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  1. He could press charges and if you wound up with a criminal record your legal career would be over before it began.
  2. The immigrants I was referring to are from Ghana and Nigeria. Those countries, like all parts of the British Empire, have English as a first language.
  3. Forgive me if I wasn't clear, by "not neccessarily February" I meant any future scheduled sitting i.e. June, september etc not any date of your choosing. I don't think LSAC would create a whole LSAT just for your group.
  4. The welfare state allows those from lower middle class and working class backgrounds to compete on a level playing field with their more well off peers. If you're working class and you're intellectually gifted and willing to work hard enough then the sky really is your limit. I know of a number of immigrants from 3rd world countries who are now in law school. They got there by through hard work and not feeling sorry for themselves. They didn't go on about class or white privilege or how the system was rigged against them.
  5. If I've understood you correctly, you're suggesting that since OP wants to be a lawyer, it would be in their interest to start approaching matters in a manner that a lawyer would rather in the manner of a 'layman'. I can't say that's a sentiment I disagree with, however, the point could have been made in a more respectful manner as opposed to "I'm sorry, but I loled. I really did." After what OP went through, the last thing they need is someone laughing at them on the internet.
  6. It would be reasonable to ask for a free rewrite at on a future occasion (not necessarily February)
  7. With all due respect, I think you're over intellectualizing what actually happened. Test takers are meant to have 35 minutes for each timed section. If an extraordinary event, such as what transpired, prevents test takers from fully utilising all of those 35 minutes then they have valid grounds to demand recourse from LSAC.
  8. I'm not trying to be mean but this is something you can easily find by looking at the admissions website of each school you're interested in.
  9. Yeah games 3 and were 4 definitely curveballs. However, it should be remembered that LSAC compensated for that by giving us an unusually simple comprehension section.
  10. You've answered your own question then. Look at schools in Alberta, your numbers are competitive there.
  11. I'm not familiar with Dalhousie so I can't speak about your chances there, but amongst all the other schools you've listed, realistically speaking (based on LSAT and GPA medians), Windsor is the only school you've got a good chance of getting into. I'd suggest applying to Calgary and Alberta as your numbers are competitive there.
  12. My point was that with such a low acceptance rate, I would expect their medians to be higher.
  13. Osgoode's medians are a 3.64 and 160 so you should be competitive there. You haven't given your B3 so I can't speak to your U of T chances.
  14. Ok, people seem to be assuming that because I'm asking about softs I must have uncompetitive stats. I've been on the dean's list in every year of uni and so I'm not trying to make up for deficient stats. I'm simply trying to prepare as strong an application as possible and since softs are a part of my application (regardless of how much weight is placed on them from school to school they are still a component) I want to be as strong as possible in this regard.
  15. The acceptance rate is around 10%, however, the median gpa for the most recent cycle was 3.62 (based on last 60 credits). With such a low acceptance rate I'd expect a median gpa of around 3.8. I may be wrong but I find it hard to believe that there are that many applicants with sub 3.6 GPAs.
  16. Unless you have a whole bunch of Ws you needn't worry about them. 2 or 3 Ws really is nothing. The Fs are more of an issue but it helps that they were earlier in your post-secondary career.
  17. What are great softs that really make your application stand out from the crowd? Personally, I see great softs as things like having a paper published in an undergraduate journal, being an editor on a journal, a research internship with a prof/ internship in parliament, a senior exec position in a club and so on.
  18. Just off the top of my head, students wearing earplugs could go over the allotted time and use the excuse that they didn't hear the invigilator call time. That's probably at least partly why ear plugs are not allowed.
  19. I would cancel. People spend 4 months studying for this test so I don't know what you thought you could accomplish in a month and a half.
  20. How do you know you only had -1 on two sections? I'm assuming you're referring to the Dec LSAT.
  21. I'm not sure this forum's posters are representative of the general applicant pool.
  22. I'd recommend the Princeton Review 84 hour ultimate course.
  23. RC was easier than usual imo. I think that was done intentionally to compensate for the unorthodox nature of the last two games. Also, brewpub master race.
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