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    Experiences at Moncton?

    La faculté de droit opère de manière assez indépendante de la faculté de droit. Les étudiants sont silencieux parce que je ne crois pas que ce forum ne soit trop populaire ou intéressant aux gens du coin. C'est plutôt populaire en Ontario / dans l'ouest canadien. Les professeurs sont bons, il y a eu quelques ajout récemment au corps professoral alors c'est difficile de dire exactement quel est la qualité (j'ai gradué en avril 2017). C'est certain que l'emphase sur le français est unique au Canada. C'est une petite faculté avec de petite classe alors c'est certain que tous les collègues deviennent une petite famille. Au niveau de la réputation celle-ci est quelque peu jugé de manière négative mais honnêtement je ne crois pas que cela est justifié. Les gens attribuent beaucoup de poids et d'importance aux évaluation faite par MacLean mais ce sont des analyses et donné quelque peu inexact puisqu'une petite cohorte ne produira pas beaucoup de diplômé qui travaillerons sur Bay Street ou pour des juges de la Cour suprême.
  2. Speaking from experience with a somewhat similar situation. I owned a condo during my studies where I resided prior to my studies in law. When I was accepted me and my partner at the time determined it wouldn't be viable to reside in our property since my partner couldn't afford payments on her own and I went to study law in another province. I owned the condo and rented it throughout my studies. I never "made money" in the sense that the expenses linked to the property were higher then the revenu obtained via rent. I did however "make money" in the sense I gained equity in the value of the house (mortgage going down). I recently sold the condo at a lost. I obtained OSAP every year without any issues and declared on my income that I had a rental property and that I was incurring a loss from the rental. As far as OSAP is concerned it didn't have an impact and we're talking about a situation where my condo was not my primary residence. If you're making 40k however and you'll continue to have such a "high" revenu (I say high because as a student I've seldomly heard of anybody making 40k even when working government jobs in Ottawa, this is not a critique simply observation) I don't anticipate OSAP giving you any kind of loans/financial aid bursaries with that kind of a revenu. I don't foresee any issue with obtaining a loan from a bank mind you, they all hand out the 95k loans like they're candy, I obtained a Scotia loan (I don't recommend Scotia, terrible service) as a safety net if needed. I recommend getting a loan from a bank since they can be converted afterwards into business loans to be used to set up a practice. They're also much easier to get as a law student then as a lawyer. My current spouse is a lawyer and hadn't obtained one and was unable to get the preferential rates from the bank's once she'd graduated and attempted to consolidate all of her debt. I share celli660 comment's concerning the 200k "gift". I anticipate that could cause some concerns from OSAP's point of view when handing out the loan. I might have gone a little off topic but to summarize: You can have a home and receive OSAP without problem If you want an OSAP loan you'll need to decrease your revenu I recommend getting what they call a "professional loan" during/prior to your studies Lastly, I encourage you to follow through with this plan, pretty good idea IMO but I would give up any hopes of getting OSAP if I was you unless you basically lose your job and wish to use OSAP as your sole source of revenu along with other bursaries then by all means go for it. Cheers,
  3. GuiCR12

    admissions for 2016

    Hi siscludo I would be more then happy to answer any questions you might have. You can send me a private message or post something here and I'll gladly answer!
  4. I vehemently disagree with any remarks about Ottawa being a racist city. All the articles that the individual posted are either from the Sun or Huffington. In other words none were written by a reputable journal. I stray far far away from these tabloids namely the Sun. If you want to find a conservative and backward way of thinking that's certainly the place to go. All of this being said I've never met anyone who was racist in Ottawa. And the statement that all of the "progressive" people leave town to go to more affluent cities? Oh spare me there's more to Ottawa then the federal government. Alas people choose to believe stereotypes. Have fun living in a sheltered and close-minded perspective.
  5. GuiCR12

    Moncton grading scheme

    Well then I give up. I'm gonna go nowhere with my degree. So thankful you showed me the way. If this is what you do on your break you clearly have nothing better to do with your life. You didn't wanna make it a school comparison. What do you think people will say when someone from another school comes here and throws arbitrary information on a forum. Why do you do this? How does this impact you? The answer: you dislike the school or think very little of it so yes you're tarnishing its reputation. You don't see me going on the uOttawa forum, I could very well do just that. I did my undergrad there and I hated it. Personal feelings but I don't feel compelled to go and shit all over the institution. Whatever your vendetta is you clearly need to get a life. And if you think I can't get a job in a "metropolitan area" it'll be my pleasure to meet you in court one day. Once again how many Moncton Ottawa cups have you won in the past 15 years? I'm sure your litigation skills will be on par with me.
  6. GuiCR12

    Moncton grading scheme

    Just because you're on break doesn't mean you should take it to tarnish a school's reputation. Also maybe you could try and find a job, that might be a good use of your time. Since you have to pay 4x more then I do per year. That's something people should think of as well!
  7. GuiCR12

    Moncton grading scheme

    Once again, could you please spend your time wisely and post on your own school's forum. This is a law degree not some normal bachelor's degree And don't get me started on uOttawa's GPA scale. 6 is a B? and there's no B- lol. You sir are the definition of hypocrite.
  8. An internationalk moot competition nobody cares about slow clap. Why is it you can't beat us on a head to head. 3 wins in 15 years is embarassing. EMployers won't care about the teachert to student ratio but the student might and he deffinetly will benefit from it. Why? I can walk into any of my professors office to ask questions or clarifications. I'm pretty sure a teacher at uOttawa who has upwards of 300 students won't be as welcoming or have as much availability or time to help his students. This is demonstrated in our strength in the moot competitions because we have some great teacher's who show the students how to become excellent litigators. I think the guy hireing someone will take the guy who has the same grade if one won or ranked somwhere near the top in the Gale Cup whereas one who didn't do any moot courts. If the class president failed that's his own fault for now paying attention to the guidelines. It doesn't all have to do with grammar it also has to do with sentence structure and syntax and a bunch of other things. And once again the grammar is not graded in the written exams. Case and point our Torts exam specifically wrote you can bring any material for the open book exam EXCEPT a Dictionnary or a Bescherelle because the professor didn't want us to waste our time reviewing our grammar. You say that wasn't your intention but why else would you come post a bunch of neagtive comments and perspectives if you don't even attend the school.
  9. Not to mention that your argument that people don't need to express themselves clearly but rather learn the material properly is also flawed. If you can't explain yourself or express yourself appropriately you'll fail in any realm of work. To be successful one has to learn how to express themselves efficiently so others can understand what they're trying to say. If you can't do that then yes you deserve to fail. The students who failed exams because of poor French did so because they couldn't speak or write French appropriately. This is a French law school not a second option for anglophones who think they can get by. I'm not saying anglophones aren't welcome but don't expect teachers to talk to you in English and explain directives in English. It's not bilingual university its unilingually french. So no those individuals aren't being punished because of poor grammar they should simply go to an English school. It's not like there's a lack of supply in that domain.
  10. Honestly if you have nothing better to do then bash Moncton you should find better things to do then to go around a forum page. Secondly I know what I said is accurate I study there and I'm pretty sure I can listen when a teacher gives directives. Also I'd like to bring your attention to the Moncton-Ottawa cup, the Gale Cup, the Soprinka Cup. Where is uOttawa? Nowhere on the map. Where is Moncton? Near the top even tho we have 1/3 the size of the French JD Program alone. The fact Ottawa can't even make a mark in the Gale Cup even though it's the biggest law school and that all three divisions could've participated demonstrates the lack of care and commitment teachers have towards their students. Moncton is smaller and has an amazing teacher to student ratio which enables the students who do stay to be very sound lawyers. Drop out rate is a useless barometer to use. You don't know what pushed someone to study law in the first place. Just because they dropped out doesn't make the school bad. It simply shows that it wasn't for them. The ones who do stay have a strong impact wherever they may go. You don't see me going around bashing other schools.
  11. Just to clarify here, This year teacher's for the most part did not grade the grammar for table exams because it would take too much time for the student to correct. It still needs to be coherent but the grammar won't affect table exams. Hand-ins must be correctly written however and you will loose pts if you make mistakes in those.
  12. GuiCR12

    Admissions 2015

    My pleasure, I know how stressful it can be to go somewhere else. I wish someone would've been around last year to help out so I decided to do the best I can. It's all about giving back !
  13. Voici l'hyperlien pour ceux qui sont intéressés! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1410965602554233/
  14. GuiCR12

    Admissions 2015

    You have some pretty good chances. I don't know much about the combined program however. Did you apply to just the JD? I assume you have some good chances if that's the case!