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  1. How do you keep track of time during an in-firm to be sure you're not late for the next one?
  2. I've resolved my conflicts and I can finally breathe again.
  3. Same thing happened with at least two firms at OCIs.
  4. Will we be given a list of our interviewers together with the time confirmations?
  5. What I find frustrating about the situation is that they were the second firm to call me (at 8:01). I'd totally understand if they called first and I said 11.
  6. To add to that, what does an 8:01 call mean?
  7. Between the dinner imbroglio and the surprise call I got I'm already really tired and stressed by the whole process.
  8. Yes I'm definitely doing the Monday dinner with my first choice.
  9. If I ask to reschedule will that be seen as a lack of interest?
  10. Firm A is doing cocktails and dinner on Monday. Firm B is only doing Monday dinner. I said yes to both dinners but now I want to only go to Firm A's cocktails and then go to Firm B's dinner. I guess my alternative is to go to both Firm A's cocktails and dinner but leave the dinner after 30-45 minutes to go to Firm B's dinner.
  11. One of the firms that I said yes to for the dinner is also doing cocktails prior. I will definitely go to the cocktails. Would it look bad to go to the cocktails but leave before the dinner that I agreed to to go to another dinner? I'm honestly really bad with scheduling. I always leave this stuff to other people.
  12. I understand your point. What I'm wondering is whether it looks bad to email the recruiter with an explanation for why I gave them 11?
  13. Is it bad if I leave midway through a dinner to go to another dinner?
  14. I did get the "um okay" from the second firm. They called at 8:01. It's those two words that I find terrifying and I'm worried they'll think I'm less interested in them.
  15. The second firm which called me asked me for a time and I gave 11:AM. I had to because the first firm asked for 8:30 and the second firm only does interviews every hour so with two hours breaks in between 11 is literally the earliest time I could give the second firm. I felt the person on the phone was taken aback when I said 11. Should I email the recruiter of that firm to explain?
  16. This is a good preview of what 4:55 on November 6th will be like.
  17. If I ask for 9 AM rather than 8 does that give a bad impression?
  18. Is it a good idea to screen calls if your first choice doesn't call first?
  19. I was going to edit my post to say that if it's a firm that sends PFOs but you haven't received one then you're on a waitlist but if it's a firm that only sends ITCs, has sent them and you didn't get one then the most logical conclusion is that they are moving forward with other people.
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