in Arts at McGill. I received advanced standing of 30 credits thus making U1 my first year of studies. Also, I had received an entrance scholarship. But, i am in need of advice right now since my advanced standing along with my scholarship did not save me from completely ruining my first year and the GPA that goes with it. I have 2.82 for the first semester and the current gpa might go even down. This is because I started suffering from depression and performance anxiety and couldn't perform anymore. I have 2 more years to save the gpa before applying for law school. Any tips on how to improve my gpa? Do law schools count the gpa if i had bad depression but my other 2 years are impeccable? Is it possible to redo this year? Any advice and comments are more than welcome! Thank you, MTYoda
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