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  1. My two cents: most of the clients in this space are living on borrowed money and time. They know that every second spent dealing with lawyers means less money in the bank. Therefore, they tend to be fairly demanding - and not all that forgiving when errors occur (even small ones). Also keep in mind that the regulatory regime that these clients find themselves in can be very frustrating and the lawyer is often blamed for the regime (even though in reality the lawyer is just trying to help the client stay in compliance with a regulatory regime that was already there). Not sure there's much you can do - other than be SUPER efficient and NEVER make mistakes:)
  2. I hang my head in shame. Orrrrr, maybe it was a freudian slip and I was actually trying to tell Hermann to come "here here". Ever think of that? Huh? Exactly. I accept your apology.
  3. Yah, I had a look through their blog and saw some grammatical errors (it's "COULDN'T care less" NOT "could care less" - sweet jesus), and even saw a math error in their article re full ratchet (not a subject upon which to make a math error). Usually I wouldn't be so finicky, but my god if you're selling legal templates and you don't even proof your blog properly... Anyway, cool idea, but I agree it's a bit odd to have a Calgary based company referencing LLC/S-Corp and California legislation. I guess they're targeting the valley, but you'd think there'd be about a million of these kinds of companies down there doing something similar.
  4. Also, not sure how your bar exam system works in Ontario, but I was SO grateful to have take a bunch of black letter law when preparing for the bar exam out here in Not-Ontario. Made studying a hell of a lot easier.
  5. I I told you it would potentially erode my anonymity. But it's not the typical "work for a non-profit/UN/NGO and save the world" story. It's hilariously specific to a hobby of mine and for some reason I thought I could corner the market. I now know that the "market" I was going to corner is probably being taken care by about 10% of a lawyer somewhere in Calgary or Vancouver. Really quite hilarious. So much so, that I've since had to make up a bullshit reason to tell people when they ask me why I went to law school. It's just far too embarrassing to be honest about it:)
  6. This will no doubt elicit some eye rolls from some of our more practical members, but I'm a fairly big believer in following one's instincts. I would say that most of the members here who are lawyers entered law school with one idea of what they were going to do with their legal education and are now doing something completely different (some are happy and some less so - but that's like all careers I guess). But the commonality amongst us was that we all decided we wanted to go to law school for some reason. Even if that reason was insane, we went. My reason for wanting to go to law school was actually WAY more ridiculous than yours. And I mean WAY. It's actually really hilarious to me now in hindsight what I thought I was going to do with my law degree. Currently laughing at it actually:) But then I went to law school and my path changed and I ended up somewhere I really enjoy. And I can honestly say that I really enjoyed law school. It was intellectually challenging and I was interested in the subject matter for the most part. I'm probably not articulating my thought very well, but in short: I went to law school because I pushed to do so with an idea in my mind. That idea turned out to be completely ridiculous. If I had come onto this board back then and honestly told everybody why I wanted to go to law school they would've told me I was completely insane. It would actually have probably been one of Diplock's (who I adore) greatest posts OF ALL TIME. I'm glad I didn't get talked out of it (even though that would have been, at the time, maybe what should have happened) because now I'm putting my education to good use and making a good living and honestly enjoying what I do. I don't want to paint too rosy a picture, but this is just another take on it. Also, I honestly think your writing skills would be a huge asset to you in many areas of the law.
  7. This is a key point for folks. I probably jumped ship a bit too soon based on exactly this false way of thinking (i.e. "this is the rest of my life???"). In the end, I ended up somewhere that I really enjoy and am glad I bailed - but if I had bailed to something less ideal it would have been a mistake to bail so soon (because things would've no doubt settled down for me as my seniority increased). Also, as Uriel has done a good job of pointing out, it's less "big law" than the specific area of practice you're slotted into. I was in the securities group at my firm - and for me the thought of doing that for the rest of my life was not great. But if I had ended up making other choices (probably should've been a litigator) then I may very well have stuck around and enjoyed it. It's also amazing what a difference the personalities in one's practice area can make in one's life.
  8. Take a look at the attrition rates of those who were "fortunate" enough to get into big law and I think you'll feel at least a little bit better.
  9. This is a short but truly fascinating thread as it relates to the internet era. OP asks a question. He receives 5 responses (two of which offered substantive and helpful advice related to his situation and one of which HAD A LINK TO THE EXACT SECTION OF THE LSUC RULES THAT APPLY DIRECTLY - LITERALLY - TO THE SITUATION BEING ASKED ABOUT). OP then chimes in that he is getting "crucified". Pretty strong language to use after reading those first few responses - which seemed pretty mild really - and again, one of which had the exact answer he was seeking straight from the LSUC source material (I assume she/he used the word "crucified" because we weren't giving him the go-ahead to switch firms). A little bit of piling-on ensues (mixed with a couple of other substantive and helpful posts) and OP concludes that he's chosen the wrong forum (again, after being provided a link to the exact answer she/he is seeking). There's so much to unpack. OP is clearly a product of the internet era (his use of the English language is sad evidence of that). And, as a product of that era, she/he knows that she/he will be able to keep switching sources of info to find the answer she/he wants to arrive at. It's amazing. Hegel once argued: "our objects of inquiry are not 'truth' or 'meaning' but rather configurations of consciousness." He made that argument in a much different context obviously, but it seems to apply nicely to the internet era. What a time to be alive!
  10. Pushed by whom? Honestly just really curious what you're thinking here.
  11. I've been busy bankrupting the crap out of wrong-doers
  12. Likewise, YB, likewise... Your prose in this thread, as always, was music to my ears.
  13. Yup. God bless him/her. And I probably would've been able to bite my tongue too were it not for this gem: "I wholeheartedly enjoy going after people who have fucked someone else. I have the power to bankrupt them..." Like seriously adorable right?
  14. I had typed up a very short and very harsh response to your posts but then thought better of it. Mostly because I understand the enthusiasm that being a summer student inspires. That enthusiasm is great. However, you seem to have slipped past enthusiasm and marched head-long into un-justified confidence territory. It's pretty frustrating, but also super adorable. Like half of me wants to tell you to fuck off and the other half of me wants to give you a hug and tell you everything's going to be ok. You write very much like a summer student. Everything is black and white. Hard work will always win the day. It reminds me of watching an episode of "Suits". I don't want to get bogged down in an argument with you over the merits of your main points here because I can tell there won't be a point. But I do implore you to bookmark this thread and come back and re-read your posts after you've been practicing for a year or two. Trust me - if you appreciate humor as much as you say you do - you'll pee your pants laughing.
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