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  1. My first choice tie is a shiny blue one. Is that too flashy?
  2. Having to smell a full diaper would probably count as undue hardship.
  3. When there is a power imbalance you can't expect the side with the greater power to abide by the rules.
  4. What do you do if you're asked a question that's related to a confidential matter that you can't answer? For one of my jobs I can talk about it in generalities but if I'm asked a question relating to the specifics of the subject matter is it ok to say that I signed an NDA and so can't delve into specifics? Will interviewers not take kindly to such a response?
  5. I heard the Morgans interviewers expect you to be up to speed on the firm's recent cases.
  6. Mansion next to Drake's and a trophy wife.
  7. I know a lot of law students who would gladly sign on to indentured servitude at a big firm.
  8. Should post-interview thank you emails be on a first or last name basis? Are there any disadvantages to playing it safe and addressing the interviewers by last name?
  9. On this point, is the embargo still in effect or can we contact students at firm's we're OCIing with?
  10. U of T shows you what firms rank you?
  11. Did you have the blank page problem with Toronto OCI apps? Typos on cover letters?
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