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  1. 1 minute ago, erinl2 said:

    It won't look weird. Agree with @wakawaka that no one is likely to notice and if they do notice, they won't care. It's the smart thing to do, rather than drink too much and make a fool of yourself like some students do. 


    That actually happens?

  2. 2 hours ago, FingersCr0ssed said:

    Accepting that you're out of the running for 2L positions seems to be the worst option. Send applications to small shops. Call up everyone you can. OP may be out of the running for formalized recruiting but IMO it's premature to give up on all applications. If the suggestion is for OP to focus on the articling recruit we can't forget that a 2L position is a very common way to land an articling position. It's not logical to suggest focusing on the articling recruit while simultaneously neglecting a common method of landing an articling position; the 2L summer job.

    Wasting time looking for beneficial extra-curricular positions appears even more futile. Employers will hardly be impressed you did an extra-curricular over the summer while other applicants did that same extra curricular over the school year alongside course work. Perhaps landing an RAship would be worth it but how many of those are there to go around if OP doesn't have personal connections with professors and average grades?

    To reiterate my advice, as OP is unemployed he or she can submit applications for 2L positions, extra-curriculars, and RAships. Nonetheless, submitting 2L applications is important. I can't stand advocating the "give up and focus your attention elsewhere" theory because it just doesn't add up. It's a cop out. 

    I should have specialized that I meant the formal recruit process. Small shops (solos etc) are definitely possible, yes. But honestly, if I was in OPs position I'd rather spend my summer at a clinic than with a small shop. I just think it looks better on a resume. Especially if you can land a prestigious clinic gig.

  3. 17 minutes ago, TdK said:

    Things seem less tricky if you slam 4 old fashions in 40 minutes. Just a tip from a total pro.

    It'd certainly be less trickier for the firm to make up their mind about you lol. Jkz.

  4. 33 minutes ago, Mocha said:

    Got an invitation to a cocktail reception today from a Van firm. Confirmed an OCI in the same email.

    I find cocktail receptions slightly tricky. I'd prefer to spend the entire evening slowly sipping one drink in order to stay completely sober but I'm worried that would look weird. 

  5. 6 minutes ago, FingersCr0ssed said:

    Unsure about how things work outside of Ontario’s market but what does refocusing your mind on getting an articling position even mean? Obviously attempt to land a 2L position. There’s nothing you can do in the interim that will help you land an articling position any more than a 2L position.

    Send out applications to anyone and everyone. It’s as simple as that regardless of your grades.

    It means accepting that a 2L job probably isn't happening with those grades and so embarking on a strategy to build one's resume with extra curriculars and attainable summer jobs like RAships.

  6. 29 minutes ago, BringBackCrunchBerries said:

    ACTUALLY it means they read the summary and decided the application was not good enough for a full review. Sorry guys!

    Well if that's true that doesn't really surprise me. These were firms I applied to at 4:30 and had extremely generic cover letters for because I didn't really care.

    How'd you know that, btw?

  7. 2 hours ago, jayoh said:

    I have two applications that have switched from "reviewed" to "not reviewed". So the common sense answer doesn't seem to make sense

    I am also curious about this. I just checked and two firms which were originally reviewed have changed to not reviewed. They're not full service firms, if that means anything.

  8. I have a question about the actual mechanics of the dinner. Will there be a set menu? If not, should one play it safe and order the cheapest items of the menu. Appys and desert are also a definite no, right? Is wine also off the table?

  9. 35 minutes ago, Jaggers said:

    I don't think anyone would judge you for a pocket square, unless it's something really outrageous.

    But don't do the short pants thing. People will definitely judge you for that.

    Are you talking about when socks show when you sit? How would an interviewer even notice that?

  10. On 7/17/2019 at 12:34 PM, SAReimer said:

    Sounds like Scotiabank really really wants law students' business. They seem really aggressive with their marketing for the PSLOC and perks. Far and away the best standard package you can get as a law student in Canada.

    Their hope is that we'll stay with them after law school and they can make money off our mortgages.

  11. I name dropped one associate for a firm but that was only because we actually knew each other. I would never name drop an associate or student I spoke to at an open house even if we had a really good conversation. They see so many people every day that I wouldn't fault them for not remembering me. 

    I don't even remember the names of 90% of the people I spoke to at firms and those conversations were more important to me than them.

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  12. 1 hour ago, NoWinNoFee said:

    This is correct. Lawyers are only considered a first year associate until the end of the firms calendar year, at that point they become second year associates and receive a raise from the $82K - $85K to $100K - $105K (variance depending on firm.

    Do you have an idea what the scale is like for the first few years of practice? I recall seeing it discussed a while back but I can't find the thread.

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