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  1. harveyspecter993

    Chances at Calgary and Queen's (3.6, 3.7, 149)

    A 149 would likely preclude you from entry into both schools, even with your respectable GPA. There are several online course offerings. Princeton Review comes to mind. I also believe Oxford Seminars does in person classes as well. However, I'm going to guess that you either didn't study at all or didn't study very long before your initial sitting. If that's accurate then I'd suggest a prolonged period of self-study before shelling out on an expensive course.
  2. harveyspecter993

    Law school attire

    Whoever wore a cravat to your tutorial is a man of high culture.
  3. harveyspecter993

    Law school attire

    I thought the idea that there could be pipeline-related clothing was ridiculous but I stand corrected. https://canadaaction.store/product/i-love-canadian-pipelines-profleece/
  4. harveyspecter993

    Law school attire

    I think BQ makes an important point. It's not necessarily about finding someone's clothing offensive. It's more an issue of someone not looking like they care about how they present themselves to their colleagues and the impression that gives vis a vis fastidiosuness.
  5. harveyspecter993

    Law school attire

    Out of curiousity, beyond sweatpants, what else accounts for poor presentation in your book?
  6. harveyspecter993

    Gap year ideas?

    Flight attendant? It's a great way to travel if you're not loaded.
  7. harveyspecter993

    Law school attire

    I personally only vowed to crush every fact pattern which stood in my way.
  8. harveyspecter993

    Law school attire

    Did that actually happen?
  9. harveyspecter993

    Spring/summer session?

    Oh yeah I forgot to add that part.
  10. harveyspecter993

    Spring/summer session?

    UBC law weirdly has summer classes. I would guess that the class size would be far smaller and hence the curve would be much more wicked.
  11. harveyspecter993

    JD in Canada vs USA

    You'd be making a massive mistake by attending a school ranked 120th. In that case, you'd arguably be better off at Bond.
  12. harveyspecter993

    Law school attire

    May I suggest the midtown uniform:
  13. harveyspecter993

    JD in Canada vs USA

    Or Berkeley/ USC
  14. harveyspecter993

    JD in Canada vs USA

    What's the school in California? You have to be wary when it comes to US law schools as there are a lot of sub-par options. Moreover, while we should all try to limit our debt load as much as possible, you shouldn't be too debt averse. You're taking out a loan to increase your earning potential. It may help to think that you're taking out a loan to expand a business (you being the business).
  15. harveyspecter993

    Those who are in Law School..did you ever regret it?

    Not personally. Honestly, I'm struggling to think of reasons why one would regret law school. Maybe if you had a C average and were concerned about career prospects.