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  1. There's nothing controversial about suggesting that someone below the curve can't just rely on what their CDO posts and has to hustle a bit with cold emails and leveraging their network.
  2. I accept that my perspective may be limited to the people I've interacted with and I do see substance to a lot of what's been raised above. What I'm trying to say is that if you're in a situation, like OP is, where you have below average grades, your job search can't be focused exclusively on posted jobs. OP's original post only mentioned applying to jobs they had seen and not other methods that people in their position have used to get jobs.
  3. I am speaking of the 3Ls I know of who told me about how they got their jobs with the grades they had and drawing inferences based on what I've been told.
  4. The people I know with below average grades who have jobs either cold-emailed or got their jobs through family/friend connections. Applying to publicly advertized jobs with below average grades is not a viable strategy imo because one would struggle to look good on paper compared to the other applicants.
  5. The elephant in the room, which no one is addressing, is OP's sub 3.0 law school GPA. I assume that amounts to a C+ average. I hate to be blunt but you can't be surprised that you're not getting interviews when you're not even hitting the average level of performance.
  6. Increased sexual market value (for guys who don't look like Brad Pitt)
  7. What everyone does is to get both government loans and the LOC and use the government loans first and dip into the LOC as needed.
  8. There's only one school in Toronto (as of now) that gives Letter grades so ...
  9. Why do you think your course selection was a mistake? At least at my schooI I don't think "easy" courses exist. I suppose you could load up on seminars but that would be a very transparent strategy.
  10. Your time is better spent looking at firms not hiring in the formal recruit. It sucks to be median pwned but you'll learn from this experience and be stronger come OCIs.
  11. Yeah obviously not. I was talking about the "range" of opportunities. I've met a lot of lawyers who only practiced in firms for a few years and are doing some really interesting work and making serious money in house. Obviously you'd make more if you stayed long enough to make partner before looking in house few last that long.
  12. On a more serious note it is a real eye opener to see the range of in house opportunities that just four or five years of practice opens up.
  13. I'm not passing judgment on Western but if a school does have a reputation for racism then a minority 0L with an offer should take that into account before accepting an offer from that school.
  14. I've noticed that the REM portal actually allows you to take up to 21 credits even though Osgoode restricts you to 17 (or 18 if you ask). Can you actually get away with taking 21 credits?
  15. I don't mean to detract from the seriousness of OP's situation but what's going on is just so bizzarre it reads like a crazy fact pattern.
  16. They offered to make you a partner right after articling?
  17. Looking back in hindsight, would you have approached the course any differently?
  18. That was a different thread and by the way I stand by that question. I had three B range grades in 1L and I'm trying to get to back to my undergrad standards of minimum straight As.
  19. I've never done a (modified) closed book exam before so I'd rather ask all the questions I need to at an early stage. I also never asked about how to write an exam.
  20. But even on an open book exam simply transcribing your summary with little analysis will net you a B at best.
  21. I just checked the syllabus and we're not allowed to go below a size 10 font. Should be fun!
  22. For one of my course's next semester you can't bring a standard summary to the exam. You're only allowed 5-10 pages of notes (can't say the exact number for obvious reasons)
  23. Could anyone offer advice on summary-building and general preparation for a (modified) closed book exam?
  24. Can anyone speak to Civ Pro II with Watson?
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