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  1. 2 hours ago, providence said:

    They should be intertwined, not separate. 

    Also I get the impression you may be over-selling your school because you think that will reflect well on you. I am guessing that because an interviewer felt the need to tell you her school was better. I’m not sure why school quality is even coming up in an interview. OK, I can think of one reason. If your CV and grades are really impressive, some interviewers, believe it or not, get insecure. I did have a few interviewers get defensive about my grades (my perception - perhaps I was wrong) saying stuff in an apparently aggressive manner like “I never got grades that good and I’ve done great” or “What, did you bribe all your professors?” or “You know, it doesn’t kill you to get a B.” If that happened, I saw it as my job to be a bit self-effacing, but not excessively so, and to redirect the conversation subtly to get them to talk about themselves and/or something else I could comment on that was not grade-related. 

    Wow, that sounds incredibly unprofessional of the interviewers.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Diplock said:

    Okay, first off, there's only one law school in Toronto, and one that likes to pretend it's in Toronto. Not that there's anything wrong with the law school of the Northern GTA hinterlands otherwise, but considering the law school that's actually in Toronto is the one with all the dual masters programs (as far as I'm aware) I'll assume you're at U of T.

    There's only one law school that that has a subway station named after it. Moreover, Osgoode also dual JD programs. There's at least the JD/MA in philosophy and the JD/MES, (environmental studies)

  3. What helped me in interviews was keeping things conversational and not defaulting to the structure of answering a question and waiting for the next one. I also tried to share a lot about myself in my response to every question to be more memorable than the other candidates. I ended up with offers from all the clinics/summer jobs where I interviewed so I must be doing something right.

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  4. 12 minutes ago, pzabbythesecond said:

    I used to. But then I realized how utterly useless most courses are to practice.

    Unless you want to be an academic, there's nothing to worry about.


    11 minutes ago, BlockedQuebecois said:

    No, but I think law school is, post-1L, largely a waste of time. 


    Why are upper year courses a waste of time from your respective viewpoints?

  5. 26 minutes ago, BlockedQuebecois said:

    Yes, it’s possible. I think you can fit in a maximum of 7 if you apply to the right ones at the right time. I got offered two others for 3L, but turned both down (however, I only could have fit one of those into my schedule, not both). 

    And obviously involvement in clinics in 1L is much different from the clinics and intensives in upper years. 

    Do you get FOMO from having fewer credits available for regular courses? I'm the type of person who would regularly max out my credits in undergrad just to take as many courses as possible so I'm deeply saddened by how many 2L credits my clinic is eating up.

  6. 1 hour ago, BlockedQuebecois said:

    . I’ve done five clinics or intensives at Osgoode now, and I don’t think they’ve added 42k in value to my degree. 

    As a 2L, how have you been able to do 5 clinics/intensives? Is that even possible?

  7. Schools care about cumulative marks, be that CGPA, L2 or B2. They're not going to be bothered by a few low individual grades early on in your undergraduate degree if you're doing fine cumulatively. You're in an okay position at the moment. Just work on that upward trajectory and don't take any more "problematic" courses.

  8. On 3/16/2019 at 9:57 AM, healthlaw said:

    I can do a quick one for Osgoode:

    1. The tuition is ridiculous - almost $30,000 for the privilege of studying law in Toronto? Seems a little excessive when compared to other reputable schools (your cost of living will also be higher than in say Kingston, London, Windsor, etc)

    5. Being selected for some 1L opportunities can feel a bit arbitrary - I'm thinking of CLASP and PBSC. I think there are just so many qualified applicants that the selection process is a little arbitrary. But there are also TONS of opportunities so chances are you'll have more than enough ECs on your resume by the end of 1L

    *I honestly can't think of anything else. I loved my time at Osgoode and I would chose the school all over again if I could. 

    1. I have no evidence for this but I suspect that Osgoode just feels it has to keep up with U of T in terms of tuition. That said, we have more clinics than any other law school and the funding for them has to come from somewhere.

    5. Networking is key for those, especially as they don't do interviews.

  9. 23 minutes ago, BlockedQuebecois said:

    I must be going to the wrong page, because their “meet the Toronto students” page only has their 2L and returning 1L hires on it.



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  10. I second the above, call the school to confirm. 

    The point you raised in your side note is an interesting fact pattern though. My sense is that if the OLSAS offer is accidental, an innocent or negligent misrepresentation in effect, Windsor wouldn't be forced to accept you, i.e.specific performance would not be on the cards. 

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    6 hours ago, easttowest said:

    ^ and I can't think of a single moot (other than our 1L fun moot) or clinic available to 1Ls at my school. 

    Osgoode has several of each in 1L.

    @chaboywb I've responded via PM

  12. 23 hours ago, providence said:

     Also, I don't know whether it's a lack of ECs specifically, but you do need interesting things to talk about in interviews, and to feel confident that you have interesting things to talk about. 


    One point that doesn't get emphasized enough on this forum is the importance of extracurriculars in 1L, and not just any extracurriculars but those that give you transferable skills. That puts clinics at the top of the list followed by moots. A while ago I spent a few hours looking at the profiles of incoming summer students and almost all of them had at least a clinic. The best had the clinic/moot team holy grail combo.

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  13. On 2/27/2019 at 10:34 PM, lawstudent20202020 said:

    I'm starting to think the hour seminar I had during my first week in 1L on how to dress like a lawyer would be a good thing for more schools to do.

    What school do you go to? 

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