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  1. Is anyone going to call out Yogurt Baron for implying that only idiots needed to study for the LSAT or will you all just ignore that because you're sympathetic to their political opinions?
  2. Please elaborate on this idea of "covert white supremacy". What are the subtle barriers? Were they put in place specifically to keep black people down?
  3. Why would a white supremacist state allow some black people to do well. Surely, that goes against the idea of white supremacy?
  4. Have you considered the possibility that if a black person is not "doing well" that could be due to their life choices rather than white supremacy?
  5. I know many black people in Canada who are doing extremely well. Neither them nor their parents have ever had issues "in school, at work, with police". They're also all african immigrants rather than native born blacks so perhaps that explains it. The left has had more time to brainwash the native blacks.
  6. In response to the bolded bits, firstly, for your sake I honestly hope your're trolling. You seriously think you don't need to study for the LSAT? I have a friend who shared the same view and he ended up scoring in the 140s on his first try. This is just so stupid I don't know where to begin. This is a testament to your ignorance. Secondly, "the hilarious assumption that the black woman would have prepared a competitive application". That quote right there could have been taken from a discussion on stormfront. Just because someone is black does not mean that they are a basket case. I can't beleive I just had to say that. Sameway, just because someone is white does not mean that they've had everything handed to them on a silver platter. I know many white people who work two jobs in the summer and even work through school. For christ's sake, stop being a racial determinist.
  7. If from childhood you are told non-stop that society is set up for you to fail then you end up failing. There are some who don't buy into this rubbish but, unfortunately, many people do.
  8. Are you familiar with government student loans and professional lines of credit from banks?
  9. A few questions 1. Is the black woman's schizophrenia apparent to the lending officer? Is she receiving medication? 2. Do they have sufficient collateral? 3. Why are both of them seeking a line of credit? I deeply resent left wing extremists like you who constantly propound this absurd victim narrative about how "the system" is rigged against minorities. People like you are responsible for convincing minorities that there's no point in making any effort because the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy won't allow them to.
  10. It would really help if there was some sort of institution that provided money to students to enable them pay their tuition in exchange for a repayment at a later date, albeit with a slight profit on the part of the lending institution.
  11. When did you submit your application?
  12. Sorry, I didn't mean you specifically, just a general you. I should've used "one" instead.
  13. I had a discussion with a classmate this past week about law schools and she said she would never apply to Osgoode because it's in York. I asked if York had a lot of crime and she said no and it was just a bit like living in Burnaby (We live in Vancouver). Burnaby is a lovely city to live in and commuting to Vancouver really isn't that bad so I couldn't really understand the analogy. The issue of York not being a very desirable place to live in has come up in the UoT prestige thread as well and so now I'm just really starting to wonder, what the issue is with York. I've never been to Toronto before so maybe that's why I'm so out of the loop. Is York the Surrey of Toronto?
  14. Why should this be an issue for anyone? Really, if racial demographics are a factor then you really need to reassess your value system.
  15. Repeatedly taking just three to four courses a semester might hurt you. Schools want to see evidence that you can handle a lot of work.
  16. Would you mind elaborating on how the the elitist culture manifests itself? Thanks.
  17. Would you mind sharing your extra curriculars? I have nearly identical stats to you and I'm curious about what possibly made up for the LSAT score.
  18. This is not a question you need to be asking on here. Look up the admission policies of the individual schools you're thinking of applying to.
  19. There isn't law specific housing at UBC. Thunderbird is geared towards senior undergraduates and grad students but it comes unfurnished. If you really want to be on campus I'd recommend a 1 bedroom/studio in Ponderosa or Marine Drive. If not, then somewhere in Wesbrook village (10 minutes from campus by bus). Have a look at MBA house (curiously enough, you don't need to be in the MBA program to live there). But other places at Wesbrook are nice too.
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