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  1. Calculating it on a 4.0 scale so those work out to a 77% and 81%. Slight sask connection (born there but only lived in Regina until I was 2). About 5 years out of my undergrad now and have been working in politics for the last 3 years
  2. Anyone here know anything about the combined JD and Masters of Public Policy program? I'm interested in hearing if anyone has tried/likes it, and how the program is structured
  3. Awesome! Thanks Nucks! Any thoughts on Calgary vs. Windsor/Sask? I'd obviously prefer to live in Calgary (I'm from Edmonton so its fairly close to home) but they are on the table too.
  4. I've just finished my BA with a 3.2 GPA (last 60 credits). My cumulative will probably be lower than that. I've yet to write an LSAT but imagine I'll do decently. Obviously this is a less than ideal situation. My question is basically whether I should even bother writing an LSAT or applying? I understand that anything above maybe a 165 would be crazy to expect, but I might have a shot with the ECs (I've been a varsity level athlete for 4 years, and I'm spending next fall in Washington DC on an internship). I'm somewhat interested in Windsor/ Saskatchewan as well. Calgary would be my first choice (because of the civil liberties program), but if i got in elsewhere that'd be okay too.
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