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  1. I'm assuming they're really trying to sell this as an entrepreneurial sort of set up. I mean in theory, a junior could bring in that sort of business if they have ability. I mean you learn the practice of law and you learn business of law. If you're motivated enough, I'm sure that you could probably learn both. That being said, the element regarding mentorship in the job posting is alarming. I mean good will ought to be part of the arrangement you would think.
  2. Further to this discussion, I did find this little piece: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/income-inequality_ca_5e34761cc5b6f2623328fc5c And this job posting for the firm: https://ca.mncjobz.com/jobs/virtual-lawyer-ontario-878661 They seem to have an interesting model in place.
  3. Sadly, yes. I deactivated my facebook account prior to law school (like 2 years before). Then had to reopen it in my first year because I was missing networking events (not necessarily hosted by the school but more by like school clubs). It might vary from school to school but that was my experience.
  4. is 70/30 still likelier even if I'm making like a 30-40k salary? I'm genuinely curious. A straight feel split doesn't necessarily seem like a bad idea in my circumstances. Do you happen to know how this is working out for that associate?
  5. Hello everyone. I was curious if anyone has any experience with commission/split models? There's a smaller firm that is interested in bringing me in but the salary would be nominal and I would make commission on all business/files I bring in. Is there a usual split for this? Like 70/30 (lion's share for myself)? The higher the salary the more even the split I would assume. Not sure how this would look but I'm trying to develop a model that would work in these circumstances. Also, can anyone recommend a source where I could research law firm business models?
  6. Anyone know whether your certificate is mailed to you after an administrative call? I'm just assuming it is.
  7. Does anyone know whether your certificate is mailed to you by default after your administrative call or do you have to request it? Also, how long does it usually take to arrive? Side note: anyone got recommendations on where to get frames?
  8. That's unfortunate. I'm in a similar position in that I am a new call but am working in a non-lawyer job. While I am still looking for the opportunity for legal work, I am incredibly grateful to be where I am. There are so many new calls that can't secure a job (forget about legal-related position). I've met colleagues that present in the same way you've mentioned OP. While I can appreciate the frustration, I feel as though you're absolutely right that this kind of attitude is off-putting. I find entitlement off-putting in general even outside of these circumstances. Often times this kind of self-awareness isn't achieved until a person can realizes the situation of others around them. You're right, I really feel it speaks to someone's character when they present this way. However, I truly wish for the best for my fellow junior lawyer and all my fellow juniors trying to make it.
  9. You could defer your call if you're within the 3 year period of the licensing cycle and hope that eventually there will be an in-person ceremony. Otherwise, as of right now, the LSO is only doing administrative calls.
  10. Nope. Well not exclusively I mean. Some experience was more niche (tax) so some tax law firms did show interest. If you're positioned to do anything litigation related it becomes a pretty broad spectrum. I interviewed with multiple family law firms but didn't take a single family law course in law school.
  11. This is super important. I didn't have any luck during the formal recruit. But once I started beefing up my extra curriculars my phone wouldn't stop ringing. The includes mooting, clinic work, pro bono work, and any sort of practical internships you can get your hands on. I had something like 23 interviews outside of the formal recruit and leading up to graduation (around like march to june). Fun fact: part of the reason the number kept getting higher was because I never ended up articling at any of those firms. But I did eventually get a phenomenal articling position at where I am currently and couldn't be happier.
  12. Awesome thanks so much. Do you happen to have any links to the spreadsheets/discussions you found helpful on this site?
  13. Hello Everyone Salary negotiations are coming up for me so just wanted to get an idea of what would be reasonable entering as a first year associate. Like I said firm is super niche and based out of downtown toronto. But the work the firm does is internationally based and there are a few lawyers in the firm. There arent a lot of lawyers that practice in this area so the bar is really small. Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!
  14. I would keep it. Just make sure it's well maintained. Most people don't realize it, but beards are a lot of work.
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