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  1. The website simply states 4,000 characters without reference to whether or not spaces are to be included. Western states that their limit includes spaces but Osgoode doesn't specify so I'm wondering. I'd really appreciate some clarification. Additionally, is it safe to presume that the questions will be unchanged from last year? Thank you.
  2. In terms of sheer number of courses, it seems that Osgoode and U of T are at the top with the latter having a very slight edge. Which program is perceived to be better, in terms of teaching, and so on?
  3. Do you have previous government loans? I read elsewhere that RBC subtracts existing debt from the amount they approve you for. I'm curious if that's true.
  4. Don't aim to finish the section. You don't need to answer every question to get a 160+. Accuracy is more important than speed, in this case.
  5. Those aren't terrible numbers. What was your LSAT? Since you've graduated you've obviously got a lot of courses under your belt. Any extra, even if you get A+s would barely make a dent in your CGPA. Furthermore, you've stated that you want to take "a few courses". That wouldn't affect your L2 since by a few, I assume you mean not 30 credits worth. It would be wiser to focus on raising your LSAT score.
  6. What are the chances of the banks raising the LOC limit for Osgoode students to compensate for this rise?
  7. I'm applying this September for 2018 entry and wrote the LSAT last December. I just wanted to get it out of the way early, really. I also didn't want the stress of having to write a few months before sending in my application and then possibly having to rewrite thus throwing my chances up in the air.
  8. I'll be applying for 2018 entry. Initially, I planned to live on campus next summer. I would have to take summer classes at my university to be eligible for summer housing, however, I've realized that OLSAS requires final transcripts to be sent in by June 30th. Is there a way around this? Thanks
  9. What were your softs and what was/were your essay(s) about?
  10. For the love of God and all that is beautiful, please try to enjoy the next four years of your life rather than fixate over law school admissions. Obviously aim for good grades but don't let getting into law school become your life.
  11. Oh Congrats on Ottawa man. Are you going to try and go for Bay Street?
  12. For reading comp I actually ended up ignoring everything I'd been taught. I didn't make any notes and just read the passages. When a question referred to the passage, I read 5 lines above and below the line in question for context. Overall, I just picked the answer that felt most natural and ended up with -4. Which specific question types are bothering you?
  13. Not to disagree with you but there are over a million Canadians with one millon or more in assets. I dont't think it's accurate to measure wealth purely in terms of income.
  14. Freudian slip regarding your views on Western?
  15. I've thought about continuing to live like a student once I enter biglaw and devote 50-70% of my salary to investing in commercial real estate. Given the minimal downpayments needed, and the fact that some mortgages practically pay themselves off through rent payments, 2 million really seems quite feasible after a number of years.
  16. Your LSAT and L2 are really good. Did you apply to exclusive L2 schools like Dal, Alberta and Calgary?
  17. I would normally expect this sort of attitude from someone with much higher numbers than you.
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