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  1. Part of me wants the strike to keep going so that the union runs out of money and is forced to negotiate.
  2. We'll probably be able to get them retroactively applied. The students who signed on when the limit was 100K were able to ask for the 25K increase when that was introduced.
  3. Is the laundry in OC coin or laundry card operated?
  4. With all that luggage it's more plodding than rolling though.
  5. An aide of his intimated as much as well.
  6. If you maintain your GPA and manage at least a 160 you'll be in at Queen's Ottawa and Dal, probably early as well. Moreover, is there a reason you're not considering Western? I should also add that the content of your reference letters will matter more than their progenitors.
  7. The only time you should ever use transit with luggage is if you only have one piece of small hand luggage.
  8. Looks like I'll have to stay in a hotel on my first night in Toronto. I've been looking at flights and there's no way I can make it to York by 6:30 pm unless I take a ridiculously early flight.
  9. Me too. I haven't bought my ticket yet because I don't know what time the housing office closes. I hope we get an answer. If not, I'll have to call. By the way, do you happen to know how long the drive from Pearson to Osgoode is?
  10. How is that possible? The maximum bursary is 15K. Edit: Did you mean 20K over the last two years or in each of your last two years?
  11. I'm glad we can at least agree on one thing. By the way, perhaps I shouldn't have used the word "forced". What I meant was that there is an enermous weight of societal expectation to go to university. I understand that expectation differs based on socio-economic standing. I may perhaps concede that my perception is based on the environment I grew up in. Yes, as mentioned above, I may have only been looking at my own stratum rather than society as a whole. Nonetheless, I still know people who shouldn't have gone to university who only went because they were expected to. I agree that thinking you're expected to go to university implies some form of class privilege.
  12. It is worth asking whether there are too many students in Canadian universities. We live in a society where you're expected to go to university after high school. The result of that is that people who would rather not enter university are forced to do so just to live up to expectations. Such people don't tend to do very well, and consequently, taxpayer money goes to waste. The Wall Street Journal had a great article on this a few days ago: https://www.wsj.com/articles/not-everyone-should-go-to-college-1526598817
  13. It it what it is. In an ideal world, there'd be no tuition. IIRC, that's the case in Germany. It's really a question of whether the public would be willing to countenance tax increases.
  14. There's a reason that, for the most part, the people running Western civilisation, since time immemorial have been arts majors. Case in point: https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/feb/23/ppe-oxford-university-degree-that-rules-britain
  15. I wasn't making a comparison between arts and science. I was making a very particular point about the upper echelons of achievement in the liberal arts.
  16. Only a very small proportion of a humanities class ends up with an A, let alone an A+. Achieving a B in the liberal arts might not be an uphill battle but very few possess the intelligence and grit required to secure an A or higher.
  17. A lot of people are that ignorant. They tend to be from certain backgrounds which see university as a purely vocational endeavour.
  18. This "debate" is stupid. The degree of difficulty of a program is a relative concept dependent upon one's intellectual ability and particular skill set. I found math burdensome in high school but it was easy for some of my friends. Likewise I found literature easy whilst they at times struggled.
  19. I do agree that it does look as if it is getting harder to get into Osgoode. We'll know for sure in the fall when the class profile is released. Assuming you get a 160+ on the LSAT, which is a big if, anything can happen on test day, you'll have a reasonable chance but you won't be a lock. You'll need to submit refined a refined personal statement and ensure that your reference letters are top notch. You should start drafting the personal statement now, if you haven't begun already.
  20. I'm surprised you weren't waitlisted; those are competitive stats. Hopefully, you have offers from other schools with those numbers.
  21. Thanks for clearing that up. I was starting to worry.
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