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  1. Why would firms invest so much time and effort into training students "know" will be gone in as little as a year? At all the open houses I've been to so far the partners have emphasized that their firms hire for the long term.
  2. Ottawa's the better school. As a rule of thumb, go to the best school you got into. The debt will take care of itself. Small class sizes are also overrated. If you need to speak to the prof email them or go their office hours.
  3. Thanks, that's what I suspected. I suppose only regional firms like Lawson are "safe" then.
  4. That's accurate for the larger courses but for a smaller classes getting an A+ will likely mean you topped the class. My perspective prof told me that there would only be one A+ in our class..
  5. If you mean take courses that help on the bar exam then yeah I've been told that. I'm planning to leave that for 3L though.
  6. That's fair. We all have different criteria when it comes to choosing our extracurriculars. I was looking for what would give me a lot to talk about in an interview so I wasn't really concerned about the clinic's length. I was actually more concerned about how many credits a clinic is because those 15 credit ones really limit how much choice you have when it comes to course selection. Some will say that upper year courses are largely pointless but there are nonetheless a lot of really interesting sounding courses that I would really like to take before graduating.
  7. Is it unwise to apply to different offices of of the same firm for OCIs? Eg applying to both BJ's Calgary and Toronto offices? My concern is that since the application periods overlap, the recruiter in each city would know about the separate application and question my commitment to their city.
  8. From what I recall the full year ones include investor protection, business and CLASP. There are a couple more full year clinics and a decent number of half year ones. That said, the length of the clinic should not be a factor in deciding which clinic to apply to or accept an offer from.
  9. A lot of profs I've spoken to say estates and tax are good for the bar.
  10. Anyone take corporate finance, admiralty law or that law of war seminar?
  11. - A number of students have posts at clinics in the city so don't give up hope if you don't get a clinic post on campus. - The moots are even harder to get than clinics because there's so few people per team. I also suspect they're grade - based but my evidence is only circumstantial.
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