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  1. Newfoundland originally asked about a "school bag" not a briefcase.
  2. To each his own but I don't plan to send thank you notes until the evening. Also, unless I get a water bottle my pad is big enough to fit in firm swag. And yes I can fit a power bar in there as well.
  3. Why would you need a laptop, or a power bank for that matter? Charge your phone the night before. You don't need your laptop with you. Email the thank you notes when you get home/back to your hotel in the evening. If you're thirsty just ask your host for a glass of water. If it's raining, you'll have an umbrella anyway so if your pad is under your arm you'll be fine.
  4. I don't see why there would be a need to bring a bag to an in-firm. You just need a folio thing with a few spare copies of your resume. And yes firms do have a coat room where you can also put your umbrella.
  5. It was mentioned a few pages back that firms call their preferred candidates first and by extension offer the early slots. But don't let your foot off the pedal.
  6. I'm not sure if that LSAT score is competitive anywhere in Canada. Is there a reason you can't rewrite before January? It's also unclear what your GPA is. Your GPA is based on your undergraduate record but you're suggesting that you've included your graduate grades in your GPA calculation.
  7. Thanks. It's not a group dinner so I'm not sure if it's a set menu but the firm did say in the email to let them know if I have dietary restrictions. Lactose intolerance is just a touchy subject for me.
  8. I was made fun of in high school for being lactose intolerant.
  9. Regarding dinners, should I let a firm know that I'm lactose intolerant or is that something I'll be judged for? I understand if the question is neurotic but given what's been said above about subconscious bias I'd appreciate some clarity. Thanks.
  10. Seems to me that you don't have to worry about ordering the wrong wine if you simply ask one of the lawyers besides you for their recommendation.
  11. Do firms talk to each other about students during the process or only after students have been hired? Do all firms talk to each other or just the sisters?
  12. For alcohol, can you get a cocktail instead of wine? Ideally I'd get an old fashioned just because I hate the taste so I'd spend the entire dinner slowly sipping it. Is and old fashioned a safe choice and what are other safe cocktail choices?
  13. I used "University of Western Ontario" in my personal statement and got in in early (December) back in my cycle. You're fine.
  14. Is it normal to have still not received interview time confirmations from firms? I'm still waiting on a number.
  15. It will be interesting to see how the banks treat PSLOC applicants going to Ryerson. I recall that even established and reputable schools like Queens and Western were only on RBC's B list.
  16. Should I wear my Longines or would that give off a bad impression?
  17. Osgoode is going to be difficult with that LSAT score.
  18. My other question is do I say first choice on Monday or Tuesday? Also, when do the Tuesday interviews get scheduled?
  19. Yeah telling your articling student chaperone seems like the way to go.
  20. I'm pretty sure glancing at your watch during an interview is an automatic disqualification.
  21. How do you keep track of time during an in-firm to be sure you're not late for the next one?
  22. I've resolved my conflicts and I can finally breathe again.
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