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  1. There's nothing stopping OP from applying to those markets though.
  2. I asked this question a few weeks ago and was told it's a red flag. The safe thing to do, if you want to apply to multiple cities, is to not apply to national firms in the cities you're less interested in but to apply to regional firms in those cities.
  3. The conversation has focused on honestly more so than the crux of my question which was how will non-corporate courses be perceived by firms? Do they understand that we can't put all our eggs in the corporate basket?
  4. There was never a dilemma to begin with. A real Shakespearean tragedy.
  5. Is it a red flag to list a non-corporate course, eg criminal procedure or family law, as an upper year course? How honest should one be about their upper year courses?
  6. Besides suit supply and indochino, are there any other respectable options with student-friendly pricing?
  7. My guess is that Osgoode student was in the international law intensive.
  8. Have Latham & Watkins sent interview offers out for that job posting?
  9. I received an OCI invitation a few minutes ago.
  10. As stated above, the common law is in a constant state of evolution and so it's not uncommon for a casebook to become antiquated within a few years, if not less.
  11. So what's your explanation then?
  12. My guess is that if the firm makes over $1 billion annually they probably figure they can afford to take a chance and fly in people (on economy) without an initial phone screen.
  13. Thanks. The offer came by email.
  14. I have an interview offer from an NY firm. I can talk more in PM. I'm surprised because it was an in-firm offer without an initial phone interview.
  15. In cover letter, if you're trying to say that your interest piqued in the firm after speaking with a summer student who told you xyz, is it fine to simply say that you spoke with a summer student or should you name the student? I'm inclined to go with the former because I don't want to give the impression that I'm name dropping.
  16. I did exactly what you did and I was fine. It's actually the smartest thing to do and I'm surprised more people don't delay their hardest courses till after they've applied.
  17. You should look into the clinic opportunities that both schools provide.
  18. I'm surprised to see CLASP discussed here because I know at least one person with a C who got an offer.
  19. Is one suit enough for the 2L recruit?
  20. I can perfectly understand two branches of the same firm but two different firms in two different cities seems like a stretch. What would even be the rationale for such a conversation?
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