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  1. How many slots does U of T have for the big firms?
  2. So i walk into the booth with the jacket buttoned and unbutton when I sit down? Could I just walk in with the jacket unbuttoned then since I'll be seated for the interview?
  3. Roughly how many students from each school does each big firm meet at OCI?
  4. Should my suit jacket be buttoned or unbuttoned for interviews?
  5. Great way to end up with a C+ average.
  6. If you have any interviews they should be on my career by now.
  7. That may be true bit it's still a pain. But if it works for you the by all means.
  8. Thoughts on solid colour ties?
  9. Hey at least you've avoided a firm known for long hours in an industry known for long hours. That really says something.
  10. A policy summary alone has to be 10-20 pages, let alone the full summary.
  11. It's going to be a pain to transcribe those notes when you're building your summaries.
  12. Where can I get affordable but nice silk ties in Toronto?
  13. I can't see any harm in asking. It demonstrates interest in the firm.
  14. Let them know that you have a prior commitment but would be happy to meet for coffee or lunch.
  15. The perks of being a law student are really great. If you can somehow avoid the stress and constant worrying then it's a pretty good three year experience.
  16. I should have specialized that I meant the formal recruit process. Small shops (solos etc) are definitely possible, yes. But honestly, if I was in OPs position I'd rather spend my summer at a clinic than with a small shop. I just think it looks better on a resume. Especially if you can land a prestigious clinic gig.
  17. It'd certainly be less trickier for the firm to make up their mind about you lol. Jkz.
  18. I find cocktail receptions slightly tricky. I'd prefer to spend the entire evening slowly sipping one drink in order to stay completely sober but I'm worried that would look weird.
  19. It means accepting that a 2L job probably isn't happening with those grades and so embarking on a strategy to build one's resume with extra curriculars and attainable summer jobs like RAships.
  20. Well if that's true that doesn't really surprise me. These were firms I applied to at 4:30 and had extremely generic cover letters for because I didn't really care. How'd you know that, btw?
  21. I'm not sure if you used study groups in 1L but I found them to be unproductive. It's especially bad when you have people saying things that you know are wrong and they get defensive when you question their positions.
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