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  1. Besides comparing the facts in the fact pattern to the facts in the cases in your summary and arguing both sides, what else is needed for an A+ analysis?
  2. Is IRAC a good template to follow? If not, what are the alternatives?
  3. Once you get to law school you have to make peace with the fact that you're no longer the smartest guy/girl in the room. There's always going to be someone who understands a concept better than you do and that's to your benefit because you can get them to explain that to you if you study with them.
  4. My comments were actually prompted by my experience taking transit to Etobicoke. If you don't drive it's a very tedious place to get to by transit and it's also not a very walkable area. Its not somewhere I'd go unless I absolutely had to simply because you need a car to be able to move around there.
  5. I actually wasn't initially working with the assumption that they got hired by that firm because I assumed no one here would give away the name of their firm.
  6. Let's be honest you'd still lateral downtown first chance you got.
  7. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would want to work at a firm in Etobicoke.
  8. I'm sure there is more than one firm that gives speakers out. I'll say no more.
  9. So you pay peanuts for tuition and can get a course prize with a B+. Man I wish I could speak French.
  10. When you talk about wise course selection, do you mean picking courses which gunners wouldn't typically take?
  11. One average, 1% of the year at osgoode gets an A+ average . That's 3 people.
  12. Do they just have genius level IQ or is it a matter of working harder than everyone else.
  13. What percentage of a firm's summer class is still there by year 5 and where do those who leave end up?
  14. Only lawyers/law students could spend hours arguing on an online forum about a process they have no power to change.
  15. Btw, I've always wondered which are the firms that are known for leading people on even up to Wednesday and no-offering. The 3Ls I've spoken to always refer to such firms without ever explicitly naming them.
  16. If you feel good with a firm do you have to go back on Wednesday? I feel like its not necessary but I'm not sure.
  17. Do smaller shops like polley talk to the big firms about students? Surely there has to be a line somewhere.
  18. I can't give specifics but its after 8. We had agreed on the time during my in-firm. I have my suspicions why it took so long to get the confirmation but I can't divulge.
  19. They gave me a time to be there. If I were you I would suck it up and wake up at 6. There is a lot on the line here.
  20. Don't worry newfoundland. I just heard back from a firm. So yea tuesday for tuesday is a thing
  21. I'd really appreciate an overview of what happens in Tuesday interviews. Is it basically the same as Monday.
  22. No offence but what made you think an online law degree was a good idea?
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