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  1. Repeatedly taking just three to four courses a semester might hurt you. Schools want to see evidence that you can handle a lot of work.
  2. Would you mind elaborating on how the the elitist culture manifests itself? Thanks.
  3. Would you mind sharing your extra curriculars? I have nearly identical stats to you and I'm curious about what possibly made up for the LSAT score.
  4. This is not a question you need to be asking on here. Look up the admission policies of the individual schools you're thinking of applying to.
  5. There isn't law specific housing at UBC. Thunderbird is geared towards senior undergraduates and grad students but it comes unfurnished. If you really want to be on campus I'd recommend a 1 bedroom/studio in Ponderosa or Marine Drive. If not, then somewhere in Wesbrook village (10 minutes from campus by bus). Have a look at MBA house (curiously enough, you don't need to be in the MBA program to live there). But other places at Wesbrook are nice too.
  6. Besides aboriginal, what are disadvantaged backgrounds?
  7. Official transcripts at my school indicate whether each course is one or two semesters. I'm sure all schools do the same.
  8. You haven't provided us with the number of (South) east Asian applicants at each of the firms you listed. I don't believe it's possible to obtain a break down of applicants by race but without that information it's really hard to judge the research you've done. I'm the sort of person who likes to look at all the variables at play before going hunting for racists. The fact is, you're assuming that racism is a factor here. This is a claim for which you have no evidence and as such it's not a claim I'm inclined to accept. You have not considered other factors at play here such as grades, interview skills and so on.
  9. Congrats. I remember from the other thread that you were concerned about your chances with Ontario schools. I hope you can rest easy now.
  10. Apart from your L2, what were the strongest aspects of your application?
  11. Last 60 credits, however, if that ends in the middle of a semester you have to add the extra credits from that semester.
  12. I found this equation (GPA*22.5+LSAT) on an older thread but it did not include what an auto admit/safe score was. I was also wondering if I should count 6 credit courses twice when calculating my GPA. Thanks.
  13. I thought applications opened in late August/Early September.
  14. Your best chance is at Windsor and even then it's a toss up.
  15. I don't understand how 80 can be a 3.5 but 80-84 is a 3.7. That's a contradiction in terms. How can 80 be two different GPAs? Is the 3.7 for percentages between 80 and 84 or those between and including 80-84?
  16. http://law.queensu.ca/jd-admissions/admission-information/class-profile
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