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  1. harveyspecter993

    Chances Western, Queens Law? [3.61, 3.85]

    I agree with the above poster. I also think your Osgoode chances would be decent if you get a mid-160s.
  2. harveyspecter993

    OLSAS Sketch - Athletic Achievements? Travel?

    I agree in substance with the point being made, I just thought it could have been toned down a bit.
  3. harveyspecter993

    OLSAS Sketch - Athletic Achievements? Travel?

    I get your point but it comes off as piling on OP for not being broke.
  4. harveyspecter993

    OLSAS Sketch - Athletic Achievements? Travel?

    Can you elaborate?
  5. harveyspecter993

    OLSAS Sketch - Athletic Achievements? Travel?

    Athletics would be relevant but I'm not so sure about the backpacking trip. Schools aren't interested in your previous holiday destinations. That might be something to talk about in the personal statement though.
  6. harveyspecter993

    What are my chances?

    If you can get a 160+ on your rewrite then you'd be a lock at Queen's and Western. A minimum 160 would give you a decent chance at Osgoode.
  7. harveyspecter993

    Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    I've received a job offer in Europe which I can't turn down so I'll be withdrawing. I hope this doesn't come too late to help someone on the waitlist.
  8. harveyspecter993

    Current Canadian Law School Rankings??

    Strange how McGill doesn't make the cut for RBC's A-list, in that case.
  9. harveyspecter993

    Sending final transcripts

    June 30th*
  10. harveyspecter993

    Sending final transcripts

    I was in a somewhat similar situation to you. I suggest emailing the profs in question to appraise them of the urgency of the situation. I would only send in a transcript with all the grades. At any rate, you have until the start of July.
  11. harveyspecter993

    Sending final transcripts

    You're suppposed to send final transcripts to OLSAS.
  12. harveyspecter993

    2018/2019 Sessional Dates Posted!!

    I wonder if the sorting into the sections is random or based on admission stats. Honestly, there so much opacity from Osgoode. My current university gives you your registration date quite far in advance. We don't even know how much tuition is.
  13. Congratulations. Will you be accepting?
  14. harveyspecter993

    York Strike Problem

    https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2018/06/12/strike-continues-at-york-as-vote-by-contract-faculty-overturned-by-cupe.html Was this what you were referring to?
  15. harveyspecter993

    Volunteer/Leadership Concerns

    Your softs sound good enough.