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  1. Is there any particular reason you need 135K all in one go?
  2. The only time I'd truly be worried after an exam would be if I felt I knocked it out of the park. Anecdotally, there seems to be an inverse relationship between post-exam euphoria and exam performance.
  3. I can't believe no one's brought this up but why doesn't OP go in-house if they want work/life balance?
  4. Maybe my views will change as I age but for now I think financial advisors are a complete waste of money.
  5. The better way to do this is to get a part time job and invest that money rather than borrowing from your LOC to invest. Please don't try to pick single stocks. Find a fund or funds that suits your investing philosophy
  6. Reminds me of how stupid I was back in second year undergrad to be really upset about not getting on the pre law club's exec team.
  7. If the work over everything else attitude witnessed in the other thread is as pervasive as it seems then this isn't hard to believe.
  8. Work is important but so are other things like raising a family and being there for your kids and grandkids best moments growing up.
  9. I just hope that subconsciously thinking you're never going to retire doesn't cause people put to invest less because they think they'll be working indefinitely.
  10. I know this is a really broad and probably practice-type dependent question, but do you have any idea how much lawyers typically retire with/ what the general consensus is on how much you need to retire?
  11. You could pre-empt that by foregoing the grace period and converting the LOC into a term loan prior to getting a mortgage.
  12. Thoughts on legal drafting? It looks like it would be an extremely useful course but I'd like to hear a lawyer's perspective. Thx.
  13. If they're looking for a former PM to name the building after then why not just go with Diefenbaker. He's pretty bland to basically every demographic apart from Avro Arrow fans.
  14. It's the name of the law school building, not the law school itself. Queen's does not have a named law school like UBC does with Allard, for instance.
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