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  1. Congratulations on the score improvement. You should receive a positive response from Queen's and Western sometime between January and March 2018. I also think you'll hear from Dal this December.
  2. Why would not working throughout your degree be a minus? To answer your question though, I'd say, assuming you write a decent personal statement, you're basically in at every school apart from U of T. You might hear back positively from U of T in late March though.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I was a bit hesitant to ask for a home address so I definitely won't be doing that now. I've emailed him to ask if electronic copies of the papers will be fine and I'm waiting for his reply.
  4. Towards the end of last semester, I spoke with three profs about my law school application and they agreed to write references for me. I later found out, though, that one of the profs is on sabbatical this year. The prof in question requested me to provide him with copies of all the papers I had written for him to aid in his reference letter. He obviously won't be on campus this year since he's on sabbatical. I was considering emailing him to ask for his home address to post the papers to him but I'm not sure if that would be too forward, plus I'm not even sure if he's in Vancouver at the moment, or what is travel schedule is like. I'm not really sure how to deal with this situation and was hoping to get advice from anyone who's dealt with similar circumstances or anyone in general who has a good idea of what to do. Thank you.
  5. Could you please elaborate? Schools seem to have put a significant degree of thought into the questions, especially Western's second essay this year.
  6. Have you thought of staying in university an extra year to bump up your L2?
  7. Assuming the other components of your application are strong, I'd be surprised if you failed to get into any of these schools.
  8. My to do list on bear tracks only lists my personal statement as outstanding. I would have thought transcripts would be on that list and then taken down once they were received. IIRC, that's how the admissions portal for my undergrad applications were. Is there a way to know if they've received my transcripts without contacting them, I don't want to seem like a pushy applicant.
  9. So there's no advantage in applying early other than peace of mind, it seems.
  10. Once schools do receive applications, are the applications reviewed in the order in which OLSAS received them or are they ranked by GPA and LSAT and viewed from highest to lowest?
  11. "At least" is synonymous with "minimum", so yes, you can send three. My guess why they haven't put a maximum is that they're expecting applicants to use their better judgement.
  12. If you're smart enough to have that GPA, you should know the answer to this question.
  13. If you can get a 160, I'd guesstimate that you'd receive offers sometime in 2018.
  14. How do law schools know whether a referee has tenure? Do they look them up?
  15. Does it matter whether or not one's references have tenure or are sessionals?
  16. I'm surprised it took so long. You're just about there for both medians. When did you sit the LSAT?
  17. If so, what level of parental income would preclude an applicant from receiving a bursary? Thanks.
  18. There's not even an outside chance of getting into New York directly from UNB or UM. Your best hope would be to transfer to Osgoode or U of T (Or McGill, if you speak French) after 1L.
  19. When I asked this question previously, the answer was in sometime in August.
  20. It's the score that ultimately matters so I don't think you should be too bothered.
  21. I just went on LSAC and noticed that my LSAT percentile for the Dec 2016 has gone up by one. The PDF report still states my original percentile but the percentile on the website's score table has gone up by one. Has this happened to anyone else before?
  22. Failing 2 classes and still having a 3.5 is quite a feat, I must say.
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