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  1. I think I'm missing the joke here. Is this sarcasm?
  2. Wow, that sounds incredibly unprofessional of the interviewers.
  3. There's only one law school that that has a subway station named after it. Moreover, Osgoode also dual JD programs. There's at least the JD/MA in philosophy and the JD/MES, (environmental studies)
  4. What helped me in interviews was keeping things conversational and not defaulting to the structure of answering a question and waiting for the next one. I also tried to share a lot about myself in my response to every question to be more memorable than the other candidates. I ended up with offers from all the clinics/summer jobs where I interviewed so I must be doing something right.
  5. Why are upper year courses a waste of time from your respective viewpoints?
  6. Do you get FOMO from having fewer credits available for regular courses? I'm the type of person who would regularly max out my credits in undergrad just to take as many courses as possible so I'm deeply saddened by how many 2L credits my clinic is eating up.
  7. As a 2L, how have you been able to do 5 clinics/intensives? Is that even possible?
  8. Wrapping my head around the McGill guide was hard enough. If I had to learn how to code as well I would've jumped out a window.
  9. It's useful to be in Toronto especially when you're interviewing for summer jobs. I can't imagine driving in from London just for a one hour interview.
  10. Is commercial law an interesting course?
  11. Schools care about cumulative marks, be that CGPA, L2 or B2. They're not going to be bothered by a few low individual grades early on in your undergraduate degree if you're doing fine cumulatively. You're in an okay position at the moment. Just work on that upward trajectory and don't take any more "problematic" courses.
  12. Is the coding bootcamp required? It seems strange to me for a law school to require its students know how to code.
  13. How much do first-years at Epstein Cole make? They're not listed on NALP.
  14. 1. I have no evidence for this but I suspect that Osgoode just feels it has to keep up with U of T in terms of tuition. That said, we have more clinics than any other law school and the funding for them has to come from somewhere. 5. Networking is key for those, especially as they don't do interviews.
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