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  1. Is your premise that there may be something inherently unpleasant about living with law students?
  2. Has Scotiabank changed their terms? When I got my LOC the grace period was 12 months.
  3. If you have 300 posts as a 0L you'll likely be here your entire legal career.
  4. Can people distinguish between lawyers being laid off and support staff please?
  5. I can fit at least five packs of meat (be that pork chops, chicken, or whatever else) in my backpack along with 5-10 small fruits (apples, pears, and so on) easily into my laptop backpack. I get my carbs (pasta, rice, spaghetti) on amazon. I also wonder how you got through undergrad without a backpack. I really don't think anyone I knew in my undergrad used a messenger bag. Even in my law school basically everyone uses a backpack.
  6. If you're within walking distance of a grocery store all you need is a backpack for a bimonthly grocery run. You can also order household items such as toilet paper, paper towels etc on amazon.
  7. For future reference, are you required to attend call to the bar or is it like graduation where you can skip?
  8. Are your 1L courses full-year courses?
  9. Oh that's what you meant. Yes biglaw attrition is a notorious fact. That said, you are opening the door to fantastic in house opportunities further down the line by starting your career on bay street.
  10. I'm not sure I get you here. Could you elaborate? In the minority of what?
  11. How is this affecting the legal divisions of some of the big 4? KPMG law has a decent sized legal team.
  12. This makes a lot more sense than what was posted earlier. It would be political suicide for any government to shore up people on six figure salaries.
  13. I have my doubts that employers would bother to determine which schools gave their students the option to pass/fail before seeing grades and which did not. Especially with most Ontario schools being mandatory pass/fail.
  14. For the first few years of practice, how much have you been able to save/invest on an annual basis? Are you aggressively paying down loans or making minimum payments in order to maximize how much you can invest? Do/Did you live with roommates for the first few years of practice to save on rent? How many years into practice will you/did you wait before getting a mortgage?
  15. From what I remember, PwC was hiring 1 person in OCIs and KPMG was hiring 6. Those aren't great odds. You can do tax law at a full service firm.
  16. How do you have 8 first semester grades?
  17. Could any employment lawyers chime in on whether students with postponed start dates are eligible for the 2k covid benefit?
  18. Judging by your post history you're a 3L? You have 5 semesters of grades. One semester of Ps isn't going to be the reason why you don't get an articling position.
  19. Why would people cheat on a curved exam? I'm assuming the fear is of groups of students collaborating together. The curve is a disincentive to that sort of behaviour. I shouldn't have to state why.
  20. I just find it really meta to see you presenting both sides of this issue.
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