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  1. harveyspecter993

    How Many More Options?

    Tbf someone who's too lazy to google isn't really anyone's competition.
  2. harveyspecter993

    Scotiabank PSLOC Osgoode

    It's been a while since I've been in touch but Scotia's Osgoode rep is listed on this chart: https://www.scotiabank.com/content/dam/scotiabank/canada/en/documents/Scotiabank_SPSP_representative_English.pdf
  3. harveyspecter993

    Scotiabank PSLOC Osgoode

    It's 135. And you can get it retroactively changed, yes.
  4. harveyspecter993

    Ottawa or Osgoode?

    Osgoode runs autonomously from York. It's not really part of York.
  5. harveyspecter993

    Conditional/Unconditional Offer

    Unless the offer letters/emails stated conditions then they're not conditional. AFAIK the vast majority of offers are unconditional.
  6. Wesbrook village is really the ideal place to live on campus. You're right next to a grocery store and have the option of going on relaxing scenic walks every evening.
  7. It can be tough being conservative in today's climate. Given the militancy of the Left, you're best keeping your views to yourself and never discussing any social issues which come up in class. You'll eventually find a group of like minded conservatives who you feel free expressing yourself around.
  8. harveyspecter993

    Practice scores slipping just before the test

    You've identified what your mistakes were and you understand why you made them and what you should have done. What you need to do is imbibe that understanding and apply it going forward. Keep hitting the practice tests.
  9. harveyspecter993

    How do law schools see your lsat score?

    They'll request it from LSAC.
  10. You've already applied so posting a chances thread is pretty moot at this point. That said, you're probably in but mid - later in the cycle.
  11. harveyspecter993

    Chances Western, Queens Law? [3.61, 3.85]

    The best law schools for Bay Street are Osgoode and U of T. Be careful when discussing rankings on this forum. It's like walking on egg shells.
  12. harveyspecter993

    Thoughts about working at Davies?

    My point was that they're being open about the workload and so you can't have any complaints if you end up working for them because you would know what you signed up for.
  13. harveyspecter993

    Thoughts about working at Davies?

    This is a direct quote from the work-life balance section of their careers page: Being a lawyer is not a 9-to-5 job. We’re in the service business, and the cycle of client activity has peaks and valleys that we all learn to manage. Being responsive to client demands is our highest priority, which means long hours and personal sacrifices are sometimes inevitable. I think this quote speaks for itself. That said, the same would be true for biglaw more broadly. You're being very well remunerated and that should help compensate for your diminished social life.
  14. harveyspecter993

    Early Admission Question

    Early decision isn't legally binding so the school can't sue you for damages. The worst they can do is tell any other US schools you applied to that you breached an agreement, which would probably lead to blanket rejections from any other US schools you've applied to. They don't have access to your Canadian schools (I'm assuming you did apply to some Canadian schools) so you're fine on that front.
  15. harveyspecter993

    Chances Western, Queens Law? [3.61, 3.85]

    I agree with the above poster. I also think your Osgoode chances would be decent if you get a mid-160s.