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  1. My guess is that if the firm makes over $1 billion annually they probably figure they can afford to take a chance and fly in people (on economy) without an initial phone screen.
  2. I have an interview offer from an NY firm. I can talk more in PM. I'm surprised because it was an in-firm offer without an initial phone interview.
  3. In cover letter, if you're trying to say that your interest piqued in the firm after speaking with a summer student who told you xyz, is it fine to simply say that you spoke with a summer student or should you name the student? I'm inclined to go with the former because I don't want to give the impression that I'm name dropping.
  4. I did exactly what you did and I was fine. It's actually the smartest thing to do and I'm surprised more people don't delay their hardest courses till after they've applied.
  5. You should look into the clinic opportunities that both schools provide.
  6. I'm surprised to see CLASP discussed here because I know at least one person with a C who got an offer.
  7. Is one suit enough for the 2L recruit?
  8. I can perfectly understand two branches of the same firm but two different firms in two different cities seems like a stretch. What would even be the rationale for such a conversation?
  9. Not all, but at least a few law students are snakes who will refuse to share their notes with you even though you gladly shared your notes with them multiple times previously when they asked. I also hate having to tolerate assholes and not being able to tell them what you truly think of them.
  10. Your numbers are solid for Osgoode but when you say your softs are "negligible" does that mean that you have nothing on your resume at all? The bar for extracurriculars is actually really low at your level. All you need is to show commitment to something.
  11. We did actually get an email from the Parkdale intensive back in March, i.e. after the clinic recruit, informing students that they still had unfilled spots so I actually got the sense that it wasn't a very popular clinic, for whatever reason.
  12. I'm asking about for-credit upper year clinics, not first year volunteer clinics.
  13. Once applications open, is there an advantage in applying early or do firms wait till the deadline before reviewing the applications?
  14. I'm familiar with their financial aid policies but you should scour their website and speak to the financial aid office to see if there's anything that can be done. But before that I'd exhaust all the other banks first. You haven't even spoken to RBC yet. You should also consider speaking to another scotia rep.
  15. What law school are you intending to go to? Some have deferred tuition programs.
  16. How many credits do people typically take in 2L? I was thinking of just doing around 24 just because I expect the 2L recruit to be very time consuming and stressful.
  17. Why would firms invest so much time and effort into training students "know" will be gone in as little as a year? At all the open houses I've been to so far the partners have emphasized that their firms hire for the long term.
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