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  1. I like those big stopwatch timers they have up on the projector during exams. It's a great way to keep track of time.
  2. Are you saving/investing along the way or focusing exclusively on loan paydown?
  3. How long ago were the late payments? They're supposed to be wiped off a credit report after six years. Depending on how long ago they were, you could just run down the clock, work and save money, which will reduce your debt in the long term anyway, and then reapply to law school. But before considering that you should exhaust all your PSLOC options first.
  4. Could you elaborate on the not getting rich part?
  5. It's fine as long as said person doesn't complain about cost of living. There are too many people who shop at whole foods, live ritzy apartments when there are cheaper options available and then complain about how their city is "so expensive".
  6. I don't want to detract from the thread too much but In my experience, people who are committed to saving and investing money will find ways to do so no matter which city they live in. The problems start when people insist on living a certain lifestyle because they feel they deserve it.
  7. You can split a two bedroom with a friend. There's always a middle ground between extreme options.
  8. This sort of sounds similar to how banks get skittish when they see that an applicant has a lot of recent credit inquiries. The fact that the debt is untapped is not the issue. The underwriters are making assumptions about you (unfair they may be) because you've taken out a lot of credit lines.
  9. When I was applying, Scotia made me close my credit accounts (even my scene visa oddly). But I got 10k on two new credit cards. At least when I applied it was standard to have to close all your pre-existing credit cards. Did they make such a request of you?
  10. I don't understand. Did they want you to have a higher utliziation ratio on your credit cards?
  11. https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/litigation-counsel-at-bell-1676572482/?originalSubdomain=ca It's expired but just an example of what's out there.
  12. Are you practicing at the same company you articled for or another in-house role?
  13. I'm just curious, what's the rationale for punishing a whole firm for the actions of a single lawyer?
  14. What are some of these practice areas getting shat on? I've only ever heard students shit on PI, and even then there was an acknowledgment that PI lawyers can make a lot of money.
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