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  1. 2 minutes ago, BlockedQuebecois said:

    Also, briefcases are useful. I don't think they're so useful that they deserve the 57 posts they've gotten here. But they're definitely useful enough that asking why someone would want a briefcase when they're spending ~14 hours straight out of the house in a professional setting is a stupid question. 

    Newfoundland originally asked about a "school bag" not a briefcase.

  2. 1 minute ago, Newfoundland said:

    My phone doesn't last a day and I anticipate the phone will be used more than normal since I will be taking calls, voicemails, last min reserach, emails etc. For laptops, maybe if you had a hotel room in downtown it is different but I do not and sometimes things are easier done on a laptop, including writing thank you notes or doing research etc. Snacks etc. What if your first firm gives you some of their stuff like at OCI (pens, folders, Osler stress balls), these are things I don't want to just carry to my next in-firm in my hands.    idk, i just think a bag would save a lot of trouble. 

    To each his own but I don't plan to send thank you notes until the evening. Also, unless I get a water bottle my pad is big enough to fit in firm swag. And yes I can fit a power bar in there as well.


  3. Just now, Newfoundland said:

    Laptop, phone power bank, snacks, water etc and a bag to put your folder in, especially if it is raining.  

    Why would you need a laptop, or a power bank for that matter? Charge your phone the night before. You don't need your laptop with you. Email the thank you notes when you get home/back to your hotel in the evening.

    If you're thirsty just ask your host for a glass of water.

    If it's raining, you'll have an umbrella anyway so if your pad is under your arm you'll be fine. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, talos said:

    So when I got called to schedule my interview on call-day, the firm asked if I was free for 8am on Monday. Does this mean I'm in their good books, that they're somehow more interested in me than someone they book at 3pm? Or is it arbitrary?


    It was mentioned a few pages back that firms call their preferred candidates first and by extension offer the early slots. But don't let your foot off the pedal. 

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  5. I'm not sure if that LSAT score is competitive anywhere in Canada. Is there a reason you can't rewrite before January?

    It's also unclear what your GPA is. Your GPA is based on your undergraduate record but you're suggesting that you've included your graduate grades in your GPA calculation.


  6. 4 minutes ago, pzabbythesecond said:

    I'm sorry to hear that. You should be fine with that, though I'm not sure if you should ask in advance, or just pick a menu item that's dairy free. No shame in your body not being able to metabolize lactose. Bodies are weird, we're all struggling to just make it through :) 

    Thanks. It's not a group dinner so I'm not sure if it's a set menu but the firm did say in the email to let them know if I have dietary restrictions. Lactose intolerance is just  a touchy subject for me.

  7. 42 minutes ago, chaboywb said:

    I think we're all being pretty reasonable in saying that, at the most, there's a risk of a subconscious bias toward immaturity. This thread already indicates that the mindset exists. So why take the chance? It doesn't even reflect on the firm as a whole - maybe it's the most laid back firm in the country, but you happen to have a dinner with their snobbiest lawyer who will immediately discount you for ordering a glass of white with your steak. Why take the risk?

    Or red wine with fish!



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  8. 12 minutes ago, Jaggers said:

    This is, of course, quite true. And it's the root of why if you're otherwise doing well at the dinner, ordering Sprite won't make a difference, and if you're otherwise doing badly, ordering the perfect mid-range glass of wine that perfectly complements your entree (and is neither too expensive nor just the second cheapest glass on the list) will also not make a difference. You are being evaluated on a whole pile of stuff which is all interrelated. There can be certain specific things which will sink your chances, but those aren't small things like this.


    What are those specific things?

  9. For alcohol, can you get a cocktail instead of wine? Ideally I'd get an old fashioned just because I hate the taste so I'd spend the entire dinner slowly sipping it. Is and old fashioned a safe choice and what are other safe cocktail choices?

  10. 10 minutes ago, Cabaret said:

    Depends on the firm, but at some, reception has very little to do with interviews, so telling reception you need to leave by a certain time won't do anything.

    Yeah telling your articling student chaperone seems like the way to go.

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