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  1. If those were my only choices I'd choose Dal in a heartbeat. Dal has history and the prestige of being the oldest law school in the commonwealth outside the home islands.
  2. I don't know about biglaw in the US but in other sectors it's almost impossible to get a company to agree to sponsor you for an H1B. With 4 more years of Trump who knows how worse the situation could get. Stay in Canada where you have peace of mind.
  3. Have you thought of transferring to an English language school? Your gpa might make that prohibitive but if you explained that the language barrier held you back and have good undergraduate grades which prove you're smart you might have a shot somewhere. Maybe Windsor. It looks like the transfer deadline has passed. Maybe take a year off and work on transfer applications. If the language barrier is a real issue then I don't recommending continuing at your current school. A C average is not a reason to drop out of law school. A D average yes but not a C average.
  4. The people I really respect for their intelligence are med students/doctors and scientists.
  5. According to ultravires, 2 UBC students were hired in the last 2L recruit. It's open to question whether this is due to UBC students mostly opting to stay on the west coast.
  6. I wasn't making a serious proposal. My statement was a mere lamentation.
  7. It would be nice if you could hold onto an offer from OCIs in Vancouver or Calgary until after the Toronto OCIs.
  8. Getting a bank to give you 135k with no cosigner or collateral at prime sounds pretty creative to me.
  9. Some profs have already sent out requests for applications. I think different profs have different methods of selection. I'm pretty sure you need to have had an A+ in a course to be a dean's fellow.
  10. I've suspected this for years but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to be accused of elitism.
  11. So why does everyone on here say that all schools are equal and you can get a great education at any one?
  12. Ok so if it's understood that some firms are more competitive than others could you kindly name said firms? What are these biases based on? Is it simply the fact that a particular firm might have more alumni from a particular school or are there perceptions about the strength of the student bodies at various schools?
  13. Does the conventional wisdom of needing around a B+ average hold true for all big firms or are there some which have higher thresholds? For example, since Davies pays so much I get the sense that they only hire A students. Is that accurate?
  14. There was a special someone on the forum who made it his mission to dissuade everyone from applying.
  15. Thank you. I must add, though, that it feels incredibly awkward calling someone four decades older than me by their first name. I guess it's something I just have to get used to.
  16. Is it safe to assume a first name basis if the sign off on their reply to my email only has their first name?
  17. I know of four hires, two with A+ averages, one with an B+ average and one with a B. I also heard of C students getting interviews.
  18. They were introduced by their first names by another lawyer.
  19. What average does this come up to? B and B+ students were hired in the 1L recruit so for the 2L this looks decent to me.
  20. As a law student, how should I address senior associates and partners at a law firm in an email? By first name or last? For context I'm not cold calling. We have had at least one meeting and I was asked to send an email on a given matter. I am not a summer student at the firm in question. Thank you.
  21. Your work for your clients. Who else would you work for?
  22. Law isn't a profession to get rich in. Even biglaw partners in New York aren't really rich compared to their clients. You can't really get rich working for other people. You can get comfortable,very much so in fact, but not rich.
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