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  1. You're right, that was a misuse. To clarify, there is no problem - it's good news. It's more to see if people have been successfully employed through this avenue. EDIT: And I think the assumption you have is her anxiety is from a rational fear
  2. I have a job. The friend is pretty anxious, and asked If I could do this for her.
  3. Hey posting this for a friend: My 3L pal is looking for an articling job. She performed very well in a seminar course taught by practitioners who work in an area she's interested in, and at a firm that regularly hires for articling. They reached out to her after grades were released saying they were impressed and would like to keep in touch/go for lunch. She wants to get a sense of how promising this is in terms of leading to employment. If it did, it would be off-cycle (they have hired articling students for 2019/2020 via the formal recruit). Specifically, does anyone know of students who have been poached in this way? There was no direct mention of employment in their email. I think regardless, this could be a great connection for her.
  4. Has anyone from any school received ITCs from OLG?
  5. Same. It was fairly easy to get Prime+O% at a branch that has a relationship with the school. I attend Oz.
  6. Does anyone know if Glaholt has sent offers to interview?
  7. GL means the negativity of "PFO" is not proportionate to the mildness of "ITC," I think. It's better than FOAD, I guess
  8. Hey everyone, Based on reporting from the past 2 cycles, Osgoode only sends about half its offers by end of February -- whether you see that as half full or half empty is up to you (heh). But I wouldn't despair: lots of people admitted after the April 1st deadline and throughout March. Hang tight.
  9. Just declined my offer. Good luck everyone!
  10. Accepted as well apparently. cGPA 3.7 163 This concludes my cycle.
  11. Oh my goodness this is fantastic news. Well deserved Letmein.
  12. Accepted Feb 2nd: L60 3.9 163, only write
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