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  1. Safe to assume it’s over by now, right?
  2. This is interesting... I heard from at least 2 people being told "not sure they were doing 2nd round or not", still not sure it's the new norm under Covid or a polite way of saying PFO.... lol..
  3. One DT firm HR said "you will hear from us on Thursday" , wondering is that common? or it's something new this year? Anyone already got call/email about their 2nd rounds?
  4. Osler and AHBL have sent their ITCs.
  5. Someone I knew got an ITC from KPMG around 2pm today. School: UBC
  6. Congrats! Any thing from Sangra Moller?
  7. Anyone hear from Sangra Moller or KPMG?
  8. I have the feeling that because of the optional Cr/D/F, the cut-off for OCI grade is higher this year for 2L OCI because people can make their 1L grade "better" by using the optional Cr/D/F, and eventually - only favoring those who did very well, hurting the majority/borderline applicant (B~ B+ range applicants) Anecdotally, you need at least 72/73 to get some OCI and 74-75.99 should get you a decent number of OCI for previous years. This year, I knew multiple applicants who have 74/75 average and got 0 OCI invitation which is quite unusual.
  9. And this one too, from Judge Quinn, love the opening lines Miller v. Carley, 2009 CanLII 39065 (ON SC) [1] After a busy day conducting illegal drug transactions, the plaintiff, the defendant and a mutual friend stopped at a corner store where the defendant purchased some “scratch” lottery tickets. One of the tickets proved to be a $5-million winner. [2] The parties dispute ownership of the winning ticket. If the ticket were a child and the parties vying for custody, I would find them both unfit and bring in Family and Children’s Services. [3] The case is awash in untruths and curiosities. It is a study in good fortune squandered and generosity abused.
  10. And this one: Henderson v Henderson, 2016 SKQB 282 (CanLII) Divorcing couple fight over custody of a dog, property or children? Justice Richard Danyliuk was firm in his ruling that dogs are property and should not be treated as if they were children. "Dogs are wonderful creatures," he remarked. "Many dogs are treated as members of the family with whom they live. But after all is said and done, a dog is a dog. At law it is property, a domesticated animal that is owned. At law it enjoys no familial rights." In coming to his decision, Justice Danyliuk considered a number of objective but dispassionate realities with respect to the differences between pets and children: "In Canada, we tend not to purchase our children from breeders." "We tend not to breed our children with other humans to ensure good bloodlines, nor do we charge for such services. " "When our children are seriously ill, we generally do not engage in an economic cost/benefit analysis to see whether the children are to receive medical treatment, receive nothing or even have their lives ended to prevent suffering." "When our children act improperly, even seriously and violently so, we generally do not muzzle them or even put them to death for repeated transgressions." Finally, in an effort to persuade the parties to settle this issue out of court, Justice Danyliuk reminded the couple of the consequences of further litigating this issue in court. "Both parties should bear in mind that if the court cannot reach a decision on where the dogs go, it is open to the court under the legislation to order them sold and the proceeds split – something I am sure neither party wants."
  11. How can your guys not picking this one?! It's the funniest judgment I ever read! The Hearing Clinic (Niagara Falls) Inc. v. 866073 Ontario Limited, et al., 2014 ONSC 5831 (CanLII) In one of his latest judgments, The Hearing Clinic (Niagara Falls) Inc. v. 866073 Ontario Limited, et al., 2014 ONSC 5831, his acerbic wit shines as he records his fond memories and legal findings of a 72-day trial, spread over three years, that dealt with the allegedly fraudulent sale and purchase of a hearing aid business in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Blessed with an orderly mind, Justice Quinn set out a Table of Contents with headings that include: “Is There a Doctor in the House? “Fridriksson plays Lieutenant Columbo with Inspector Clouseau results” “All the Madness That’s In Your Head” “….Nor Hell A Fury Like an Audiologist Scorned” “Fridriksson The Fabricator” “He entered the box as an articulate professional with impressive academic credentials, displaying what appeared to be a sound and comprehensive recollection of events. When he stepped down, after more than 14 days of withering cross-examination, he was noticeably dazed, his credibility was reduced to existential confetti and he even appeared to be physically shorter than when the trial began.” “I do not know who enjoyed this cross-examination more, me or (defendant’s counsel). The only thing missing was popcorn.” “His testimony deserves a special descriptor, coined for the occasion: “incredibull.” “Fridriksson has taken everyone on a hideously time-consuming and obscenely expensive journey down his private yellow brick road to the outskirts of the Emerald City where, it appears, he has a residence. It was not a worthwhile adventure,” the judge writes. Fridriksson was awarded $423.00 in damages.
  12. second that- lawyers in Biglaw have more opportunities to jump ship for in-house or international legal career.
  13. People left Biglaw for different reasons: -some going for clerkship/LLM -some just burnout and want a real life -some left because there is no opportunity for them to practice the kind of law they want to practice in Biglaw Why some law firms' turnover rate are higher than others? There is no quick answer to that, some law firms love to use more cheaper labors and hire students they don't need - and a dirty secret is lots of those who left biglaw soon after are visible minority/women/LGBTQ+ - is that because they are less competent? who knows, those biglaw can always advertise how "inclusive" they are when they are hiring students, you have to wait and see how many of those "diversified" groups got kept on after 3 years or becoming partners.... Just my own observation, biased for sure.
  14. Don't worry too much, people with one C range grade not only can get OCI/summer job, they can even get clerkship. On the other hand, there is no guarantee of anything in OCI with your grades, people with A- average or higher got strike out from OCI too.
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