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  1. Gowlings sent out infirm offers yesterday
  2. Just curious if anyone has any insights re: the Calgary process following in firms leading up to the call day. I've heard that firms will reach out to the candidates who are likely to get offers and express their interest. A student who gave me a tour had said that he had received a call two days or so before the actual call and was told to 'have his phone on him' Just wondering if anyone else on the board can comment re: this?
  3. Just curious if anyone has actually had success re: appeals. I'm getting one of my finals tomorrow, and am thinking about potentially appealing, if there are adequate grounds to do so. I'm aware that the process of marking exams is fairly systematic, but am curious all the same whether anyone else has had any experience with appealing final grades - successful or not.
  4. Yup that's the one. Still getting it as well.
  5. No idea about others, but just popped up when I tried to log in.
  6. Did it say something along the lines of "your name" you are not authorized to access [...]
  7. I was doing a similar search, and from what I gather the only province - someone can correct me on this if I'm wrong - that requires that you change your license is Nova Scotia, as they deem full-time students as residents.
  8. Wouldn't classes have begun by then? not to mention the said candidates would miss orientation. Seems irresponsible to put it off to that point, but then again I suppose its not like AdCom has our best interests at heart anyway.
  9. We're about a week off from August, I wonder if Oz really will keep people waiting till Late Aug before they come to a decision - seems inhumane almost.
  10. This is kinda cool. In which area if you dont mind my asking?
  11. If you wouldn't mind sharing, how were your grades for 1L? It is my understanding that in law school we dont really get a 'midterm' grade - most courses are determined by a final exam - so I'm wondering, around when did you apply to the legal clinic, and what did they use to base your application? Sorry if the wording is a bit iffy, it's been a weird day.
  12. I know firm positions are rare for 1L's. So what are you guys doing to pass your summers? I imagine I'd be working full time to pay back some of that loan, but curious what others are up to.
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