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  1. Law isn't a profession to get rich in. Even biglaw partners in New York aren't really rich compared to their clients. You can't really get rich working for other people. You can get comfortable,very much so in fact, but not rich.
  2. I read an article a while ago about partner salaries in toronto and the highest listed was osler at 450k. I don't remember what website I saw this on. It may have been describing average salaries rather than a strict cap. Nonetheless I do recall reading elsewhere that some firms cap partner salaries based on seniority. I believe Cravath is one such firm. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2018/04/26/business/cravath-kirkland-ellis-partner-poaching.amp.html
  3. I thought Bay street partners maxed out at 450k. I recall reading that somewhere.
  4. Presumably so they can target that area of law for a career? That seems pretty straightforward to me from the question.
  5. I did add that I think it's fine if its literally your only chance for an extracurricular. We can agree to disagree on the broader point.
  6. I'm on the mailing list for a few clubs so I count myself as a member. I get email invitations to firm tours just by being on the mailing list. My point is that, given the time commitment involved in actively participating as a 1L rep and how comparatively little it improves a resume, I just don't think it's worth it. You don't have that much free time as a 1L and so what free time you do have has to be husbanded. It's only to be taken up if its your only remaining option for an extracurricular. Going back to our example, if either Barry or Sally is in the IP clinic then there's no need to be a 1L rep for the IP club as well. The time would be better spent on schoolwork.
  7. You don't have to be an exec to be part of a club. Moreover, I'd argue that simply going on the firm tour shows interest. Furthermore, if Barry and Sally are at an IP firm on a tour and Barry happens to be in the IP clinic whilst Sally is a 1L rep of the IP club guess who would be a stronger prospect.
  8. You should pursue extracurriculars that you find interesting and impart you with skills that law firms look for. Definitely go for depth over breadth. I'd add that being a member of a club doesn't really count as an extracurricular. I'd also caution against being a 1L rep for a club. It's an incredibly useless post that just saps your free time and adds nothing to your resume. The options you should be looking at are clinics, moots, law journal and PBSC. Maybe the school paper and student government but these last two shouldn't be your first choice. I'd start off with 1 in term 1 and add a second in term 2 if you can handle it. That said, apply to everything rather than just your first choices. Hopefully you'll have a a few offers.
  9. Has there been a general increase for other schools as well?
  10. I think I'm missing the joke here. Is this sarcasm?
  11. Wow, that sounds incredibly unprofessional of the interviewers.
  12. There's only one law school that that has a subway station named after it. Moreover, Osgoode also dual JD programs. There's at least the JD/MA in philosophy and the JD/MES, (environmental studies)
  13. What helped me in interviews was keeping things conversational and not defaulting to the structure of answering a question and waiting for the next one. I also tried to share a lot about myself in my response to every question to be more memorable than the other candidates. I ended up with offers from all the clinics/summer jobs where I interviewed so I must be doing something right.
  14. Why are upper year courses a waste of time from your respective viewpoints?
  15. Do you get FOMO from having fewer credits available for regular courses? I'm the type of person who would regularly max out my credits in undergrad just to take as many courses as possible so I'm deeply saddened by how many 2L credits my clinic is eating up.
  16. As a 2L, how have you been able to do 5 clinics/intensives? Is that even possible?
  17. Wrapping my head around the McGill guide was hard enough. If I had to learn how to code as well I would've jumped out a window.
  18. It's useful to be in Toronto especially when you're interviewing for summer jobs. I can't imagine driving in from London just for a one hour interview.
  19. Is commercial law an interesting course?
  20. Schools care about cumulative marks, be that CGPA, L2 or B2. They're not going to be bothered by a few low individual grades early on in your undergraduate degree if you're doing fine cumulatively. You're in an okay position at the moment. Just work on that upward trajectory and don't take any more "problematic" courses.
  21. Is the coding bootcamp required? It seems strange to me for a law school to require its students know how to code.
  22. How much do first-years at Epstein Cole make? They're not listed on NALP.
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