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  1. Craisin

    Ontario Securities Commission Salary

    Hit up BarelyLegal
  2. Craisin

    2018 2L Recruitment

    Excellent work Larry.
  3. Craisin

    2018 2L Recruitment

    Has anyone from any school received ITCs from OLG?
  4. Craisin

    UofT/York v. UBC? (mostly regarding cost)

    Same. It was fairly easy to get Prime+O% at a branch that has a relationship with the school. I attend Oz.
  5. Craisin

    2018 2L Recruitment

    Does anyone know if Glaholt has sent offers to interview?
  6. Craisin

    Toronto 1L Recruit

    GL means the negativity of "PFO" is not proportionate to the mildness of "ITC," I think. It's better than FOAD, I guess
  7. Craisin

    In queue?

    Hey everyone, Based on reporting from the past 2 cycles, Osgoode only sends about half its offers by end of February -- whether you see that as half full or half empty is up to you (heh). But I wouldn't despair: lots of people admitted after the April 1st deadline and throughout March. Hang tight.
  8. Craisin

    Accepted 2016

    Ay, good werk
  9. Craisin

    Accepted 2016

    Just declined my offer. Good luck everyone!
  10. Craisin

    Accepted 2016

    Accepted as well apparently. cGPA 3.7 163 This concludes my cycle.
  11. Craisin

    Accepted 2016

    Oh my goodness this is fantastic news. Well deserved Letmein.
  12. Craisin

    Accepted 2016

    Accepted Feb 2nd: L60 3.9 163, only write
  13. Craisin

    Accepted 2016

    Ahahahaha. Sorry all, this is supposed to be posted in the U of A thread. Mea Culpa.
  14. Craisin

    Accepted 2016

    Received acceptance letter in the mail today. L60 3.9 163, only write Will be declining to be in Ontario.
  15. Craisin

    In queue?

    Rejections usually start around mid-late April. By the end of Feb, Oz has only sent out about half its offers. This is based on previous cycles and some hearsay from applicants who have spoken to adcomm.