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  1. If they're looking for a former PM to name the building after then why not just go with Diefenbaker. He's pretty bland to basically every demographic apart from Avro Arrow fans.
  2. It's the name of the law school building, not the law school itself. Queen's does not have a named law school like UBC does with Allard, for instance.
  3. Go for it. The worst that can happen is they either just never respond or send you a generic "It was an unusually competitive applicant pool" schtick.
  4. Assuming a hypothetical individual been practicing at a full service firm in city A for 3+ years. They want to move home to city B and start a family and are prioritizing in house opportunities. City B may be in a different province.
  5. It's been really eye opening to read how people buy watches with the expectation that other people will notice. Personally, I own two watches but both were gifts. I almost never wear my Longines because I don't want people to think I'm the kind of person who would spend that much on a watch.
  6. Still waiting for Melania to elaborate on that as well.
  7. I wish I had had a part time job in 1L. It would have been a welcome distraction. Especially as it's only 5 hours a week I'd say go for it. It's great to have something non-law school related to focus on.
  8. Scotiabank is probably the most popular option for law students. They don't have an income requirement and don't request a cosigner (in most cases anyway). As long as you have your house in order (no collections, late payments etc) you should be good to go.
  9. My credit limits are still at 10K and my score is over 750. My utilization ratio is 0% because I pay the balance off in full every month. With that record I don't see why I'd have my limits suddenly reduced but I'll post an update if they are.
  10. I like those big stopwatch timers they have up on the projector during exams. It's a great way to keep track of time.
  11. Are you saving/investing along the way or focusing exclusively on loan paydown?
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