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  1. This is precisely why anti-abortion protests in Canada are moot and a giant waste of everyone's time.
  2. I do think I made a fairly creative argument in the paper I had an A on. It wasn't anodyne centrism. It just wasn't an argument I would ordinarily make. The weird thing is I actually kind of believe the argument I was making. It's not necessarily a "leftist" issue as much as it is a human-rights issue. It's just that if you had to guess who would make an argument like that you'd guess that the author was very strongly on the left.
  3. I acknowledge that I may have come across as a paranoid conservative. Just to be clear, I don't think academics set out to punish conservative students. I just have a natural tendency to err on the side of caution and that affects the way I approach schoolwork.
  4. Because the risk is simply not worth it. I'll play it safe and get the grades I need.
  5. Oh believe me I am. I just wouldn't risk it in law school.
  6. We most likely have a different prof/TA combo so what's true for your experience isn't necessarily true for mine. Moreover, I find your spelling of "defence" deeply disconcerting.
  7. You will be rewarded for toeing the line as long as your essay is polished. I'm conservative but I wrote a really "woke" essay for my ethics class last semester and had an A. I don't think I'd have had an A if I'd have made a more conservative argument.
  8. How many extracurriculars can one take on in a semester without being overstretched?
  9. You do get a strong left-wing vibe at Osgoode especially when we're discussing policy in class. I can't say that any of the conservatives I know feel maligned but maybe that's just because we keep our mouths shut during class.
  10. I mean I could techincally be dean's fellow next year but I only have a B+ average (at the moment anyway). Some people just really fall in love with a particular course.
  11. I might be wrong but it seems like at U of T you can hide behind your grades in a way you couldn't at any other school. You're much more exposed with a C for instance but if you get a P at U of T then your'e given the benefit of the doubt about whether that's a C+ or B.
  12. I'm just doing a rough comparison to Osgoode here but shouldn't H be a B to B+? That would leave P as a C and LP being a D?
  13. Which of the bay street firms care more about black letter courses?
  14. Thanks that's actually good news for me.
  15. Do firms care about grades in "soft" courses like ethical lawyering and the perspective or are they only focused on your grades in the black letter law courses?
  16. Is it possible to get the state midterm mark on the transcript somehow because I also had an A+ on that
  17. If a firm doesn't hire you in the 1L recruit are you effectively "burned" by that firm for the 2L recruit?
  18. Thanks I must have done the calculation wrongly the first time. Will a prof tell you your class rank if you email and ask?
  19. My first semester Osgoode grades are as follows: Contracts: A+ Torts: B Crim: B I'm pretty bummed to be out of the running for the 1L recruit and probably clinics as well. I just need to know how much of a hole I've dug for myself regarding the 2L recruit. I've heard that a B+ average is the minimum required there.
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