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  1. harveyspecter993

    1st Semester Grade Anxiety

    My first semester Osgoode grades are as follows: Contracts: A+ Torts: B Crim: B I'm pretty bummed to be out of the running for the 1L recruit and probably clinics as well. I just need to know how much of a hole I've dug for myself regarding the 2L recruit. I've heard that a B+ average is the minimum required there.
  2. harveyspecter993

    1st Semester Grade Anxiety

  3. harveyspecter993

    1st Semester Grade Anxiety

    Is it possible to get the state midterm mark on the transcript somehow because I also had an A+ on that
  4. harveyspecter993

    Should I Apply for the 1L Recruit?

    If a firm doesn't hire you in the 1L recruit are you effectively "burned" by that firm for the 2L recruit?
  5. harveyspecter993

    1st Semester Grade Anxiety

    Thanks I must have done the calculation wrongly the first time. Will a prof tell you your class rank if you email and ask?
  6. I'm looking for a rough weighting, if possible. (Eg. 30% extracurriculars, 70% grades) Moreover, I've been looking at this year's incoming summer students and almost all of them seem to have worked in clinics or been on mooting teams. Due to the very high proportion of students with these activities, is it fair to say that at least one of the two is expected/'required' on a resume? If not, what are other respectable activities to have on a resume? Thank you.
  7. If you're running out of practice tests you're really overdoing it. I only did about 15 or 20 of those tests and did well enough to get into my schools early. You'll be fine. Go out for a run or watch some tv.
  8. harveyspecter993

    How much weight is placed on extracurriculars in the 2L recruit?

    Yes the Toronto recruit. What's the highest GPA cutoff you've heard of?
  9. harveyspecter993

    Crazy to give up Osgoode for Queens?

    You don't have to live on campus if you choose Osgoode. You can find your nice apartment on the subway line and commute.
  10. I really recommend Wesbrook village just because of the saveon. The time you'll save on grocery shopping will be invaluable.
  11. harveyspecter993

    Discussions on Reddit?

    What happened on toplawschools?
  12. harveyspecter993

    Discussions on Reddit?

    There are LSAT, law school admissions and law school subreddits but they're pretty much all US-centric. The utility of the forum is the ability to categorize posts in a way you can't do on reddit.
  13. Not an issue at all. Some people even graduate from their previous program during the 1st semester of 1L.
  14. harveyspecter993

    How subjective are law school exams?

    I mean yeah there's the obvious stuff like misstating the rule or citing the wrong case but that should never happen.
  15. harveyspecter993

    How subjective are law school exams?

    Your responses to fact patterns and policy questions are subjective in the sense that there are no right or wrong answers. Where you fall on the curve depends on how well you make the case for both sides and your analysis of which side is stronger.
  16. harveyspecter993

    How Many More Options?

    Tbf someone who's too lazy to google isn't really anyone's competition.
  17. harveyspecter993

    Scotiabank PSLOC Osgoode

    It's been a while since I've been in touch but Scotia's Osgoode rep is listed on this chart: https://www.scotiabank.com/content/dam/scotiabank/canada/en/documents/Scotiabank_SPSP_representative_English.pdf
  18. harveyspecter993

    Scotiabank PSLOC Osgoode

    It's 135. And you can get it retroactively changed, yes.
  19. harveyspecter993

    Ottawa or Osgoode?

    Osgoode runs autonomously from York. It's not really part of York.
  20. harveyspecter993

    Conditional/Unconditional Offer

    Unless the offer letters/emails stated conditions then they're not conditional. AFAIK the vast majority of offers are unconditional.
  21. Wesbrook village is really the ideal place to live on campus. You're right next to a grocery store and have the option of going on relaxing scenic walks every evening.
  22. It can be tough being conservative in today's climate. Given the militancy of the Left, you're best keeping your views to yourself and never discussing any social issues which come up in class. You'll eventually find a group of like minded conservatives who you feel free expressing yourself around.
  23. harveyspecter993

    Practice scores slipping just before the test

    You've identified what your mistakes were and you understand why you made them and what you should have done. What you need to do is imbibe that understanding and apply it going forward. Keep hitting the practice tests.
  24. harveyspecter993

    How do law schools see your lsat score?

    They'll request it from LSAC.
  25. You've already applied so posting a chances thread is pretty moot at this point. That said, you're probably in but mid - later in the cycle.