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  1. Is it possible to get off a waitlist by emailing a firm to re-affirm your interest? I've seen threads about that working in the law school admissions context.
  2. The Osgoode CDO invited us to a cover letter workshop after we had submitted our applications.
  3. There are always outliers but I'd say on average that grade range is not helpful. Obviously stuff like nepotism and actual connections (not someone you met for coffee one time) can make up for a non-A /high B+ average.
  4. The reality is that a B/low B+ average will not get you a lot of attention.
  5. @mazzystar Let us know how you did whenever you get your list. iI might be useful for people in future years to know if such a strategy pays off.
  6. Which firms did this happen at. Was this at sisters or other national firms?
  7. Is it true that grades are really important for getting through the initial door but from the OCI onward all that matters is how well the conversations go? So effectively an A student and a B+/B student start off fresh with the same chance of an offer?
  8. FWIW no one I've spoken to is totally happy with their list.
  9. The list was posted last night. Those firms included.
  10. It's not that I won't like it I just don't rate my chances given that I'm not taking tax in 2L and those tax firms are notorious for wanting people with tax backgrounds.
  11. I'll probably turn them down if my list is decent. Honestly, I'm surprised they even offered me an OCI. There's nothing on my profile that says tax.
  12. Isn't OCI where you''re supposed to say that you find every practice area fascinating?
  13. Is it worth interviewing with KPMG if you're not even taking tax?
  14. Yeah but if a firm has sent OCI notifications to people at your school and you didn't get one then I think it's safe to assume you won't be interviewing with them.
  15. I rarely go shopping so I'm not going to apologize for treating myself to a nice tie.
  16. It's almost like waiting for an LSAT score or waiting to hear back from law schools. It's out of your hands now so until you get your list just try to distract yourself. Go out more often, play some call of duty, just do whatever to forget about OCIs.
  17. Nordstrom has some really beautiful silk ties in the $100 dollar range. I was very impressed by their selection.
  18. I took a first year course in fourth year. It was in my last semester after I already had my law school offers so it wasn't for grade boosting purposes. I just had to fulfill my elective reqs.
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