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  1. By definition what L2 schools care chiefly about is your last 2 years. Even with CGPA schools, if you had a good enough average they wouldn't care about an F in first year. People understand that the transition from high school to university isn't smooth for everyone.
  2. I realize this might be a trivial issue but should I hold off any remaining applications till Monday? I don't know if it looks unprofessional to apply on a weekend.
  3. The NALP data for Calgary is very surprising. It's certainly much lower than what's on ZSA.
  4. So is it basically a rule that you do'n't wear a red tie to an interview?
  5. For Calgary and Vancouver, are resumes expected to be 2 pages in length like in Toronto?
  6. How the hell is a B+ average not strong? Most of the students hired from Oz are B+ students.
  7. I know some people who would feel very comfortable about OCIs if they had those grades.
  8. Not so much with OP but I always find it somewhat amusing how marginal candidates behave as if it's law school or suicide and will even fuck themselves over by going to Bond just to have a law degree.
  9. It's hard enough to return to Canada with a foreign degree from a common law jurisdiction, why would you screw yourself even more with a civil law degree?
  10. If you were going to Europe (England) because you couldn't get into a Canadian law school, you'd be doing an LLB (probably at Leicester or Sussex). The LLB is their equivalent of the Canadian JD.
  11. It's hard to tell you where you stand because you don't have an actual LSAT score. What I can say is that if you get a mid 160s on the LSAT you could probably get into Queens or Western later in the cycle. Moreover, I've only heard of people who can't get into a Canadian school going abroad to do a JD/LLB. An LLM in place of a JD sounds very strange to me. I know that NY firms hire LLM candidates as first year associates but those applicants almost always have prior law degrees.
  12. Is Baker McKenzie's Toronto office just a satellite office? I'm trying to understand why their summer class is so small.
  13. Yes that's the safest thing to do. I think it's incredibly stupid to potentially disqualify yourself form your preferred market at a particular firm before you've even had your OCI.
  14. There's nothing stopping OP from applying to those markets though.
  15. I asked this question a few weeks ago and was told it's a red flag. The safe thing to do, if you want to apply to multiple cities, is to not apply to national firms in the cities you're less interested in but to apply to regional firms in those cities.
  16. The conversation has focused on honestly more so than the crux of my question which was how will non-corporate courses be perceived by firms? Do they understand that we can't put all our eggs in the corporate basket?
  17. There was never a dilemma to begin with. A real Shakespearean tragedy.
  18. Is it a red flag to list a non-corporate course, eg criminal procedure or family law, as an upper year course? How honest should one be about their upper year courses?
  19. Besides suit supply and indochino, are there any other respectable options with student-friendly pricing?
  20. My guess is that Osgoode student was in the international law intensive.
  21. Have Latham & Watkins sent interview offers out for that job posting?
  22. I received an OCI invitation a few minutes ago.
  23. As stated above, the common law is in a constant state of evolution and so it's not uncommon for a casebook to become antiquated within a few years, if not less.
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